Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Sales Specialist v1.0 (650-987)

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The Intelligent Network can play a vital role in which three networking environments?
(Choose three)

  • A. storage networking
  • B. application networking
  • C. data networking
  • D. wide-area networking
  • E. security networking
  • F. media networking

Answer : ABC

What are typical CapEx and OpEx reductions that can be achieved with Cisco Unified Computing System deployment?

  • A. 40% and 50%
  • B. 20% and 30%
  • C. 10% and 20%
  • D. 30% and 40%

Answer : B

A customer requires scalable server connectivity with multiple adapters for a VMware virtualized server environment. Which solution best addresses these requirements?

  • A. Use servers with multiple Ethernet NICs and iSCSI for shared storage access.
  • B. Use Cisco C-Series servers with a Cisco UCS P81E Virtual Interface Card
  • C. Use servers with multiple Ethernet NICs for UN and multiple FC HBAs for SAN connectivity.
  • D. Use servers with two 10GE NICs and NFS for shared storage access.

Answer : B

Which of these enables a customer to deploy a solution with the VMware vSphere virtual machine-aware network?

  • A. VMware distributed virtual switch
  • B. Servers with converged network adapters
  • C. 10GE connectivity
  • D. Cisco VN-Link

Answer : B

What is the current approach to the data center computer architecture scalability?

  • A. scale in
  • B. scale out
  • C. scale down
  • D. scale up

Answer : A

How can using Cisco Application Networking Solutions help customers?

  • A. improves service content
  • B. reduces CapEx
  • C. reduces security breaches
  • D. improves service reliability

Answer : B

A customer wants to deploy more efficient switching for the VMware vSphere platform. Which of these should be proposed as a solution?

  • A. Deploy server blades in a single chassis
  • B. Use a Cisco UCS VIC M81KR mezzanine card.
  • C. Use only 10GE connectivity.
  • D. Deploy servers with a large amount of memory.

Answer : B

What is the function of the Cisco ACE service module?

  • A. Based on type of content, it effectively selects the site that will process the request.
  • B. Based on type of content, it performs effect load balancing across the serves in the data center.
  • C. Based on available bandwidth, it performs effect load balancing across the serves in the data center.
  • D. Based on priorities, it effectively selects the server that will process the request.

Answer : C

Which two adapter cards are supported by Cisco UCS B-Series Rack-Mount Servers?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Fire wire
  • B. Ethernet
  • C. HDMI
  • D. Wireless
  • E. CNA
  • F. USB
  • G. VIC

Answer : BG

Which component represents the highest cost in an IT environment over time?

  • A. CapEx
  • B. ROI
  • C. OpEx
  • D. TCO

Answer : C

Which two statements best describe the benefits of the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers? (Choose two.)

  • A. the use of patented Cisco Extended Memory technology
  • B. 40-GB Ethernet Unified Network Fabric
  • C. single-vendor infrastructure
  • D. proprietary high-latency 1-GB Ethernet Unified Fabric
  • E. a platform purpose-built for virtualization

Answer : AE

What is the benefit of a converged network?

  • A. easily manages a complex data center
  • B. physically isolates SAN and UN traffic
  • C. provides an independent security policy for each department
  • D. consolidates the infrastructure

Answer : A

What is the purpose of a data center?

  • A. to provide maximum server availability
  • B. to support enterprise applications
  • C. to provide innovative technology resources
  • D. to provide cooling for servers

Answer : B

Which two protocols are used with networked storage? (Choose two.)

  • A. TCP/IP
  • B. Fiber Channel
  • C. Token Ring
  • D. SATA
  • E. SCSI

Answer : BE

What is the Cisco TCO Advisor tool?

  • A. a data center performance assessment tool
  • B. a financial analysis tool for Cisco UCS CapEx and OpEx
  • C. a financial analysis tool for data center ROI calculations
  • D. a tool for creating the Cisco UCS BOM list

Answer : C

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