Advanced IP NGN Architecture Sales v7.0 (650-752)

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Which two documents comprise a customer transfer of information? (Choose two.)

  • A. technical high-level overview
  • B. technical low-level overview
  • C. optimization tests
  • D. implementation and testing plan

Answer : A,D

What are the three primary developments that influence modern networks? (Choose three.)

  • A. social networks
  • B. location-based services
  • C. working from the office
  • D. instant messaging
  • E. wireline connectivity
  • F. use of narrowband access networks

Answer : A,B,D

Which three services will be available in the Connected Life at Move service after the deployment of LTE access technology? (Choose three)

  • A. location-based service
  • B. audio/video streaming
  • C. VPN
  • D. QoS
  • E. gaming
  • F. remote control of home appliances

Answer : A,B,F

Match the terms on the left to the explanations on the right.

Answer :

What is the main portal where Cisco Partners can access the tools and resources they need for their sales and support efforts?

  • A. Cisco Partner Talent Network
  • B. Cisco Partner Education Connection
  • C. Cisco Partner Central
  • D. Cisco Interoperability Portal

Answer : C

The Cisco IP NGN architecture comprises which three layers? (Choose three.)

  • A. application layer
  • B. service layer
  • C. transport layer
  • D. session layer
  • E. IP infrastructure layer
  • F. data link layer

Answer : A,B,E

Service providers are offering which three services to their customers who have Connected
Life at Home service? (Choose three.)

  • A. HD video
  • B. Cisco TelePresence
  • C. VPN
  • D. program guides
  • E. media sharing

Answer : A,D,E

What is a key value of the Cisco IP NGN architecture?

  • A. instability
  • B. robustness
  • C. safety
  • D. scalability

Answer : D

What are the three predefined migration services? (Choose three.)

  • A. any to Cisco 9000 ASR
  • B. any to Cisco 5000 ASR
  • C. Juniper to Cisco CRS-3
  • D. Cisco CRS-3 to Juniper
  • E. Cisco ASR 1001 upgrade
  • F. Cisco 7600 downgrade

Answer : A,C,E

What are the three major areas of business where Cisco is facing competition from its market rivals? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cloud services
  • B. Network infrastructure
  • C. Client services
  • D. Monetization solutions
  • E. Capital services
  • F. Application solutions

Answer : B,C,D

Which tool, that is available on, does Cisco use to succeed against the competition?

  • A. data sheets
  • B. battlecards
  • C. presentations
  • D. demonstrations

Answer : B

What are the two primary access technologies that are used for residential customers?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Metro Ethernet
  • B. 3G and 4G mobile access
  • C. cable
  • D. xDSL
  • E. WiMax

Answer : C,D

For a service provider in the early financial lifecycle, what is the main financial consideration?

  • A. loss assumption
  • B. loan availability
  • C. service provider budget assumption
  • D. margin assumption

Answer : D

Match each term on the left to the customer pain points on the right.

Answer :

Identify the two advantages that the Cisco IP NGN framework provides. (Choose two.)

  • A. various services over a common infrastructure
  • B. narrowband access with a limited number of services
  • C. mobile access to services
  • D. no QoS mechanism required for end customer traffic

Answer : A,C

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Total 40 questions