ICA Cisco IronPort Cloud Associate v6.0 (650-159)

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What important consideration do you need to be aware of when using a Connector?

  • A. Multiple DHCP servers
  • B. Multiple DNS servers
  • C. Multiple break-out points

Answer : C

How can AnyConnect be bypassed by a user when installed locked-down?

  • A. When locked-down, AnyConnect can be bypassed by a user by changing the Browser Proxy settings
  • B. When locked-down, AnyConnect can be bypassed by a user if they know the admin password
  • C. AnyConnect cannot ever be bypassed by a user when installed locked-down

Answer : C

How are different time zones supported by WIRe?

  • A. Each entry is converted to UTC as it is stored, so you can select any time zone in the GUI when searching and see the times according to the user's local time
  • B. All entries are recorded only in their local time zone, so you need to calculate the time offset when searching for data of users in different time zones
  • C. There is no support for different time zones in WIRe

Answer : A

If a customer wants roaming protection for laptops with Windows 7 64 bit, and is not using
Cisco's VPN, which one of the following would be the best solution:

  • A. Anywhere*
  • B. AnyConnect Web Security standalone client
  • C. Anywhere* or AnyConnect are both suitable
  • D. This scenario cannot be supported by Anywhere* or AnyConnect

Answer : B

How many reports can be included in a Scheduled Report?

  • A. 20
  • B. 75
  • C. Only1
  • D. Only 1, but this can be a Composite Report

Answer : D


What is the maximum number of results that a Detailed Search can include when displayed in a grid?

  • A. 50,000 lines
  • B. 1,000,000 lines
  • C. 100,000 lines
  • D. 500,000 lines

Answer : B

Reference:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/web_security/scancenter/sc5126/Rep orting.html#wp1056328

Viewing Grid Data -
Choose the number of results to display per page from the Show list. The available options are:

A Schedule defines...

  • A. When admin users can run reports
  • B. When users are allowed to browse to all sites
  • C. When the policy can be modified
  • D. When a rule is active

Answer : B

Reference:(http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/web_security/scancenter/sc5126/We bFiltering.html#wp1056514)

If you wanted to modify the web browsing policy for the organization, to which tab in
ScanCenter would you navigate?

  • A. Reports
  • B. Web Filtering
  • C. Dashboard
  • D. Spyware

Answer : B

In which formats can graphs be exported from WIRe when you right-click them?

  • A. JPG
  • B. PNG
  • C. PDF
  • D. All of the above

Answer : D


What availability has ScanSafe maintained over the last 7 years?

  • A. 99%
  • B. 100%
  • C. 90%
  • D. 95%

Answer : B

Reference: http://www.scansafe.com/networkoperations)

What actions can a rule perform if matched?

  • A. Warn
  • B. Anonymize
  • C. Block or Allow
  • D. None of the above
  • E. Any of the above

Answer : E

http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/web_security/scancenter/sc5126/WebFiltering.ht ml#wp1058260)

In which format can the results of a Detailed Search be exported?

  • A. JPG
  • B. CSV
  • C. PNG
  • D. PDF

Answer : B


How long does it take on average for new data to be available in WIRe for querying?

  • A. Roughly 30 minutes
  • B. Roughly 2-3 minutes
  • C. Roughly 12 hours
  • D. Until after midnight the following day

Answer : B

If a user is not covered by a specific web browsing rule...

  • A. They will not be able to browse at all
  • B. The Default rule will apply to them
  • C. They will be able to browse to all sites
  • D. The highest rule on the list will apply to them

Answer : B

How does AnyConnect enable remote users to follow the company allowed/blocked policy no matter from where they connect to the internet?

  • A. By performing a remote AD lookup against the Internal Domain via VPN
  • B. By using the Gpresult API (group policy) which is remembered from when the user was last on the corporate network
  • C. By using a configuration file downloaded from the ScanSafe Towers during connection

Answer : C

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Total 30 questions