LCSARS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching v5.0 (650-059)

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During which service component would you provide ongoing management processesto protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information on the network?

  • A. security administration
  • B. security incident report
  • C. incident management
  • D. security architecture assessment

Answer : A

Which of these best describes the actions you would take during the staging plan development service component within the desin phase?

  • A. help improve the infrastructure security system of the customer
  • B. assess the abiliy of he site facilities to accommodate the proposed ifrastructure.
  • C. help improve the performance and functionality of the infrastructure operations and network management system.
  • D. develop and execute proof-of-concept tests, validate the infrastructure high-level design, and identify any design anhancements.
  • E. provide a step-by-step plan detailing the instalation and service-commision reqiurement task to be executed in a controlled implementaion environment that emulates a customer network.

Answer : E

In which of these implement phase service components do you address the support and handoff process?

  • A. post-implementation support handoff meeting
  • B. staging and system migration
  • C. staff training
  • D. detailed design development

Answer : A

Which service component is part of the implement phase and includes the development of a class schedule. training schedule, communications plan, and course outlines, as well as the monitoring of enrollment?

  • A. operations setup
  • B. staff training
  • C. select management tools and products
  • D. change management

Answer : B

In which service component of the plan phase would you address a customer`s operations and network management infrastructure?

  • A. operations readiness assessment
  • B. solutions readiness assessment
  • C. site readiness assessment
  • D. kickoff meeting

Answer : A

In which component would you identify and solve recurring incidents by analyzing incident trends to identify patterns and systemic conditions?

  • A. problem management
  • B. operation assessment
  • C. system acceptance test
  • D. operations design

Answer : A

In which service component of the prepare phase would you provide a technology-focused, business-focused, or technology- and business-focused demonstration of the technology solution to highlight the fetures and benefits?

  • A. high-level design development
  • B. proof of concept
  • C. technology strategy development
  • D. customer education
  • E. deliver proposal

Answer : C

Which activity is part of the acceptance testing service component in the implement phase?

  • A. develop the escalation plan
  • B. set up the customer for operational support
  • C. develop the project plan
  • D. present and review test results with customer

Answer : D

In which service component would you gather information about the customer`s network architecture and network usage requirements?

  • A. network readiness assessment
  • B. operations plan development
  • C. planning project kickoff
  • D. operations readiness assessment

Answer : A

Define procedures to manage access to all systems is an activity that is part of which service component in the operate phase?

  • A. security administration
  • B. systems monitoring
  • C. servce review
  • D. problem management

Answer : A

Which of the following service components occur in the implement phase?

  • A. secrity assessment, operations assessment, supplier management
  • B. operations readiness assessment, systems requirements validation, planning project kickoff
  • C. project kickoff, staging, acceptance testing, post-implementation support handoff meeting
  • D. WLAN change management, security administration, technology assessment, operations plan

Answer : C

In wich service component of the prepare phase would you recommend the appropriate technology to address a business requirement of the customer?

  • A. account qualification and planning
  • B. technology questionnaire
  • C. technology strategy development
  • D. business case development

Answer : C

In which service component would you standartize methods and procedures for authorizing, documenting, and performing changes to the network?

  • A. operatins setup
  • B. configuration management
  • C. change management
  • D. security administration

Answer : C

Which activity is part of the operations plan development service component in the design phase?

  • A. present a staging plan
  • B. develop training requirements for each job role
  • C. develop a plan to implement operations
  • D. confirm project roles and responsibilities

Answer : C

In which phase is a system acceptance test plan developed and documented

  • A. design
  • B. prepare
  • C. operate
  • D. implement

Answer : A

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Total 50 questions