Data Center Networking Solution Sales v7.0 (646-985)

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Which three are considered to be the most commonly recognized top-level business drivers in the data center? (Choose three.)

  • A. protecting the data center by allowing the business to continue in the face of unplanned events
  • B. consultation of IT policies to provide security throughout the data center
  • C. optimizing operational efficiency through consolidation and reducing OpEx
  • D. managing growth by enabling agility in the data center
  • E. supporting the data center with technicians who can provide remote monitoring and recommendations
  • F. implementing data center solutions with a combination of physical and data layer security
  • G. planning for a data center implementation that uses the smallest form factor

Answer : A,C,D

Which two of these customer types are not typically interested in a Cisco UCS solution?
(Choose two.)

  • A. IT organizations with large server and data center virtualization initiatives
  • B. large data set clients that use applications requiring significant memory
  • C. businesses with relatively inflexible IT structures that require a short-term solution to provide expansion
  • D. service providers that are looking to provide enterprise-quality infrastructure for certain virtualized applications and workloads
  • E. a small, independently owned business without an IT department

Answer : C,E

Presenting a data center solution involves interacting with a variety of decision makers.
What type of information might an IT manager be most interested in hearing about?

  • A. the specifications and feature set of the Cisco Nexus lineup
  • B. the stability and financial strength of Cisco, and the world-class support after the sale
  • C. the greatly reduced number of points of management that result from consolidating resources
  • D. the strategic partnerships that allow Cisco to deliver an end-to-end solution

Answer : C

What would be a good response to offer a customer who claims that the implementation of a Cisco data center solution would put too much pressure on the capital budget?
A. Cisco has a staff of technicians who are available at all times to offer support for any hardware or configuration issues that may arise.
B. Cisco hardware has the most reliable switching equipment available on the market today, which allows the greatest amount of uptime.
C. It is more favorable to have an overallocation of resources as a safety precaution than risk system downtime due to overutilization.
D. The ability to deploy and redeploy logical units of a single physical device across the data center cuts future capital expenditure and reduces operational expenses as well.

Answer : D Topic 4, Recommend the appropriate Cisco Data Center Network solution and advanced services

Your customer needs to be able to recover very quickly if there is a major disruptive event.
The first phase in reaching this goal is to consider using the SAN to ensure that the customer's stored data is as up to date and as safe as possible. How can Cisco help?

  • A. recommend using the built-in Continuous Data Protection capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module
  • B. recommend that the customer consider using the Cisco SANTap to facilitate a Continuous Data Protection solution
  • C. recommend using the Cisco Network Assisted Storage Backup to ensure that the customer has a full tape backup of all data
  • D. recommend using the Cisco Data Mobility Manager capability of the Cisco Storage Services Module to enable an instantaneous copy of all data from the primary disks to secondary disks

Answer : B

Which explanation best describes the difference between a data center sales cycle and a traditional network sales cycle?

  • A. A data center sales cycle begins much earlier in a project.
  • B. A data center account manager requires more technical skills than commercial skills.
  • C. A data center sales professional should use the customer's network team to advise him when best to get involved in the sales cycle.
  • D. A data center sales professional should wait until the design phase is complete before determining which Cisco solution best fits the requirements.

Answer : A

Your customer in the data center is anticipating cuts in both operational and capital budgets. At the same time, the customer is under pressure to improve end-to-end data center security. How can Cisco sales professionals help meet both requirements?

  • A. offer a full Cisco analysis of the data center security, from application through to remote office, as part of a full-service package that can be paid for over an extended period
  • B. offer to sell a number of Cisco ACE Modules now, with volume discount, and to have them installed in each Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch in the data center, ready to be brought on line when needed in the future
  • C. offer to sell a number of Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series FWSMs now, with volume discount, and to have them installed in each Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch in the data center, ready to be brought on line when needed in the future
  • D. recommend purchasing the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series FWSM and the Cisco ACE Module or both to allow multiple virtual contexts of each to be deployed as required in the future, without requiring more hardware to be acquired (saving capital budget), with a single point of management and control (cutting operating costs)

Answer : D

A client mentions that role-assigned tasks need to be managed by a number of internal departments. Which hardware would you suggest to provide this capability?

  • A. Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE)
  • B. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module (FWSM)
  • C. Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series top-of-rack switch
  • D. a pair of Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches at the core layer

Answer : A

When outlining the potential financial savings from having virtualized network services modules, which statement would be a supportable statement to make?

  • A. Because the services are virtual, virtual network services modules will take up no rack space and will consume no power.
  • B. The savings will depend upon the requirements for each data center but can be as much as 80 percent on power and 30 units of rack space.
  • C. Virtual services modules can support up to a maximum of four virtual contexts, so they can save up to 75 percent of both power and rack space.
  • D. Every time a new virtual context is created, the services modules draw 50 percent more power than a single-context operation, so the maximum number of virtual contexts is limited to four per module. With the maximum of four virtual contexts, the total power consumed is 250 percent of a single context operation, which is 150 percent less power than four physical service appliances would draw.

Answer : B

What might you recommend to a customer who is interested in support for Network-
Accelerated Serverless Backup (NASB)?

  • A. Cisco ACE XML Gateway
  • B. Cisco MDS SSM module
  • C. a 56-port Layer 2 fabric extender
  • D. a dedicated backup SAN for redundancy

Answer : B

A customer with a Cisco MDS switch is considering deploying the Cisco Data Migration
Manager in the Cisco Storage Services Module. Which statement would be a financial justification?

  • A. The Data Migration Manager facility means that backup software and licenses are not required anymore, creating ongoing capital and operational savings.
  • B. The Data Migration Manager migrates data to a virtual disk that does not consume physical disk capacity, thus creating a cost-free duplicate of the main production data.
  • C. The Data Migration Manager will migrate applications from one server to another without interrupting the application's service delivery, maintaining service delivery to the user and minimizing the impact of revenue generation.
  • D. Software development teams can gain access to current production data, for software change testing, without impacting the front-line business of the company, while maintaining the company's revenue stream.

Answer : D

Which service helps the customer ensure that their data center infrastructure is scalable and able to meet future application requirements by addressing issues during the migration and pilot phases?
A. Cisco ACE Planning and Design Service
B. Cisco Application Networking Assessment Service
C. Cisco Branch Consolidation Assessment Service
D. Cisco WAAS Planning and Design Service

Answer : A Topic 5, Understand the competitive positioning of Cisco Data Center solutions

When in a competitive situation for SAN business against Brocade, which statement would highlight a unique selling point for Cisco?

  • A. Cisco has been delivering director-class storage switches longer than Brocade.
  • B. The Cisco MDS switch can support Gigabit Ethernet as well as Fibre Channel, while Brocade supports only Fibre Channel.
  • C. Cisco is experienced end to end across the data center and across all network technologies, offering across-the-board solution sets.
  • D. The real Cisco competition was McData, until Brocade bought it and tried to make it compatible with their legacy switches, leaving Cisco with the only director-class switches in the industry.

Answer : C

In a situation where the customer asks for a unique feature of the Cisco WAAS solution, which statement could be correctly made by a Cisco sales professional?

  • A. Cisco WAAS has a built-in firewall.
  • B. Cisco WAAS offers SSL offload capability.
  • C. Cisco WAAS is completely transparent in the connection.
  • D. Cisco WAAS is an integrated feature of the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches.

Answer : C

A company is looking to go with an end-to-end virtualization approach that will help them reduce capital investment and operational savings. What can help your customer achieve this?

  • A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
  • B. Cisco Catalyst switches
  • C. Cisco Unified Computing Systems
  • D. Cisco MDS family

Answer : C

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