Integrating Business Applications with Network Programmability v6.0 (600-501)

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An application is running on multiple servers and traffic to the application is load-balanced by a load-balancer device. Which combination of IP addresses and TCP port numbers are used by the load-balanced servers?

  • A. The same IP addresses and the same TCP port numbers are used.
  • B. The same IP addresses and different TCP port numbers are used.
  • C. Different IP addresses and the same TCP port numbers are used.
  • D. Different IP addresses and different TCP port numbers are used.

Answer : C

What is the recommended way that a customer can decrease the number of subnets in their network in order to reduce memory and CPU usage?

  • A. Use supernetting.
  • B. Use VLSM.
  • C. Use route summarization.
  • D. Apply a router ACL.
  • E. Use policy-based routing.

Answer : C

Which three options are valid IPv6 addresses? (Choose three.)

  • A. 2001:db8:abcd:33:9876:0:fe09:3225
  • B. 2001:0db8::3def:0000::9985
  • C. ::3
  • D. 2001:db8:0:6657:0:0:5687
  • E. 2001:db8:0:0
  • F. 2001:db8:cdef::

Answer : A,C,F

Which four features have an impact on traffic when the QoS is configured but tail drops do not occur? (Choose four.)

  • A. priority queuing
  • B. DSCP remarking
  • C. CBWFQ
  • D. fair queuing
  • E. WRED
  • F. queuing

Answer : A,B,D,E

Which three applications are recommended to be policed rather than use traffic shaping when bandwidth throttling is required? (Choose three.)

  • A. email
  • B. web traffic
  • C. real-time video
  • D. voice traffic
  • E. latency-sensitive applications
  • F. connection-oriented communications
  • G. connectionless communications

Answer : C,D,E

What are four advantages of using a well-known IP protocol to handle a network notification? (Choose four.)

  • A. higher chance of forwarding in hardware
  • B. deep packet inspection security
  • C. ability to permit through access lists
  • D. likely to pass through existing network services
  • E. reuse of existing implementations
  • F. application flexibility
  • G. built-in error correction

Answer : A,C,D,E

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Total 66 questions