VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 v1.0 (5V0-34.19)

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What must an administrator do to use the Troubleshoot with Logs Dashboard in vRealize Operations?

  • A. Configure the vRealize Log Insight agent.
  • B. Enable Log Forwarding within vRealize Operations.
  • C. Configure vRealize Operations within vRealize Log Insight.
  • D. Configure symptoms and alerts within vRealize Operations.

Answer : C


Which type of grouping enables collecting similar objects and grouping the objects logically by tier?

  • A. role-based
  • B. dynamic
  • C. application
  • D. manual

Answer : C


Which two virtual machine states can be reclaimed to increase available capacity using vRealize Operations? (Choose two.)

  • A. powered off
  • B. linked
  • C. suspended
  • D. undersized
  • E. idle

Answer : AE


Refer to the exhibit.

Active Alerts exist for the object base-w12-01. Why are no alerts showing?

  • A. base-w12-01 alerts are acknowledged by another user
  • B. base-w12-01 alerts are owned by another user
  • C. only alerts for base-w12-01 are seen in the Environment tab
  • D. an incorrect filter is applied

Answer : B

Which two objects have an out-of-the-box troubleshooting dashboard? (Choose two.)

  • A. virtual distributed switch
  • B. virtual datacenter
  • C. cluster
  • D. vCenter
  • E. vSAN

Answer : CE


What does Workload Optimization Business Intent use when placing VMs?

  • A. vRealize Operations Custom Groups
  • B. vCenter Server tags
  • C. vCenter Server resource pools
  • D. vRealize Operations VM cost

Answer : B


vRealize Operations places a tagless virtual machines on a tagged host.
Which setting causes this behavior?

  • A. Host-Based Business Intent
  • B. Consolidated Operational Intent
  • C. Balanced Operational Intent
  • D. Cluster-Based Business Intent

Answer : A


The default collection cycle is set.
When changing the Cluster Time Remaining settings, how long will it take before time remaining and risk level are recalculated?

  • A. 5 minutes
  • B. 1 hour
  • C. 12 hours
  • D. 24 hours

Answer : A

What is a prerequisite for using Business Intent?

  • A. DRS clusters
  • B. storage policies
  • C. vSphere 6.7
  • D. vCenter tags

Answer : D

What can be configured within a policy?

  • A. alert notifications
  • B. symptom definition threshold overrides
  • C. custom group membership criteria
  • D. symptom definition operator overrides

Answer : B

Which organizational construct within vRealize Operations has a user-configured dynamic membership criteria?

  • A. Resource Pool
  • B. Tags
  • C. Custom group
  • D. Custom Datacenter

Answer : C


How should a remote collector be added to a vRealize Operations installation?

  • A. Log in as Admin on a master node and enable High Availability.
  • B. Open the Setup Wizard from the login page.
  • C. Navigate to a newly deployed node and click Expand an Existing Installation.
  • D. Navigate to the Admin interface of a data node.

Answer : C


Refer to the exhibit.

In this planning scenario hosts and VMs are being added.
If the planned addition of hosts and VMs occur, approximately when will this cluster run out of CPU?

  • A. Feb 10
  • B. Mar 1
  • C. Jun 15
  • D. Aug 15

Answer : A

An interaction is created from an Object List to a Scoreboard widget in a dashboard. The data does not change when selecting different objects in the Object List widget.
What could cause this behavior?

  • A. Permissions to the associated objects are enabled.
  • B. The interaction is hidden.
  • C. The Dashboard has not been shared.
  • D. The Self Provider radio button in the Scoreboard widget is set to On.

Answer : D


An existing vRealize Operations cluster is now required to collect data from a vCenter within a highly secure DMZ in the same physical data center.
Which node type requires the least amount of ports opened in the DMZ firewall to access the new vCenter?

  • A. replica
  • B. master
  • C. data
  • D. remote collector

Answer : A

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