VMware Cloud Provider Specialist v1.0 (5V0-32.21)

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A fresh deployment of the VMware Cloud Director appliance has failed.
Which log file will provide more information on the issue?

  • A. /var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/log
  • B. /opt/vmware/var/log/firstboot
  • C. /var/log/messages
  • D. /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/cell.log

Answer : B


A cloud provider wants to advertise a new service based in the VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.
Which two statements summarize the functionality of this new service? (Choose two.)

  • A. It integrates a tenantג€™s AWS EBS buckets into the tenantג€™s Virtual Data Center.
  • B. It provides the capability to store and share structured data within the VMware Cloud Director organization.
  • C. It is a standalone middleware service that provides S3 compatible storage capabilities accessible via HTTPS.
  • D. It provides the capability to store and share unstructured data within the VMware Cloud Director organization.
  • E. It offers multiple storage performance tiers to deploy tenantג€™s workloads.

Answer : CD

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension with any S3-compatible storage platform.
It provides you with the capability to store and share unstructured data within your Cloud Director organization.

Having just deployed VMware Cloud Director, a service provider needs to create Provider Virtual Data Centers so their tenants can consume cloud resources through their Organization Virtual Data Centers.
Which two options can be used to create Provider VDCs? (Choose two.)

  • A. Service Provider Admin Portal
  • B. vSphere Client
  • C. Tenant Admin Portal
  • D. Operations Manager Portal
  • E. vCloud API

Answer : AB

✑ Log in to the Service Provider Admin Portal as a system administrator.
✑ Verify that you created the target primary resource pool with available capacity in a cluster configured to use automated DRS. You can use a resource pool for only one provider VDC. To create a resource pool, you can use the vSphere Client.

Which solution from the VMware Cloud Provider Platform provides a true multi-tenant, self-service platform for infrastructure services?

  • A. VMware Cloud on AWS
  • B. VMware vRealize Automation
  • C. VMware Cloud Foundation
  • D. VMware Cloud Director

Answer : D

Multi-tenant cloud resources for organizations of all sizes on VMware Cloud on AWS.
VMware Cloud Director service empowers them to extend managed or self-service cloud services outside of their data centers while leveraging familiar technologies and skills.

Which three resources are considered to be cloud resources in VMware Cloud Director? (Choose three.)

  • A. ESXi hosts
  • B. External Networks
  • C. Network Pools
  • D. Organization Virtual Data Center
  • E. NSX ALB controllers
  • F. VMware vSphere Virtual Data Center

Answer : BCD

Cloud resources include provider and organization virtual datacenters, external networks, organization virtual datacenter networks, and network pools.

On which type of network in VMware Cloud Director can fence mode be enabled?

  • A. Isolated vApp Network
  • B. Direct vApp Network
  • C. External Network
  • D. Routed vApp Network

Answer : B

You can fence only direct vApp networks. If the vApp uses more than one network and the other networks are, for example, routed, only the direct network is fenced.

An administrator has vCenter Server clusters that will be providing resources to VMware Cloud Director.
Which setting is a requirement?

  • A. Fully Automated DRS
  • B. vCenter HA
  • C. Storage DRS
  • D. vSphere HA

Answer : A

vCenter Server clusters used with VMware Cloud Director must specify a vSphere DRS automation level of Fully Automated.

What happens to a VM within an oVDC which uses the Pay-As-You-Go allocation model if there are insufficient resources?

  • A. It gets corrupted.
  • B. It powers on as the resources are assigned at the organization VDC level.
  • C. It fails to power on.
  • D. It takes advantage of the resources of idle virtual machines.

Answer : B


Which two Linux distributions are supported as the base operating system for a VMware Cloud Director installation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • B. Ubuntu
  • C. Debian Linux
  • D. Amazon Linux
  • E. CentOS

Answer : AE


Which allocation model can only be non-elastic?

  • A. Reservation Pool
  • B. Allocation Pool
  • C. Pay-As-You-Go
  • D. Flex

Answer : B


Which plugin, in addition to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for Cloud Director, can be used to enable the system administrator to automate tasks in
VMware Cloud Director through vRealize Orchestrator?

  • A. SOAP Plugin
  • B. VAPI Plugin
  • C. REST Plugin
  • D. SNMP Plugin

Answer : C


A system administrator is cleaning up old custom roles to align with management via rights bundles and sees a role that is not a default role in VMware Cloud
Which role should be deleted by the system administrator?

  • A. vApp User
  • B. Catalog Author
  • C. Organization Administrator
  • D. vApp Manager

Answer : C


An individual is logged into the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal as organization administrator and would like to create a direct organization virtual data center network. The individual, however, receives a message that insufficient rights are held.
Which role is needed to complete this task?

  • A. vApp author
  • B. System administrator
  • C. Catalog author
  • D. Tenant administrator

Answer : B


An administrator is planning a new VMware Cloud Director deployment and is concerned about secure communications between the clients and servers.
Which two recommended steps would ensure secure communications between the clients and servers? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Cloud Director automatically creates self-signed certificates.
  • B. Create a single certificate for each member of the server group, and import the certificates into the host keystores.
  • C. Create two certificates for the server group, and import the certificates into each cellג€™s keystore.
  • D. Create a single certificate and upload it through the Service Provider Portal to all members of the server group.
  • E. Create or use an existing wildcard certificate, and import it into each cellג€™s keystore.

Answer : CE

In which two ways can a vApp be built using the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal? (Choose two.)

  • A. By importing a vApp using a VMDK
  • B. By creating a vApp from a vApp template
  • C. By creating a vApp from an ISO image
  • D. By creating a vApp from catalog
  • E. By importing a vApp from vCenter Server as a vApp

Answer : BD

VMware Cloud Director tenant portal, you can also create and manage catalogs, vApp and VDC templates.

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