IoT Connected Factory for Systems Engineers Exam v6.0 (500-801)

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Which automation protocol, which is supported by Rockwell Automation, does Connected
Factory primarily rely on?

  • A. DirectNet
  • B. Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol
  • C. Real-time Automation Protocols for Industrial Ethernet
  • D. Honeywell Smart Distributed Systems
  • E. Common Industrial Protocol

Answer : E

Which two types of traffic are appropriate to use with wireless media? (Choose two.)

  • A. access control
  • B. motion control
  • C. safety control
  • D. virtual control
  • E. peer-to-peer messaging

Answer : C,E

Which option lists the functions that the wireless LAN controller performs for the access points in the Cisco Unified architecture?

  • A. Configure, manage, and control
  • B. Deploy, control, and operate
  • C. Clean, manage, and distribute
  • D. Power, configure, and identify
  • E. Simplify, manage, and program

Answer : A

In the Cisco Unified WLAN QoS, which two aspects create the need for collision avoidance mechanisms? (Choose two.)

  • A. Shared media: Multiple nodes share the frequency and only one can successfully transmit at a time.
  • B. Congested plant floors: Workers must maneuver without running into each other.
  • C. Half-duplex communication: A radio cannot transmit and receive at the same time.
  • D. Smart routing: Traffic is directed automatically according to priority.
  • E. Limited budgets: Manufacturers will not spend the money to install enough designated channels.

Answer : A,C

With which options can you use a single SSID/VLAN configuration for a WLAN?

  • A. continuously changing wireless clients
  • B. multiple wired automation devices
  • C. a fixed set of wireless clients using the 5 GHz radio
  • D. a fixed set of wired automation devices

Answer : C

Which action can you use multiple SSIDs in the autonomous architecture to accomplish?

  • A. Set up maintenance channels only.
  • B. Combine traffic from all machines into a single place.
  • C. Segment the IACS control traffic from the noncritical wireless traffic.
  • D. Increase the amount of interference.

Answer : C

Which two options are features of the Connected Factory Wireless Autonomous Wireless architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. high scalability
  • B. limited coordination of operation between APs
  • C. individual management
  • D. centralized control
  • E. support for high amounts of data traffic

Answer : B,C

Which two options are architectures in the Connect Factory Wireless solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Automatic Access
  • B. Unified Access
  • C. Controller Access
  • D. Workgroup Access
  • E. Autonomous Access
  • F. Silver Access
  • G. Secure Access
  • H. Gold Access

Answer : B,E

Which three options are three of the main advantages of the Cisco Unified Access WLAN architecture over the Autonomous access WLAN? (Choose three.)

  • A. ability to send only one type of traffic at a time
  • B. increased reliability with failover and self-healing mechanisms
  • C. faster creation of wireless "islands" for every application in the plant
  • D. increased deployment, management, and integration costs
  • E. enhanced security services with centralized control and visibility
  • F. can be used for roaming within the plant

Answer : B,E,F

Which two types of application are supported by one or several APs in the Autonomous architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. multizone
  • B. fixed position
  • C. fast roaming
  • D. mobile with no roaming
  • E. continuously relocating devices

Answer : B,D

Which two options are drawbacks to wireless media compared to wired methods? (Choose two.)

  • A. higher security
  • B. latency and jitter
  • C. packet loss
  • D. faster data transmission
  • E. lower costs

Answer : B,C

In the Cisco Unified architecture, which action by a workgroup bridge that is configured as a mobile station causes the WGB to search for a new parent association and roam to the new parent?

  • A. It encounters a poor RSSI.
  • B. It gets a low battery notification.
  • C. It travels beyond a specified distance.
  • D. It confronts a new WLAN.

Answer : A

Which three methods can a client device use to connect to a WLAN? (Choose three.)

  • A. integrated wireless adapter
  • B. firewall
  • C. universal bridge
  • D. workgroup bridge
  • E. toll bridge
  • F. radio

Answer : A,D,F

In the Cisco Unified architecture, which solution supports fast roaming when preshared keys cannot keep up?

  • A. Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
  • B. Cisco Centralized Key Management
  • C. Cisco Radius Server
  • D. Wired Equivalent Privacy

Answer : B

In which two types of deployment is FlexConnect used as a wireless solution in the Cisco
Unified architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. main campus
  • B. branch office
  • C. home user
  • D. roaming user
  • E. quick and easy

Answer : A,B

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Total 52 questions