Cisco Mobile Backhaul for Field Engineers v1.0 (500-240)

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What type of PW is the CESoPSN?

  • A. Structured and unstructured
  • B. Unstructured
  • C. Unframed
  • D. Structured

Answer : D

Reference: asr900_chapter_010.pdf

Which type of backhaul network does the Cisco Unified RAN Backhaul use?

  • A. SONET
  • B. ATM
  • C. IP MPLS
  • D. TDM

Answer : C

What is the primary reason for assigning role-based communities to routes advertised by different nodes?

  • A. Perform policy based routing
  • B. Prevent routing loops
  • C. Reduce complexity
  • D. Route filtering

Answer : D


Which technology uses two or three antennas to receive (input) the signal and two or three radios to transmit (output), plus special signal processing to improve range, reliability, and throughput.

  • A. HSPA
  • B. CDMA
  • C. LTE
  • D. MIMO

Answer : D

High availability at the transport network layer is provided through the combination of what three technologies? (Choose three.)

  • A. Alternate Route
  • B. Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute
  • C. BGP
  • D. HSRP
  • E. BFD
  • F. BGP Core and Edge Fast Reroute and Edge protection

Answer : ABF

In how many seconds, after a failure of the primary or active paths when BGP Fast Reroutes enables alternate paths?

  • A. 5 seconds
  • B. 10 seconds
  • C. <1 second
  • D. 30 seconds

Answer : C


What are three purposes of partitioning the backhaul network into independent IGP domains? (Choose three.)

  • A. to not enhance stability
  • B. to reduce the size of the routing and forwarding tables on individual routers
  • C. to ensure that reachability is not possible between domains
  • D. to not ensure stability
  • E. faster convergence
  • F. to enhance stability

Answer : BEF

Which two commands can you issue on an ASR920 router to view the status of a pseudowire? (Choose two.)

  • A. show pw all
  • B. show pw and xconnect
  • C. show pw all detail
  • D. show xconnect all detail
  • E. show xconnect all

Answer : DE

If you partitioned the aggregation and RAN network layers into independent and insolated IGP domains, what will it do?

  • A. Cross domain communication will be impossible
  • B. The Core IGP will not scale
  • C. it will increase the routing complexity and routing table
  • D. it will reduce the size of the routing and forwarding tables in the RAN layer

Answer : D

Match each device series on the left with its placement in a MBH network on the right. (Not all options will be used).
Select and Place:

Answer :

What can PTP be used to synchronize?

  • A. Time, frequency, phase
  • B. Rate
  • C. Phase, time
  • D. Frequency

Answer : A

Which two options configures an ASR920 router as a hybrid clock? (Choose two.)

  • A. ptp clock boundary domain 0
  • B. ptp clock boundary domain 0 hybrid
  • C. ptp clock ordinary domain 0 hybrid
  • D. ptp clock ordinary domain 0
  • E. ptp clock

Answer : BC

What does SyncE mainly provides?

  • A. SyncE provides for time of day synchronization
  • B. SyncE provides for accurate frequency synchronization
  • C. SyncE provides for phase synchronization
  • D. SyncE provides for time of day

Answer : B

What does the neighbor send label command enable when issued on BGP routers?

  • A. Enables the routers to add IPv6 labels to outgoing BGP updates
  • B. Enables an EBGP multihop peer to propagate the next hop unchanged
  • C. Enables the routers to add MPLS labels to outgoing BGP updates
  • D. Allows peering between loopbacks

Answer : C

What command is used to insert the core node area border router into the data path?

  • A. update-source loopback0
  • B. set path-selection backup 1 install
  • C. next-hop-self
  • D. insert-data-path

Answer : C

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