Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions v6.0 (500-201)

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Assume that the cell site is located in an urban area.
In a fixed-mobile convergence use-case, what keeps the route scale of the RAN access to a minimum?

  • A. egress filtering towards the node Bs
  • B. egress filtering on the inbound route filter
  • C. egress provisioning with the MTG node
  • D. egress filtering on the pre-aggregation node inline-RR

Answer : D

In a mobile backhaul network, which option transports LTE traffic?

  • A. pseudowires
  • B. Layer 3 VPN
  • C. IP connectivity
  • D. VLANs

Answer : B

Which two radio technologies introduce the concept of phase synchronization? (Choose two.)

  • A. GSM
  • B. UMTS
  • C. Long-Term Evolution Time-Division Duplex (LTE TDD)
  • D. EDGE
  • E. Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)
  • F. LTE Advanced

Answer : C,F

Which command would set up the primary clock interface for a Cisco ASR 901?

  • A. Router(config-if)# synce state master
  • B. Router(config-if)# synce master state
  • C. Router(config)# synce state master int gig 0/1
  • D. Router(config)# synce master state int gig 0/1

Answer : A

A user enters ptp clock boundary domain 0 in a Cisco ASR 901 router from the global config prompt and it fails.
According to Cisco best practices, what is the cause?

  • A. Domain 0 is reserved and cannot be used for a boundary clock.
  • B. The Cisco ASR 901 cannot act as boundary clock.
  • C. The ASR 901 is missing the required feature license.
  • D. The command syntax is incorrect for a Cisco ASR 901.

Answer : C

Which TDM pseudowire protocol would an engineer use to combine DS0 from different T1 circuits?

  • A. ATM over MPLS
  • B. Ethernet
  • C. SAToP
  • D. CESoPSN

Answer : D

Which statement about pseudowire is true?

  • A. Pseudowire is set up between the CEs at two different customer sites to emulate a customer's T1 or E1 circuit.
  • B. Pseudowire eliminates the need for MPLS on a service provider core network.
  • C. Pseudowire is set up between PEs that serve two different customer sites to emulate a customer's T1 or E1 circuit.
  • D. Pseudowire is used only to emulate T1 and E1 leased line services between customer sites.

Answer : C

When configuring ATM for voice applications, what is the appropriate encapsulation to use?

  • A. AAL2
  • B. AAL1
  • C. AAL0
  • D. AAL5

Answer : C

Which command indicates an E1 controller that is utilized for that TDM pseudowire?

  • A. cem-group
  • B. cem 5
  • C. xconnect
  • D. cem-group 5

Answer : A

The Symmetricom TP 5000 timing server is used to provide the Grand Master Clock in the
Cisco UMMT network.
Which type of clock does it provide?

  • A. both PTP and SyncE clocks
  • B. PTP clock only
  • C. SyncE clock only
  • D. time of day only

Answer : A

What is the current method to prevent rogue satellites from entering into the network?

  • A. Add a secret password to the satellite configuration.
  • B. Use a secure USB stick attached to the satellite.
  • C. Ensure that the satellite cannot be compromised.
  • D. List the satellite serial numbers in the global host configuration.

Answer : D

Why is frequency synchronization required in a mobile backhaul network?

  • A. for proper mobile device hand-off between base stations
  • B. for proper phase alignment between base stations
  • C. for accurate SLA measurements and billing
  • D. for filtering between the nodes

Answer : A

Which method does Cisco recommend to maintain frequency synchronization over Layer

  • A. 1588v2
  • B. synchE
  • C. NTP
  • D. SNTP

Answer : A

Which three clock and timing features are essential in a mobile backhaul network? (Choose three.)

  • A. phase
  • B. time of day
  • C. time zone
  • D. frequency
  • E. oscillation
  • F. mean time difference

Answer : A,B,D

Which method of migrating from existing 2G and 3G mobile backhaul networks to 4G LTE is recommended by Cisco best practices?

  • A. Maintain existing 2G and 3G networks as is, and sunset them as the technology is no longer needed.
  • B. Drop 2G and 3G services and force a migration to all 4G LTE services and devices.
  • C. Maintain existing 2G and 3G network access devices and migrate them to a unified mobile backhaul network, taking advantage of an all IP backhaul network to support pseudowires.
  • D. Maintain existing 2G and 3G services while migrating the access devices to IP and using the existing backhaul network to support the 4G services.

Answer : C

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