Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional Application Performance Management v6.0 (499-01)

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Which of these can be used to define business groups? (Select 3)

  • A. IP addresses
  • B. Hostnames
  • C. IP address range
  • D. Subnets

Answer : A,C,D

What should be verified when configuring a switched port analyzer (SPAN) for
AppResponse Xpert? (Select 4)

  • A. Only one direction of virtual local area network (VLAN) traffic is included.
  • B. All traffic from every server and end point is included.
  • C. Traffic before and after a firewall is included.
  • D. The SPAN interface isn't oversubscribed.
  • E. The interface speed and type.
  • F. The color of the ethernet cable.

Answer : A,C,D,E

AppResponse Xpert can decrypt SSL data on the fly. How is that data stored?

  • A. SSL data is stored encrypted, as it was received.
  • B. SSL data is stored unencrypted, since it gets decrypted on the fly.
  • C. For security reasons, SSL data is not stored on the appliance.
  • D. Only the header information of SSL packets is stored on the appliance.

Answer : A

What reference point is used to differentiate inbound vs. outbound metrics for the total traffic group?

  • A. Internal address list
  • B. Business groups
  • C. Applications
  • D. IP conversation

Answer : A

Netflow insights display -

  • A. Netflow and monitoring port data merged
  • B. Netflow and monitoring port data merged, but only if the "merge netflow and monitoring port data" is enabled in the web user interface configuration pages.
  • C. Netflow data only
  • D. Monitoring port data only

Answer : C

What type of chart is the Response Time Compositions chart?

  • A. Distribution chart
  • B. Cumulative chart
  • C. Bar chart
  • D. Stacked area chart

Answer : D

What can be used on the AppResponse Xpert appliance if you wish to extend overall packet retention?

  • A. Snapshot buffer
  • B. Packets can be written to a storage area network (SAN) disk array
  • C. Rolling buffer
  • D. Packet extension buffer

Answer : A

For a multi-tier application, what type of delay in AppResponse Xpert's Response Time
Composition Chart (RTCC) does the color red represent?

  • A. Server
  • B. Packet loss
  • C. Server and additional back-end tiers
  • D. Client
  • E. Latency
  • F. Network

Answer : C

How many concurrent voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls can AppResponse
Xpert appliances above ARX1200 monitor?

  • A. 250
  • B. 500
  • C. 1000
  • D. Unlimited
  • E. Unlimited, but depends on the license
  • F. It doesn't support VoIP

Answer : E

At a minumum, which two parameters must be entered when configuring the XenApp server and agent settings for CX-Tracer?

  • A. Hostname or internet protocol (IP) address and capture agent port
  • B. Hostname or IP address and server description
  • C. XenApp server version and hostname or IP address
  • D. Capture agent port and XenApp server version

Answer : A

What is the estimated time period that an AppResponse Xpert appliance can retain 1-day data?

  • A. 3 years
  • B. 1 year
  • C. 6 months
  • D. 2 years

Answer : A

If your company wishes to centrally manage and configure several AppResponse Xpert appliances at once, which of the following solutions would accomplish this?

  • A. AppResponse Xpert Director appliance
  • B. AppResponse Xpert Dashboard server
  • C. AppResponse Xpert Domain Manager appliance
  • D. AppResponse Xpert Master Console

Answer : A

Which databases does the AppResponse Xpert database performance module support?
(Select 4)

  • A. MS SQL
  • B. Oracle
  • C. Sybase
  • D. NoSQL
  • E. Cassandra
  • F. MySQL

Answer : A,B,C,F

To which two other modules in the Riverbed Performance Management suite can the CX-
Tracer insights link for further analysis?

  • A. AppTransaction Xpert and the Database Performance Module
  • B. AppInternals Xpert and the Database Performance Module
  • C. AppTransaction Xpert and BrowserMetrix
  • D. BrowserMetrix and the Database Performance Module

Answer : A

Which application type can be used to define a new application to monitor? (Select 3)

  • A. Web-based
  • B. IP-based
  • C. Port-based
  • D. Database-based
  • E. Server-based

Answer : A,C,E

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