Cisco Certified Design Expert v3.0 v1.0 (400-007)

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Refer to the exhibit. As part of a redesign project, you must predict multicast behavior. What happens to the multicast traffic received on the shared tree (*, G), if it is received on the LHR interface indicated?

  • A. It is switched due to a successful RPF check against the routing table.
  • B. It is switched given that no RPF check is performed.
  • C. It is dropped due to an unsuccessful RPF check against the multicast receiver.
  • D. It is dropped due to an unsuccessful RPF check against the multicast source.

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit. This network is running legacy STP 802.1d. Assuming "hello_timer" is fixed to 2 seconds, which parameters can be modified to speed up convergence times after single link/node failure?

  • A. Only the maximum_transmission_halt_delay and diameter parameters are configurable parameters in 802.1d to speed up STP convergence process.
  • B. The max_age and forward delay parameters can be adjusted to speed up STP convergence process.
  • C. The transit_delay=5 and bpdu_delay=20 are recommended values, considering hello_timer=2 and specified diameter.
  • D. Only the transit_delay and bpdu_delay timers are configurable parameters in 802.1d to speed up STP convergence process.

Answer : B


Company XYZ is running a redundant private WAN network using OSPF as the underlay protocol. The current design accommodates for redundancy in the network, but it is taking over 30 seconds for the network to reconverge upon failure. Which technique can be implemented in the design to detect such a failure in a subsecond?

  • A. fate sharing
  • C. flex links
  • D. STP
  • E. BFD

Answer : E

Which three elements help network designers to construct secure systems that protect information and resources (such as devices, communication, and data) from unauthorized access, modification, inspection, or destruction? (Choose three.)

  • A. scalability
  • B. availability
  • C. serviceability
  • D. integrity
  • E. confidentiality
  • F. reliability

Answer : BDE

Which relationship between iBGP and the underlying physical topology is true?

  • A. iBGP full mesh requires an underlying fully meshed network topology.
  • B. iBGP full mesh requirement does not dictate any specific network topology.
  • C. iBGP does not work on a ring network topology even with an underlying IGP.
  • D. iBGP can work only on a ring network topology with a link-state protocol like OSPF or IS-IS.

Answer : A

Which two statements describe the hierarchical LAN design model? (Choose two.)

  • A. It is a well-understood architecture that provides scalability.
  • B. It is the best design for modem data centers.
  • C. Changes, upgrades, and new services can be introduced in a controlled and staged manner.
  • D. It is the most optimal design but is highly complex.
  • E. It provides a simplified design.

Answer : AC

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has been asked to redesign the traffic flow toward AS 111 coming from AS 500. Traffic destined to AS 111 network should come in via AS 100, while traffic destined to all other networks in AS 111 should continue to use the existing path. Which BGP attributes are best suited to control this inbound traffic coming from BGP AS 500 into the network?

  • A. Use local preference on R1 for the networks that AS 500 advertises to AS 111
  • B. Prepend AS path for the network and set it for neighbor in AS 200
  • C. Use extended community for the network, not advertising it to the bi-lateral peer
  • D. Set higher MED for neighbor in AS 100 to influence incoming traffic for the network

Answer : B

An enterprise that runs numerous proprietary applications has major issues with its on-premises server estate hardware, to the point where business-critical functions are compromised. The enterprise accelerates plans to migrate services to the cloud. Which cloud service should be used if the enterprise wants to avoid hardware issues yet have control of its applications and operating system?

  • A. SaaS
  • B. PaaS
  • C. IaaS
  • D. hybrid cloud

Answer : C

How must the queue sizes be designed to ensure that an application functions correctly?

  • A. The default queue sizes are good for any deployment as it compensates the serialization delay.
  • B. The queuing delay on every device in the chain must be exactly the same to the application required delay.
  • C. Each individual device queuing delay in the chain must be less than or equal to the application required delay.
  • D. The sum of the queuing delay of all devices plus serialization delay in the chain must be less than or equal to the application required delay.

Answer : D

An enterprise requires MPLS connected branches to access cloud-based Microsoft 365 services over an SD-WAN solution. Internet access is available only at dual regional hub sites that are connected to the MPLS network. Which connectivity method provides an optimum access method to the cloud-based services if one ISP suffers loss or latency?

  • A. Cloud onRamp SWG
  • B. Cloud onRamp
  • C. Cloud onRamp gateway site
  • D. Cloud onRamp SaaS

Answer : C


As part of workspace digitization, a large enterprise has migrated all their users to Desktop as a Service (DaaS), by hosting the backend system in their on- premises data center. Some of the branches have started to experience disconnections to the DaaS at periodic intervals, however, local users in the data center and head office do not experience this behavior. Which technology can be used to mitigate this issue?

  • A. traffic policing
  • B. WRED
  • C. tail drop
  • D. traffic shaping

Answer : B

A European government passport agency considers upgrading its IT systems to increase performance and workload flexibility in response to constantly changing requirements. The budget manager wants to reduce capital expenses and IT staff and must adopt the lowest-cost technology. Which technology choice is suitable?

  • A. public cloud
  • B. hybrid cloud
  • C. on premises
  • D. private cloud

Answer : A

Which technology is an open-source infrastructure automation tool that automates repetitive tasks for users who work in networks such as cloud provisioning and intraservice orchestration?

  • A. Java
  • B. Ansible
  • C. Contrail
  • D. Jinja2

Answer : B

A European national bank considers migrating its on-premises systems to a private cloud offering in a non-European location to significantly reduce IT costs. What is a primary factor prior to migration?

  • A. security
  • B. cloud connectivity
  • C. additional latency
  • D. data governance

Answer : C

Which two actions ensure voice quality in a branch location with a low-speed, high-latency WAN connection? (Choose two.)

  • A. Prioritize voice packets.
  • B. Replace any electrical links with optical links.
  • C. Increase memory on the branch switch.
  • D. Fragment data packets.
  • E. Increase WAN bandwidth.

Answer : AD

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