VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 - Desktop and Mobility Design v1.0 (3V0-752)

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Which protocol set is used to access physical workstations with high-end 3D graphics cards?

  • A. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP, RGS
  • B. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP
  • C. Blast Extreme, PCoIP
  • D. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RGS

Answer : C


A company"™s IT team wants to provide multiple Microsoft Office suite applications to end users without incurring any Windows desktop operating system licensing fees.
They also want each end users"™ Microsoft Office suite application customization settings and configuration changes preserved and restored when the end user logs off and logs back in.
Which two VMware technologies must they deploy to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Identity Manager
  • B. VMware Horizon Enrollment Server
  • C. VMware Horizon application pools
  • D. VMware User Environment Manager
  • E. VMware App Volumes Writable volumes

Answer : AE

A customer is planning on implementing Horizon View. Security is a major concern. Only corporate managed Windows laptops should be able to access the
Horizon environment from the Internet.
Which solution should be implemented to support the requirement?

  • A. Deploy NSX. Use NSX feature to validate client"™s MAC addresses and only allow registered clients.
  • B. Deploy VMware Identity Manager. Configure it to require RSA SecureID. Only install the RSA SecureID soft token software on managed devices. Configure Horizon to allow SAML.
  • C. Deploy View Security Server. Configure it to only allow domain joined computers accessing Horizon.
  • D. Deploy Unified Access Gateway. Configure it to require a device client certificate and to use pass-through authentication for Horizon. Distribute certificates to managed devices.

Answer : D

A customer wants to deploy VMware Horizon View to support virtual desktops hosted in two different physical locations and wants users to connect to the location nearest them to start a session.
Which three steps must be completed to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

  • A. Initialize Microsoft DFS.
  • B. Configure Global Entitlements.
  • C. Configure two View Pods.
  • D. Configure one View Pod spanning two sites.
  • E. Configure two event logging databases.
  • F. Initialize the Cloud-Pod Federation.

Answer : CEF

An architect for Company A is working on implementing a VMware Horizon solution.
Company A will be acquiring Company B in the coming months.

-> Company B has an existing Active Directory structure and there are NO plans to move those users over to Company A"™s Active Directory structure
-> However, users from Company B need to be able to use VDI desktops running in Company A.
Which step could the architect take to meet requirements?
command to assign Administrator access.
B. Create a one-way or two-way forest trust relationship.
C. Create a new AD user account for Company B.
D. Set up a VMware Connection Server in Company B Domain.

Answer : C

When meeting with a customer, these VM template requirements for instant-clone are determined:
-> 2 vCPU
-> 4 GB Memory
-> 20 GB OS disk
Which is the formula to design a 40% utilization strategy for 80 desktops, given the above requirements?

  • A. 80 * ((0.4 * 20) + 4) +20
  • B. 80 * (0.4 * 20) + 20
  • C. 80 * ((0.4 * 20) + 4) + (2*20)
  • D. 80 * (0.4 * 20) + (2*20)

Answer : A

Company A decided to start using GPO to optimize PCoIP across all their Horizon 7 Desktop pools. During the Proof of Concept (POC) on the local network, there were no performance issues. The company decided to move to UAT. Access from the outside network needs to be tested. Some sales staff traveling to overseas countries, where network speed is low, have reported that the screen quality is degraded during usage.
Which setting should be recommended to retain screen quality, regardless of a user"™s connection?

  • A. Configure the PCoIP session bandwidth floor value.
  • B. Configure PCoIP client image cache size policy.
  • C. Turn on Build-to-Lossless feature.
  • D. Configure the maximum PCoIP bandwidth session.

Answer : C

During a planning meeting for an upcoming deployment of a Horizon View 7.1 environments, these requirements were identified by an architect:
-> Separate pools for internal and external connectivity.
-> Applications are not to be installed in the desktop VMs.
-> Application assignments are to be user-based.
-> No VPN is to be used.
Which three should the architect recommend to meet the requirements? (Choose three.)

  • A. Use VMware Horizon View"™s tagging feature to identify external / internal pools.
  • B. Use VMware App Volumes.
  • C. Use ThinApp to stream the applications.
  • D. Use VMware User Environment Manager to define network subnets that will filter the lists of external / internal desktop pools based on the user"™s client ip address.
  • E. Use VMware NSX and deploy micro-segmentation rules that will filter the lists of external / internal desktop pools based on the user"™s client ip address.
  • F. Use Horizon Security Server.

Answer : ACF

A small government organization wants to implement stateless desktops using VMware products. The IT team is unable to add or alter any GPO in the organization"™s Active Directory. It wants to minimize the storage space required for the user VMs and preserve user"™s profiles and other personalization settings.
Which accomplishes these goals?

  • A. Horizon Instant Clone desktop pools with VMware User Environment Manager
  • B. Horizon RDS desktop pools with App Volumes Writable Volumes
  • C. Horizon Full VM desktop pools with App Volumes Writable Volumes
  • D. Horizon Linked Clones desktop pools with persistent disks

Answer : D

Which ports on a firewall need to be opened to allow client PCoIP traffic to flow from user"™s endpoints to a Unified Access Gateway appliance?

  • A. TCP 4172 and UDP 4172
  • B. TCP 443 and TCP 4172
  • C. TCP 443 and UDP 4172
  • D. TCP 4172 and UDP 443

Answer : B


C99CCBA6A06E.html -

An application packaging team is preparing to deploy a new enterprise application for 1000 users.
Application requirements and limitations include:
-> Windows 2012 R2 or Windows 10 64-bit OS
-> Installation of a PDF printer
-> Application only allows a single instance to be launched
-> 1 GB RAM
The organization is only using Horizon hosted applications on Windows 2012 R2. The servers are at 30% utilization. No additional users will be added.
What changes to the Horizon environment will be required to deploy the application?

  • A. Deploy a Windows 10 desktop pool.
  • B. Deploy User Environment Manager.
  • C. Deploy a new application pool using Windows 2012 R2.
  • D. Deploy App Volumes with writeable volumes.

Answer : B

After implementing App Volumes and configuring all of the AppStacks, customers are complaining about slow login times. All AppStacks are hosted on the SAN and each AppStack is assigned to 700 users and includes a minimum of 3 applications per AppStack.
What cost effective change can an architect recommend to improve the issue?

  • A. Edit the AppStack and remove some of the applications so that each AppStack only has one application within the AppStack.
  • B. Install more SSD disks in the SAN to improve performance.
  • C. Enable the Mount on Host Command to improve performance.
  • D. Increase the RAM in each of the host and assign more vRAM to each Desktop.

Answer : C


Which three options need to be considered when implementing multiple vCenter Server in App Volumes 2.x? (Choose three.)

  • A. Datastore names must be unique.
  • B. Each vCenter must use the same credentials.
  • C. Host names must be unique.
  • D. Portgroups must be unique.
  • E. Each vCenter must support Cross vCenter VMotion.

Answer : ABE

Which should be used to reduce vCenter Server overhead and improve performance in a large scale App Volumes deployment?

  • A. AppToggle
  • B. Mount on Host
  • C. Mount Local
  • D. Storage Groups

Answer : B


A company has several applications that are being moved to a Horizon environment. An architect has been given several application types and is designing an environment to accommodate all of the applications.
List of applications:
-> WebSeller "" a cloud-based application that is single sign-on capable.
-> SalesCalc "" a Windows application that needs a very old version of Java and needs to be accessed offline.
-> AppOffice "" a group of Windows based application that needs to be deployed together to an existing View linked clone desktop pool for the remote sales team.
-> RelationCRM "" a server-based application that is currently accessed via RDP.
Match each application with its appropriate deployment method.
Select and Place:

Answer :


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