Avaya Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implementation and Maintenance Exam v6.1 (3200)

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Which statement describes the type of licensing used for Modular Messaging 5.2?

  • A. An encrypted LDAP licensing scheme is used, which is managed on the Message Storage Server (MSS).
  • B. Licensing is only done through the Voicemail System Configuration tool, and no other software needs to be installed.
  • C. WebLM licensing is used, which is always installed on the Messaging Application Server (MAS).
  • D. WebtM licensing is used, and the WebLM server can be installed on the MAS or an Enterprise WebLM server.

Answer : D

A group of users have just moved their extension from a soft number to an IP telephone.
Now they reporting that when someone leaves a message, the Message Waiting Indictor
(MWI) does not come on. What are the first steps to debug the problem?

  • A. Look at the station in the switch to ensure that there is an MWI.
  • B. Run the Operational History viewer to find out if Modular Messaging is sending the MWI set message to the switch.
  • C. Go to the system event viewer and review the logs for event ID 174.
  • D. Run the on-demand MWI refresh to initiate the MWI activation.

Answer : B

A system can be set up to run on either S8730, S8800, or HP DL360 G7 hardware that is configured to just SIP integration.
Which two statements are true about the number of voice channels that an individual
Messaging Application Server (MAS) can support? (Choose two.)

  • A. In a Single Server configuration, the MAS can support a maximum of 48 voice channels.
  • B. An individual MAS server can support up 120 voice channels.
  • C. An individual MAS server can support up to 96 voice channels.
  • D. An individual MAS server can allow as many possible connections as the bandwidth to the allows

Answer : A,C

Which statement about the tracing service is true?

  • A. The tracing service runs on all the Message Application Servers (MASs) in the voicemall
  • B. The tracing service runs on the Message Storage Server (MSS).
  • C. The tracing service runs on any one MAS or supplemental server.
  • D. The tracing server always runs on a supplemental server.

Answer : C

When using MultiSite, which three rules apply when designing a mailbox number scheme?
(Choose three.)

  • A. The scheme allows sites to share identifiers, so no unique identifiers for the sites are required.
  • B. For each site, the full mailbox length must be less than or equal to the total of the length of the site identifier and the short mailbox length.
  • C. If a site group is a child of another site group, and it is not simply a container, then the site identifier of the child group must consist of all of the digits of the Site identifier of the parent group, plus at least one more digit.
  • D. If a site is in a group, then its identifier must consist of all of the digits in the parent group's identifier, plus at least one more digit.
  • E. If one site identifier is an abbreviated version of another site identifier, then these sites can have the same full mailbox lengths.

Answer : B,C,E

Which two tools are used for Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 licensing? (Choose two.)

  • A. Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS)
  • B. Remote Feature Activation (RFA)
  • C. WebLM
  • D. Web based product IDs

Answer : A,C

User are reporting that they are getting "Please wait" when they retrieve their messages.
The technician notices that the disk drive on the Message Application Server (MAS) is over
85% full, and would like to see if there are any other alarms on the MAS. The technician has checked the Windows event viewer logs which did not show any alarms.
What should the technician do to view additional alarms?

  • A. Log on to the Message Storage Server (MSS).
  • B. Go to the Windows event viewer on the users system that is reporting the issue.
  • C. Go to the command window and run the command displog -1 act.
  • D. Run the mmsnap program under C:\Program Files\Avaya Modular Messaging\Serviceability\Modular MessagingSnap directory.

Answer : D

A group of administrators have their own login IDs for Web Client. One of the login IDs is not being displayed in the drop down box. Where would you look to see if the login ID was removed?

  • A. on the Message Storage Server (MSS) in the administration logs under Administration >Administration History/Maintenance Log
  • B. on the report server In the administration logs under Administration >AdministrationHistory/Maintenance Log
  • C. on the Web Client in the administration logs under Administration >Administration History/Maintenance Log
  • D. In the Administration logs under event viewer

Answer : A

A customer is concerned that their system peak usage is exceeding the capacity of the system as it was originally designed. Which two reports help the customer understand whether the system is being used beyond design capacity? (Choose two.)

  • A. System Usage
  • B. Basic Metrics
  • C. Port Statistics
  • D. Hourly Statistics

Answer : A,C

After completing an Avaya Message Storage Server (MSS) install, the installer has found that the time zone is incorrect in the Administer Linux data and Time page.
Alter changing the Time Zone, which step must the installer take to enact the change?

  • A. Reboot the MSS.
  • B. Log out and then log back in.
  • C. Run a nightly audit.
  • D. Stop and then restart messaging.

Answer : A

A customer has just installed Modular Messaging 5.2, and wants to take advantage of the ability to turn off Outcalling, Broadcast Messages, and the abbreviated prompt option for
Aria TUI.
In which two locations can these new features be set? (Choose two.)

  • A. Subscriber Option
  • B. Class of Service
  • C. Telephone User Interface (TUI)
  • D. Web Subscriber Options

Answer : A,D

Given that canonical telephone numbers follow the ITU E.164 standard, which two statements apply to E.164 telephone numbers? (Choose two.)

  • A. They can include punctuation, such as parentheses, hyphens and spaces.
  • B. They represent the full telephone number. Including country code and area code.
  • C. They do not include any access codes, (i.e. 9 for an outside line, or 011 for an international call)
  • D. They are "switch-native" telephone numbers.

Answer : B,C

Which two ways can an Avaya Modular Messaging system be joined to a TCP/IP network?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Message Application Server (MAS) joined to corporate domain. Message Store Server (MSS) joined to private domain
  • B. MAS joined to corporate domain, MSS joined to corporate domain
  • C. MAS joined to private domain. MSS joined to private domain
  • D. MAS joined to private domain, MSS joined to corporate domain

Answer : B,C

Before beginning to configure and test the Modular Messaging installation, the technician must first obtain the proper configuration notes for the particular PBX Integration being configured.
At which two locations can integration configuration notes be found? (Choose two.)

  • A. Installation Guide
  • B. Audiocodes Support Website
  • C. Cisco Support Website
  • D. Avaya Support Website
  • E. MAS Documentation CD

Answer : B,D

On a new installation of Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 with Avaya Message Store, which two are supported switch integrations that do not utilize any third party gateway device?
(Choose two.)

  • A. SIP direct to Avaya Communication Manager
  • B. H.323 to Avaya Communication Manager
  • C. SMD1 serial link to Lucent 5ess
  • D. SIP to Avaya Communication Manager
  • E. El QSIG to Cisco Call Manager

Answer : A,D

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