Avaya Scopia® Solution Implementation and Maintenance Exam v6.0 (3108)

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A company has a Small Medium Business Deployment.
Which Scopia component is required to be able to host multiple conferences at the same time?

  • A. Scopia Desktop server
  • B. Scopia Desktop Server
  • C. Scopia Pathfinder
  • D. Scopia Elite MCU

Answer : D

Which two statements correctly describe the Scopia Elite MCU for Collaboration Suite?
(Choose two.)

  • A. It is specifically designed for use in the Aura Collaboration Suite.
  • B. It supports recording and streaming.
  • C. It supports a user based licensing model.
  • D. It supports a port based licensing model.

Answer : A

In which way can you connect to a videoconference using Scopia Control?

  • A. Connect through your virtual room
  • B. Connect through the outlook invitation when tapping on the invitation link
  • C. Use the integrated room calendar to join the specific conference
  • D. Use the moderation feature

Answer : C

What is a video conferencing endpoint?

  • A. physical equipment or software that people use to make video connections
  • B. Scopia Elite MCUs that people use to make video connections
  • C. Point-to-point video calls
  • D. H.323 Video devices

Answer : A

Scopia and Avaya Aura Conferencing have been set up to interoperate. Between which components do the audio and video streams pass?

  • A. Avaya Aura Conferencing and the Elite MCU
  • B. The Audio and video endpoints
  • C. Scopia Management and Session Manager
  • D. Scopia Management and System Manager

Answer : A

Which action can a user take when using Scopia Mobile?

  • A. Participate in the conference as audio only
  • B. Perform most of the moderating functions of the conference
  • C. Perform all moderating functions of the conference
  • D. Share data with other participants

Answer : D

Which Scopia product needs to be present for Licenses for Collaboration Suite to be acquired?

  • A. Scopia Management for Collaboration Suite
  • B. Scopia Elite 6000 for Collaboration Suite
  • C. Scopia Desktop Server
  • D. Scopia License Manager

Answer : C

What can you use to control the Scopia XT Telepresence system?

  • A. You can use the XT remote control for basic functions.
  • B. You can only use Scopia Control.
  • C. You can use both the XT remote control and Scopia Control.
  • D. You can use the XT remote control for all functions.

Answer : B

What is one of the limitations of the Scopia Centralized deployment?

  • A. A centralized deployment only allows one conference at a time.
  • B. A centralized deployment requires all the MCUs to be redundant.
  • C. A centralized deployment requires all calls to be directed to the PSTN.
  • D. A centralized deployment requires all calls to be directed to the MCUs located in one place.

Answer : D

Reference:http://docs.radvision.com/bundle/rv_solution_guide_8/soln_sg_deployment_com plete_centralized_limits(first bullet point)

What are two features that Scopia Elite MCUs provide in a video conferencing deployment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Continuous Presence
  • B. Integration to Microsoft Lync
  • C. Data Collaboration
  • D. Gatekeeper access

Answer : A,D

Scopia and Avaya Aura Conferencing have been set up to interoperate.
What type of signaling is used in the connection between Scopia Management and Session

  • A. H.323
  • B. Scopia
  • C. SIP
  • D. ISDN

Answer : C


Which XT endpoint does not support hosting videoconferences with an Embedded MCU?

  • A. XT Executive 240
  • B. XT1200
  • C. XT4200
  • D. XT5000

Answer : C

When using Scopia Control, which three products do you need in your deployment in order to use the calendar integration, corporate directory access, data collaboration and meeting moderation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Scopia Elite MCU
  • B. Scopia Gateway
  • C. Scopia Management
  • D. Scopia Desktop Server

Answer : B,C,D

What are two outcomes once Calibration of the Scopia Telepresence system is completed?
(Choose two.)

  • A. The three Scopia XT endpoints are integrated into a single system.
  • B. The configuration of the XT Telepresence system can be viewed but not changed.
  • C. The XT Telepresence system can host videoconferences on its Embedded MCU.
  • D. Part of the XT Telepresence configuration can be changed when having Administrator rights.

Answer : C,D

Which two XT endpoints support Dual-Video resolution of 1080p60fps? (Choose two.)

  • A. XT1200
  • B. XT4200
  • C. XT5000
  • D. XT Executive 240

Answer : A,C


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