LPIC-3 Virtualization & High Availability v1.0 (304-200)

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Which of the following statements are true regarding resource management for full virtualization? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. The hypervisor may provide fine-grained limits to internal elements of the guest operating system such as the number of processes.
  • B. Full virtualization cannot pose any limits to virtual machines and always assigns the host system's resources in a first-come-first-serve manner.
  • C. It is up to the virtual machine to use its assigned hardware resources and create, for example, an arbitrary amount of network sockets.
  • D. The hypervisor provides each virtual machine with hardware of a defined capacity that limits the resources of the virtual machine.
  • E. All processes created within the virtual machines are transparently and equally scheduled in the host system for CPU and I/O usage.

Answer : CD

Fill in the blank.
In order to determine if a virtualization host offers Intel VT-x support, which CPU flag must be searched for in the file /proc/cpuinfo? (Specify the name of the CPU flag as it is mentioned in the given file only without any additional information.)

Answer : vmx -or- VMX

Which of the following statements is true regarding the following output of xl list:
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
Domain-0 0 384 1 r----- 498.7
Debian 2 305 1 --p--- 783.5
Slack 6 64 1 -b---- 313.6
CentOS 7 512 2 r----- 455.1

  • A. It is necessary to use the xl command to change Slack's state to running.
  • B. CentOS is the domain which has consumed the most CPU time.
  • C. The domain with ID 2 uses paravirtualization.
  • D. Both Debian and Slack require xl commands to start running.
  • E. Slack is idle or waiting for I/O.

Answer : E

A configuration file for a Xen virtual machine was created with file name slack.cfg within Xen's configuration directory. Which of the following commands starts the virtual machine defined in this configuration file and opens the virtual machine's console on the current command line?

  • A. xl start slack
  • B. xl create slack.cfg --show-console
  • C. xl create slack.cfg
  • D. xl start slack.cfg -c
  • E. xl create slack.cfg ""c

Answer : E

Which of the following commands can be used to determine whether the local machine is capable of running full virtualized Xen guests? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. dmesg |grep -i intel|grep -i vt; dmesg |grep -i amd|grep -i v
  • B. egrep '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo
  • C. xl dmesg | grep -i hvm
  • D. grep -i "Full Virtualization" /proc/xen
  • E. grep -i "Full Virtualization" /etc/xen/*

Answer : BC

Which of the following statements is true regarding XenStore?

  • A. It is a web interface used to provide self-service domain provisioning to users with sufficient privileges.
  • B. It saves the persistent configuration of all defined Xen domains and restores them when the host system is started.
  • C. It manages disk file images on behalf of all virtual machines and provides them as virtual devices to guest domains.
  • D. It stores run time information regarding Xen and its domains using hierarchical namespaces shared between domains.
  • E. It is a software repository located within the host system used to provide software packages to the guest domains.

Answer : D

Which of the following restrictions is true when using KVM with the User Network?

  • A. Virtual Machines must use a SOCKS proxy to connect to the internet.
  • B. Virtual Machines can communicate with the host system and with other virtual machines using User Network.
  • C. Virtual Machines can only communicate with other virtual machines but not with the host system.
  • D. Virtual Machines cannot use ICMP.
  • E. Virtual Machines are restricted to only use IPv6 and not IPv4.

Answer : D

Which of the following commands are needed to establish a private network between two (or more) KVM virtual machines that is not visible to other KVM instances on the same KVM host? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

  • A. ifconfig
  • B. brctl
  • C. tunctl
  • D. ipconfig
  • E. ebtables

Answer : ABC

Which one of the following tools can NOT be used to create virtual machines, including their configuration in a libvirt-based KVM environment?

  • A. virt-clone
  • B. virt-install
  • C. virt-img
  • D. virt-manager

Answer : C

Which of the following statements is true regarding VirtualBox?

  • A. VirtualBox uses container-based virtualization and can only run virtual machines using the operating system of the host system.
  • B. VirtualBox can only be run from a graphical desktop environment and not from the text console.
  • C. VirtualBox provides special device drivers for several operating systems to enhance the virtual machine's performance.
  • D. VirtualBox contains a hypervisor that runs independently from any other operating system on a bare metal host.
  • E. VirtualBox is part of the vanilla Linux kernel and does not require any additional software installation on recent Linux distributions.

Answer : C

Which command within virsh lists the virtual machines that are available on the current host?

  • A. view
  • B. show
  • C. list-vm
  • D. list
  • E. list-all

Answer : D

What is the effect of running the virsh vcpupin CLUSNODE-2 4 2 command?

  • A. It sets the affinity of virtual CPU 4 of virtual machine CLUSNODE-2 to physical processor 2.
  • B. It reduces the number of virtual CPUs in CLUSNODE-2 from 4 to 2.
  • C. It increases the number of virtual CPUs in CLUSNODE-2 from 2 to 4.
  • D. It sets the affinity for all virtual CPUs of virtual machine CLUSNODE-2 to the physical processors 2 and 4.

Answer : A

Which of the following statements is true regarding a failover cluster?

  • A. The core component of every failover cluster is a load balancer.
  • B. Every service may not be run more than once in a cluster.
  • C. Failover clusters provide scalability of a service beyond the capacities of one cluster node.
  • D. Failover clusters always require storage that is shared by all nodes.
  • E. In normal operation, services may be spread over all nodes.

Answer : E

Which of the following statements are true regarding a load balancer? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Failover clusters are not operational without at least one dedicated load balancer.
  • B. All response packages sent from a backend server to a client must pass through the load balancer.
  • C. The load balancer is usually deployed on one of the backend servers.
  • D. Load balancers may be able to analyze traffic.
  • E. All incoming connections to the cluster services are received by the load balancer.

Answer : DE

How does high availability clustering relate to periodic storage backup? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Regular backups become generally unnecessary as any data loss or corruption is automatically recovered by the high availability cluster.
  • B. Regular backups remain vital as they allow restoration of data that was accidentally deleted or corrupted.
  • C. Regular backups may be reduced to the cluster configuration and cluster state data as this information is sufficient to recover any state of the cluster, including data, at any time.
  • D. Backups should be located only on the local storage of the cluster and should not be backed up in order to prevent bandwidth congestion.
  • E. Backup procedures may have to be adapted to the cluster to ensure complete and recoverable backups.

Answer : BE

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