LPI Level 3 Exam 304, Senior Level Linux Certification, Virtualization & High Availability v5.0 (304-150)

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Which of the following statements are true when comparing full virtualization and paravirtualization in Xen? (Select THREE correct answers)

  • A. Paravirtualization demands changes to operating systems designed to be installed directly on the hardware when using those operating systems as guests.
  • B. It is possible to use, without changes, operating systems designed to be installed directly on the hardware when using it as guest in full virtualization.
  • C. The number of virtual CPUs can be configured only in the full virtualization mode.
  • D. Paravirtualization depends on special CPU features like IntelVT or AMDV.
  • E. The virtual network resources are available for both types of virtualization.

Answer : A,B,E

What action does the virsh save command perform?

  • A. It stops a VM and saves the data from memory to a file.
  • B. It saves the a running domain configuration to file.
  • C. It saves a copy of a running VM.
  • D. It rescues a VM from being fenced.

Answer : A

Which of the following Messaging Layers are supported by Pacemaker? (Select TWO correct answers)

  • A. Heartbeat
  • B. OpenAIS
  • C. DRBD
  • D. Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • E. Slurm

Answer : A,B

Why does this virtual machine NOT boot?
kvm drive file=sd
a.img,if=scsi m 128

  • A. KVM cannot be started on the command line.
  • B. The boot=on parameter is missing in the drive definition.
  • C. KVM does not use the drive option; it uses hda instead.
  • D. It is missing a cdrom

Answer : B

Which one of the following options represent a valid declaration of a backend server with

  • A. host server_x cookie server_x
  • B. backend server_x
  • C. server server_x check
  • D. pool server_x

Answer : C

An administrator needs to shutdown a Xen virtual machine immediately, otherwise, the virtual machine risks corrupting the file system. Which of the following methods could be used for an immediate shutdown?

  • A. Use xm shutdown <vmname> force
  • B. Use xm destroy <vmname>
  • C. Use xm poweroff <vmname>
  • D. Shut down the xend process
  • E. Use xm stop <vmname>

Answer : B

When using the user mode network stack with qemu, TCP and UDP connections work fine but ping does not work. Why is this?

  • A. The Qemu user mode network stack does not implement ICMP.
  • B. The problem is caused by incorrect routing.
  • C. The Qemu user mode network stack blocks all ICMP traffic.
  • D. The Qemu user mode network stack requires explicit permission for ping to work.

Answer : A

Which one of the following is NOT the name of a tool that can be used to manage virtual machines in a KVM environment?

  • A. virtviewer
  • B. virtclone
  • C. virtinstall
  • D. virtimg
  • E. virtmanager

Answer : D

Which one of the following is NOT a required component for running an OCFS2 file system resource in a Pacemaker environment?

  • A. A clone resource for the OCFS2 file system
  • B. quorum
  • C. dlm
  • D. clvm
  • E. o2cb

Answer : D

Which O2CB mode should be used for OCFS2 integration with heartbeat?

  • A. user
  • B. dlm
  • C. heartbeat
  • D. kernel

Answer : A

Which virsh subcommand is used to change the number of virtual CPUs onthefly? (Specify only the virsh subcommand without any additional information)

Your Response -

Answer : setvcpus

Which of the following authentication types does keepalived support for syncing between failover servers? (Select TWO correct answers)

  • A. PASS
  • B. KRB5
  • C. AH
  • D. NONE
  • E. KEY

Answer : A,C

What parameter must be set in the main Xen configuration file to allow migration of live virtual machines between servers?

  • A. xendunixserver
  • B. xendmigrationserver
  • C. xendhttpserver
  • D. xendrelocationserver

Answer : D

A configuration file for a Xen virtual machine was created in the directory /etc/xen with filename slack.cfg. What is the command to start the virtual machine defined in this configuration file including displaying its console on screen?

  • A. xm start slack
  • B. xm create slack.cfg showconsole
  • C. xm create slack.cfg
  • D. xm start slack.cfg c
  • E. xm create slack.cfg c

Answer : E

What change must be made to the Guest OS kernel to support paravirtualization?

  • A. None; the unmodified Guest OS kernel communicates with the CPU through an emulated CPU which is provided by the hypervisor.
  • B. The Guest OS kernel must replace privileged CPU instructions with calls to the hypervisor.
  • C. None; the unmodified Guest OS kernel can communicate directly with the hardware CPU.
  • D. The Guest OS kernel must rewrite modules to communicate with the hypervisor.

Answer : B

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