Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms (DEVOPS) v1.0 (300-910)

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Construct an Ansible script to gather information about target routers and then use it to apply no ip redirects to every interface on each device. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the correct location in the exhibit to complete the tasks section of the Ansible playbook so that it accomplishes your goal.
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Answer :

Drag and drop the commands from the bottom onto the correct Terraform code in the exhibit to push a network object to a Cisco ASA Firewall device.
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When DevOps practices are integrated into an existing organization, which two characteristics are positive indicators of DevOps maturity? (Choose two.)

  • A. mean time between success
  • B. mean time to recover
  • C. cone testing
  • D. change lead time
  • E. age of codebase

Answer : BD

Which two statements about Infrastructure as Code are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Test-driven development practices make use of Infrastructure as Code.
  • B. Infrastructure as Code refers to automated testing libraries.
  • C. DevOps builds upon Infrastructure as Code.
  • D. Infrastructure as Code is based on practices from software development.
  • E. Infrastructure as Code must use the same programming language as the application.

Answer : AD

Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows the output of an Ansible task that prints the contents of the show_ip_int_brief variable that was registered in a different task in the playbook.
Which expression is used to print the output of the command without its header row?

  • A. show_ip_int_brief["˜stdout_lines"™][0]
  • B. show_ip_int_brief["˜stdout_lines"™][1:]
  • C. show_ip_int_brief["˜stdout_lines"™][0][1:]
  • D. show_ip_int_brief["˜stdout_lines"™]

Answer : B

Fill in the blanks to describe the concepts of extending DevOps practices to the network for NetDevOps.
NetDevOps builds and manages networks as a system that enables network services to be consumed in a DevOps approach. Organizations practicing
NetDevOps see changes in the _________ as routine and expected activities, with a well-defined and practiced process for _________ , testing, and __________ network changes. By making them routine, network changes can be small and simple.

Answer : network, designing, deploying


Refer to the exhibit. A developer needs to scale the existing pods within the worked nodes. Which object should be edited to achieve this goal?

  • A. ReplicaSet
  • B. PriorityClass
  • C. Deployment
  • D. Pod

Answer : A

When static routes are added to a router in a network using a CI/CD pipeline, an Ansible playbook is used to make these changes. Which steps must be added to the pipeline to validate that the changes have the intended effect on the traffic flow?

  • A. Add a step to run the debug ip routing command before the change, and add a step after the change to issue the no debug ip routing command.
  • B. Add a step to capture the routing table before the change, and add a step after the change to capture it again. Calculate the difference between the two for review.
  • C. Add a step to ping a host on each of the static routes before the change, and a step after to repeat the same check. Calculate the difference between the two checks for review.
  • D. Add a step to run the same playbook again with the debug option enabled and use grep on the log output to ensure that the commands are not applied again.

Answer : B

A DevOps engineer is supporting a containerized application with multiple components running across the Kubernetes cluster. Metrics from the container (CPU and memory) and application (requests per second and heap size) are being collected by Prometheus and displayed with Grafana. Users report transaction timeout problems with the application, but the metric graphs all look within normal levels.
Which type of failure would prevent the engineer from seeing the problem using the captured metrics?

  • A. Grafana has lost connectivity to Prometheus, which causes graphs to display only the cached data.
  • B. CPU and memory metrics from Kubernetes nodes are not accurate due to the way that containers share resources.
  • C. Some containers are crashing regularly and being restarted automatically by Kubernetes.
  • D. The metricbeat agent has crashed and is no longer sending new data to Prometheus, so the metrics are not updating.

Answer : D

Which Kubernetes object is used to create a ClusterIP or NodePort?

  • A. service
  • B. pod
  • C. deployment
  • D. loadbalancer

Answer : A

A user wants to deploy a new service to a Kubernetes cluster. Which two commands accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

  • A. Apply
  • B. Install
  • C. Deploy
  • D. Create
  • E. Expose

Answer : AE

A developer wants to deploy a highly available web server cluster and decides to put a load balancer in front of multiple clustered nodes that run the same web service. The goal is for the load balancer to take in users and distribute the load across the whole cluster.
What kind of high-availability configuration is the developer running?

  • A. active
  • B. passive
  • C. active-passive
  • D. active-active

Answer : C

A developer has created a deployment that should launch a pod to run their database service. The pod should launch with a metadata name of "Cisco-DB," and the developer has added it to the "Cisco" namespace in their deployment.
Which Kubernetes command confirms that the service is running and usable?

  • A. kubectl -n Cisco get services | grep "Cisco-DB"
  • B. kubectl -n Cisco get pods | grep "Cisco-DB"
  • C. kubectl get pods | grep "Cisco-DB"
  • D. kubectl -n Cisco get service | grep "Cisco-DB"

Answer : C

Which step must be taken to enable centralized logging in a Kubernetes environment?

  • A. No steps need to be taken. The master node automatically aggregates logs from all worker nodes and stores them on the specified persistent volume.
  • B. Create a CustomResourceDefinition in each deployment that specifies the IP or names the log collector.
  • C. Deploy a sidecar node that aggregates logs from the entire cluster.
  • D. Create a DaemonSet that deploys a container with a logging agent on every node in the cluster.

Answer : C

An application is being built to collect and display telemetry streaming data. Drag and drop the elements of this stack from the left onto the correct functions on the right.
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Answer :

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