Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability v7.0 (300-550)

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Which two protocols are examples of southbound APIs? (Choose two.)

  • B. LLDP
  • D. IPFIX
  • F. OpFlex

Answer : C,F

How is a service ticket used when constructing a Cisco APIC-EM API request?

  • A. to identify the service type
  • B. to identify a service on the controller
  • C. to determine the request type
  • D. as a security token

Answer : B

Which two statements about the NX-API are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. NX-API supports XML-RPC
  • B. NX-API is enabled by default
  • C. NX-API supports JSON-RPC.
  • D. The nxapi_auth cookie expires in 30 minutes.
  • E. NX-API maps to NX-OS NETCONF.

Answer : C,D

Which feature enables service function chaining to steer traffic to virtual network functions?

  • A. GRE
  • B. VXLAN
  • C. EH
  • D. NSH
  • E. REST

Answer : D

YANG modeling supports which two comment styles? (Choose two.)

  • A. A block comment is enclosed within "<--" and "—>".
  • B. A single-line comment starts with "#" and ends at the end of the line.
  • C. A single-line comment starts with "!" and ends at the end of the line.
  • D. A block comment is enclosed within "/*" and "*/".
  • E. A single-line comment starts with "//" and ends at the end of the line.

Answer : C

Management protocols like NETCONF access network elements on well-known ports.
Which design practice hardens a network device implementation?

  • A. Specify the source interface for SSH.
  • B. Limit access to port 830, well-known clients, and SSH VTY.
  • C. Enable CoPP.
  • D. Configure ip http secure-server.

Answer : B

Visore uses which protocol to retrieve information from the Cisco ARIC?

  • B. OpFlex
  • C. gRPC
  • D. Visore API
  • E. MongoDB

Answer : A

What is the best way to specify the location of Python within a script?

  • A. #!/usr/bin/env bash
  • B. #!/usr/bin/env python
  • C. #!/usr/loca l/bin/python
  • D. #!/usr/bin/python
  • E. #!/scriptname

Answer : B

Which service does a VIRL host use to validate a license?

  • A. Puppet
  • B. Ansible
  • C. Chef
  • D. SaltStack

Answer : C

The Cisco APIC REST API supports which two methods'? (Choose two.)

  • A. POST
  • B. PATCH
  • C. PUT
  • E. GET
  • F. RESET

Answer : A,D

Refer to the exhibit.

Which effect does the parameter ?session=test have in this VIRL API call?

  • A. The API call is parsed and validated by VIRL, but no simulation is started.
  • B. The topology file "API.virl" is validated for proper structure and content.
  • C. The simulation is started in a special "test" mode that protects it from adversely affecting other simulations.
  • D. The simulation is started with the name "test".

Answer : D

Which two protocols use YANG as an underlying data modeling language? (Choose two.)

  • A. SOAP
  • D. REST
  • E. HTTP
  • F. SSH

Answer : B,C

Which statement about an agentless configuration management system is true?

  • A. It requires managed hosts to have an interpreter for a high-level language such as Python or Ruby.
  • B. It uses existing protocols to interface with the managed host.
  • C. It uses compiled languages as the basis of the domain-specific language to interface with managed hosts.
  • D. It requires managed hosts to connect to a centralized host to receive updated configurations.
  • E. It requires a software package to be installed on the managed host.

Answer : B

Which two statements about YANG are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. YANG was conceptualized by Jerry Yang, former CEO of Yahoo.
  • B. YANG provides security beyond SSL 3.0.
  • C. YANG can be executed similarly to a Python script.
  • D. YANG is used by NETCONF to define objects and data in requests and replies.
  • E. YANG represents configuration, operational, and RPC data.

Answer : D,E


You want to implement a new feature in a home-grown network automation tool. Because your development team uses the Agile development methodology, which documentation must you create for them, in order to put this feature on the roadmap?

  • A. ROI analysis
  • B. case study
  • C. user story
  • D. SCIPAB breakdown
  • E. enhancement request

Answer : C

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