Automating Cisco Service Provider Solutions (SPAUTO) v1.0 (300-535)

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Drag and drop the components of Cisco Network Services Orchestrator from the left onto the correct definitions on the right.
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Refer to the exhibit. Which two URI entries are optional and functional in this RESTCONF URI structure? (Choose two.)

  • A. fragment
  • B. query
  • C. operation
  • D. api-entry
  • E. path

Answer : BE

Reference: page 25

The Netmiko BaseConnection class contains a method called "send_config_set()". Which two actions does this method perform on the device? (Choose two.)

  • A. It takes a filename parameter that executes commands contained in that file on the device.
  • B. It requires the user to explicitly send configure terminal and exit commands to the device to enter and exit configuration mode.
  • C. It automatically enters and exits configuration mode on the device.
  • D. It takes a Python iterable, such as a list of commands, and executes them in order on the device.
  • E. It saves the running configuration to the startup configuration after executing the configuration commands on the device.

Answer : CD

How does using the Python with statement in conjunction with ncclient manager improve an existing NETCONF automation script?

  • A. It allows the NETCONF connection to the device to be gracefully closed without having to explicitly code this action.
  • B. It manages the running configuration of the device by comparing it to the new configuration applied using NETCONF.
  • C. The with statement tries to connect to the device using TCP port 830 first but also tries to connect via TCP port 22.
  • D. Use of the with statement catches any exceptions when trying to connect to a device using NETCONF.

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit. Which command prints out (44, 22) when this code is run on Python 3?

  • A. print(swap1(d, b))
  • B. print(swap2(a, b))
  • C. print(swap1(b, d))
  • D. print(swap2(22, 44))

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer updated the skeleton template. How can a device be entered into the YANG Model?

  • A. Modify the device instance of the device by referencing the acl_lab variable from our YANG model.
  • B. Deploy a service instance that configures a VLAN of all of the devices present in Cisco NSO.
  • C. Deploy a service instance that configures a VLAN of a list of devices referenced to the service YANG model.
  • D. Modify the device instance by referencing the device variable from our YANG model.

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit. A Python script is created to add a new device on Cisco NSO using RESTCONF API. The device is added successfully, but a 405 Method Not
Allowed RESTCONF error code has received as the line to fetch SSH keys runs. Which code is missing to complete the script?

  • A. response = requests.put(baseUriOperation + "/devices/device=ios-device/ssh/fetch-host-keys", auth=auth, headers=headers)
  • B. response = + "/devices/device=ios-device/ssh/fetch-host-keys", auth=auth, headers=headers)
  • C. response = + "/devices/device=ios-device/ssh/request-host-keys", auth=auth, headers=headers)
  • D. response = requests.put(baseUriOperation + "/devices/device=ios-device/ssh/request-host-keys", auth=auth, headers=headers)

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit. What is the significance of "*" before the "father" leaf that is shown in the pyang tree output?

  • A. It is a node list in a leaf type node.
  • B. The father leaf is a key in the family list type.
  • C. The leaf father is read-write in the family list.
  • D. The node father is read-only in the family list.

Answer : C

An engineer needs to configure network devices in an automated way. Which two ways are used to create structured data using YANG to provide REST-like APIs to enable programmability access? (Choose two.)

  • A. YAML
  • B. JSON
  • C. GPB
  • E. XML

Answer : BE


Which two data formats are human readable? (Choose two.)

  • A. YAML
  • B. Apache Arrow
  • C. gRPC
  • D. binary
  • E. JSON

Answer : AE

A user is debugging a problem with model-driven dial-in/out streams with gRPC for a Cisco IOS XR implementation. There is no streaming data and the path is not resolved when the show telemetry model-driven subscription command is issued on the router. What is the cause of the problem?

  • A. The emsd process is not running.
  • B. There are polling interval problems.
  • C. SNMP is not enabled.
  • D. There is no support for IOS XR 64-bit.

Answer : A


Refer to the exhibit. Based on the YANG presented, what is the correct xpath to retrieve the router named "ios-device" under the "CustomerA" service name?

  • A. /ncs:abc_service/CustomerA/ios-device
  • B. /abc_service/CustomerA/"ios-device"
  • C. /ncs:service/abc_service/"CustomerA"/ios-device
  • D. /ncs:services/abc_service/CustomerA/ios-device

Answer : D

What are two fundamental design constraints of a RESTful API? (Choose two.)

  • A. It includes a series of interactions to the API that are dependent on one another.
  • B. It is dependent on the communication protocol being HTTP.
  • C. It exposes procedures or functions for a client call.
  • D. Each interaction is independent from all others on the server side.
  • E. It is a client-server communication model where the client and the server are independent of one another.

Answer : DE

Which two operations must be used to allow a network engineer to use NETCONF to configure and manage networking devices? (Choose two.)

  • A. <get-config>
  • B. <open-session>
  • C. <close-session>
  • D. <remove-config>
  • E. <put>

Answer : AC

Fill in the blank to complete the statement about NETCONF and Python libraries.
________________ is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and deploying changes to the network using the NETCONF protocol.

Answer : Ncclient


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