Designing the Cisco Cloud v7.0 (300-465)

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Which three hypervisors are able to support High Availability for virtual Machines? (Choose three.)

  • A. Microsoft Virtual PC
  • B. Citrix
  • C. Parallels Desktop
  • D. HyperV
  • E. RedHat
  • F. VMWare

Answer : B,C,F

Which three statements about thick provisioning are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Unused space is available (or use by other virtual machines.
  • B. Disk has all space allocated at creation time
  • C. Before writing to a new block, a zero must be written
  • D. The entire disk space is reserved and is unavailable (or use by other virtual machines.
  • E. The size of the VMDK, at any point in lime, is as much as the amount of data written out from the VM.
  • F. Operates by allocating disk storage space in a flexible manner among multiple users, based on the minimum space required by each user at any given time.

Answer : B,C,D

A system administrate must do a hot migration. Which three resources are required on the destination host for asuccesful migration? (Choose three.)

  • A. VLAN
  • B. vNIC speeds
  • C. CPU type
  • D. same server manufacturer
  • E. version compatibility
  • F. shared datastore

Answer : A,C,F

Which three options ate examples of resiliency in the data center? (Choose three.)

  • A. infrastructure hardening
  • B. IPS appliances
  • C. pokey enforcement and access control
  • D. firewalls
  • E. application redundancy
  • F. cyber-threat -detection applications

Answer : C,D,F

Which two statements about designing an application stack using Stack Designer are true?
(Choose two)

  • A. Using Stack Designer, application stack se-vices ate created by removing the application component in containers.
  • B. Using the Slack Designer module in the prime service catalog, the application stacks can be designed as a template and published as orderable services in the Service catalog storefront.
  • C. When an application template order b completed, all provisioned applications are displayed in My Stuff > Designer Template.
  • D. The Application Slack-as-a-Service feature enables you to design Product-as-a-Service templates and services.

Answer : B,C

Which solution provides centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles?

  • A. ARC
  • B. OpenDaylight
  • C. VACS
  • D. CML

Answer : A

Which statement about thin provisioning is true?

  • A. The disk is allocated and zeroed on demand as the space is used.
  • B. The disk has all space allocated at time of creation.
  • C. The disk has all space allocated and is wiped clean of any previous contents on the physical media at creation time.
  • D. Before willing to a new block, a zero must be written.

Answer : C

A cloud administrator is considering the appropriate solution to automate a private cloud deployment. The solution requires focus on Cisco UC5 integrated infrastructure and automating application stacks. Which solution is the most appropriate for this environment?

  • A. Cisco UCS Director
  • B. Cisco Enablement Platform
  • C. PSC
  • D. Cisco IAC

Answer : A

Which option does not relate to the zero trust model?

  • A. secure access
  • B. orchestration
  • C. intrusion protection system
  • D. segmentation

Answer : B

A system administrator must use Cisco UCS Director to migrate several virtual machines from one host to another without disrupting the workload In whichtwo ways can the administrator accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. migrate VM policy
  • B. migrate VM wizard
  • C. hot VW migration wizard
  • D. hot VM workflow task
  • E. migrate VM workflow task

Answer : B,E

Which describes the best option when beginning a cloud design?

  • A. Outline even/ challenge in the data center in a business justification document.
  • B. Switch to a single hypervisor provider.
  • C. Leverage automation as a foundational concept.
  • D. Hire enough resources to maintain a 5-to-1 relationship with managed devices.

Answer : B

Which three options are benefits of Cisco Intercloud Fabric? (Choose three.)

  • A. integration of third-party solutions into the Cisco UCS Director management platform with a publicly available software development kit
  • B. provides a choice of cloud prowlers such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Cisco Intercloud services
  • C. provides a single point of management and control (or virtual workloads across multiple prowler clouds
  • D. enables workload mobility to and from service provider clouds for virtual workloade
  • E. extensive enhancements for VMware. VCE, and EMC solution components
  • F. support for Hewlett Packard Onboard Administrator to install bare-metal blades and manage them using Cisco UCS Director's task library

Answer : B,C,D

Which three components are involved the design of Cisco Secure cloud extension?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Intercloud Fabric Extender
  • B. Amazon Hybrid Cloud
  • C. third party firewall to secure the connection
  • D. Amazon Web Services
  • E. TLS tunnel, to extend the VLAN
  • F. Intercloud Fabric Switch

Answer : A,C,F

Service providers can use mute tenant data centers to efficiently and economically provide cloud services using shared hardware and network infrastructures. Which two options does this approach require? (Choose two)

  • A. partial segregation of network components by tenant
  • B. complete separation of network traffic by tenant
  • C. strict access control policies
  • D. complete separation of hardware infrastructure per tenant

Answer : B,C

Which two storage connectivity types are most widely used for VMFS datastores? (Choose two

  • A. iSCSI
  • B. FC/FCoE
  • C. NFS
  • D. CIFS
  • E. SCSI

Answer : A,B

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Total 60 questions