Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures v1.0 (300-320)

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To which network layer should Cisco Express Forwarding be tuned to support load balancing and to make more informed forwarding decisions?

  • A. Layer 1
  • B. Layer 2
  • C. Layer 3
  • D. Layer 4
  • E. Layer 5
  • F. Layer 6
  • G. Layer 7 D

Answer : Explanation

A Layer 2 switch in the network has recently started broadcasting traffic out of every port and is impacting network performance. The engineering department determines that a MAC overflow attack is the cause. Which two features can protect and mitigate the damage of the attacks? (Choose two.)

  • A. Storm Control
  • B. Port Security
  • C. SPAN
  • D. BPDU Filters
  • E. IP Source Guard
  • F. VACLs

Answer : AB

An HSRP design requirement states that preemption must be enabled for the active switch, which is a Cisco 4507R. Assume a boot time of 300 seconds. Which setting of the preemption delay timer minimizes the loss of traffic?

  • A. 50 seconds
  • B. 100 seconds
  • C. 150 seconds
  • D. 200 seconds

Answer : C

What is the next action taken by the Cisco NAC Appliance after it identifies a vulnerability on a client device?

  • A. denies the client network resource access
  • B. repairs the effected devices
  • C. generates a Syslog message
  • D. permits the client but limits to guest access

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit. A customer requires a web application implementation, but the web server has communication only to the application server and users, and the database server has communication only to the application server. What firewall design is the best fit for this scenario?

  • A. transparent mode with the servers on the same subnet
  • B. routed mode with three security zones
  • C. transparent mode with three security zones
  • D. routed mode with two security zones

Answer : B

An organization is designing the IP allocation of a new site. It currently has 12 separate IP segments. Each segment must be /24, accommodate 25% of growth, and be easily summarized.
Which summarized IP block can be subnetted to meet these requirements?

  • A. /18
  • B. /19
  • C. /20
  • D. /21 C

Answer : Explanation

Summary address blocks can be used to support which network application?

  • A. QoS
  • B. IPsec tunneling
  • C. Cisco TrustSec
  • D. NAT
  • E. DiffServ

Answer : D

A network design engineer has been asked to reduce the size of the SPT on an IS-IS broadcast network. Which option should the engineer recommend to accomplish this task?

  • A. Configure the links as point-to-multipoint.
  • B. Configure QoS in all links.
  • C. Configure a new NET address.
  • D. Configure the links as point-to-point.

Answer : D

What are three primary components in IS-IS fast convergence? (Choose three.)

  • A. event propagation
  • B. LSP flooding
  • C. fast hellos
  • D. matching MTUs
  • E. updating RIB and FIB
  • F. SPF calculation

Answer : AEF

A campus network utilizes EIGRP to connect to several remote branch offices.
Which configuration should be established on all branch routers to improve routing scalability and performance?

  • A. Configure authentication between the campus and branch offices.
  • B. Enable stub routing on all branch routers.
  • C. Adjust EIGRP k-values to utilize delay.
  • D. Utilize offset lists to direct traffic more efficiently.

Answer : B

Which two design principles should be followed to scale EIGRP properly? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ensure that the network design follows a structured hierarchical topology.
  • B. Utilize route summarization on edge devices.
  • C. Implement multiple autonomous systems, regardless of the size of the network.
  • D. Tune EIGRP delay metric on all core devices.
  • E. Configure offset lists on the network border. AB

Answer : Explanation

Which action can be taken on a multiaccess segment with OSPF speakers to reduce the performance impact during widespread convergence events?

  • A. Separate the network into multiple areas for each new multiaccess segment.
  • B. Enable LSA throttling in the core to slow link state advertisement updates during times of network instability.
  • C. Ensure that the elected DR or BDR router can support high-volume convergence events.
  • D. Verify that fewer than 50 OSPF speakers are on the segment.

Answer : C

An engineer is attempting to improve OSPF network performance and discovers that the entire SPT recomputes whenever a type 1 or type 2 LSA is received within an area.
Which action can optimize SPT operations?

  • A. Tune LSA throttling thresholds.
  • B. Enable incremental SPF.
  • C. Configure totally stubby areas throughout the domain.
  • D. Summarize networks on all ABRs. B

Answer : Explanation

Which option does best practice dictate for the maximum number of areas that an OSPF router should belong to for optimal performance?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4
  • E. 5

Answer : C

A BGP network is having difficulty scaling with the full mesh peer requirement. What two iBGP alternates can scale BGP appropriately? (Choose two.)

  • A. communities
  • B. route reflectors
  • C. confederations
  • D. peer groups
  • E. peer templates

Answer : BC

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