Implementing Cisco Collaboration Application v1.0 v10.0 (300-085)

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Which application helps the Sales team take orders by collecting information from callers with a series of recorded questions and answers?

  • A. Call Handler
  • B. Directory Handler
  • C. Interview Handler
  • D. IVR Option
  • E. Call Routing

Answer : C

Which tool that is used for troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager is also used to troubleshoot and monitor Cisco Unity Connection?

  • A. Cisco Unified Dialed Number Analyzer
  • B. Cisco Unified Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool
  • C. Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool
  • D. Cisco Unified Port Monitor
  • E. Cisco Unified Serviceability

Answer : C

Which two statements about call routing on Cisco Unity Connection are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Call routing is done using route lists.
  • B. Call routing is done using tables.
  • C. Attempt Sign-In and Attempt Forward are both predefined direct routing rules.
  • D. You cannot delete the predefined rules.
  • E. Opening Greeting isalways the first entry.

Answer : B,D

Which service can negatively impact the Cisco TMS ability to monitor a Cisco VCS?

  • A. Telnet
  • B. SNMP
  • C. SSH
  • D. TFTP

Answer : B

Which CCC action applies only to the Cisco TelePresence MPS Series?

  • A. block fast update requests
  • B. Status Duo Video
  • C. move back
  • D. release floor

Answer : A

Which three statements about Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence
Service are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Unified IM and Presence is enabled under Services on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and it is a part of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.
  • B. Cisco Unified IM and Presence is based on XMPP.
  • C. XMPP is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
  • D. Cisco Unified IM and Presence can run from the Cisco Cloud and can still use a local call control platform (in hybrid mode).
  • E. Mobile devices such as iOS and Android devices are supported.
  • F. Cisco Unified IMand Presence provide the user with chat, presence, and remote access features.

Answer : B,D,E

In Cisco TMS, the conference control center shows event logs in instance basis. Which two prefixes does the event log use to identify changes to series of single instances? (Choose two.)

  • A. Conference
  • B. Instance
  • C. Error
  • D. Information
  • E. Event

Answer : A,B

In which two scenarios would a caller who is calling into the Cisco Unity Connection general pilot number hear the opening greeting of the voice-mail system and be prompted for a user ID and PIN? (Choose two.)

  • A. non-subscriber
  • B. subscriber who sends the calling number
  • C. subscriber who does not send the calling number
  • D. A SIP phone user will always be prompted for a user ID and PIN.
  • E. An SCCP phone user will always be prompted for a user ID and PIN.
  • F. The scenario is invalid.

Answer : A,C

What is the proper format of a custom auto-attendant prompt?

  • A. G.711 u-law,8 kHZ, 8-bit, mono
  • B. G.711 a-law,8 kHz, 16-bit, mono
  • C. G.711 a-law,16 kHZ, 8-bit, stereo
  • D. G.729 ,8 kHZ, 8-bit, mono

Answer : A

What is the next logical step in troubleshooting Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified
Personal Communicator in a live production environment if the Cisco Unified Presence
System Troubleshooter and Server Health Tools do not help resolve the issue?

  • A. Restart the Cisco Unified Presence server.
  • B. Restart Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • C. Enable tracing and use Cisco Unified RTMT to review the traces.
  • D. Uninstall and re-install Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.
  • E. Reset the Presence Gateway.

Answer : C

In Cisco Unity Connection, which three elements are used to provide call management?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Call Handlers
  • B. Restriction Tables
  • C. Schedules and Holidays
  • D. Route Patterns
  • E. Hunt Lists
  • F. System Distribution Lists

Answer : A,B,C

You are integrating a Cisco Unity Connection server with a Cisco Unified Communications
Manager phone system. You want to create multiple users with voice-mail accounts automatically from existing Unified Communications Manager users. Which Cisco Unity
Connection menu feature should you use?

  • A. Import Users feature
  • B. Consolidated Object Backup and Restore Application Suite feature
  • C. Cisco Voice Technology Group Subscription feature
  • D. Bulk Administration tool feature
  • E. Synch Users feature
  • F. Task Management feature

Answer : A

By default, what are two options that are presented to callers for directed calls into a Cisco
Unity Connection system? (Choose two.)

  • A. Log in to their mailbox with their PIN.
  • B. Listen to the opening greeting.
  • C. Leave a message if forwarder has a mailbox.
  • D. Enter user ID and PIN.
  • E. Log in to remote mailbox.

Answer : A,D

You want to use BFCP for video desktop sharing with Cisco Jabber clients that are registered on two different Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters. Which option must you configure?

  • A. On the SIP profile, select "Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP."
  • B. No option must be configured, because the feature works by default.
  • C. Select "Allow Presentation Sharing Using BFCP" in the protocol-specific configuration section of the SIP phones (the CiscoUnified Client Services Framework device).
  • D. On the SIP trunk security profile, select "Allow BFCP Protocol."
  • E. On the SIP trunk, select "Allow BFCP Video Desktop Sharing."

Answer : A

What must you do to activate the provisioning feature on a Cisco VCS endpoint?

  • A. Install the Device Provisioning option key.
  • B. Set a SIP trunk between Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • C. Add the Cisco VCS on the Cisco TMS, and enable Cisco Extension Mobility.
  • D. Install Cisco VCS Starter Pack Express.

Answer : A

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