VMware Certified Professional 6.5 Data Center Virtualization (6.5) Exam v7.0 (2V0-622PSE)

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Which two situations could cause a virtual machine to appear with (orphaned) appended to its name? (Choose two.)

  • A. if a host failover is unsuccessful
  • B. if a virtual machine was removed from vCenter Server’s inventory
  • C. if avirtual machine was deployed from template, and the template has been deleted
  • D. if a virtual machine is unregistered directly on the host

Answer : A,D

Which two partitions are used for the VMware vCenter Server Appliance embedded vPostgres database? (Choose two.)

  • A. /storage/seat/
  • B. /storage/netdump/
  • C. /storage/db/
  • D. /storage/core/

Answer : C,D

An administrator is using virtual machine encryption in their vSphere 6.5 environment. The
Key Management Server (KMS) has experienced a critical failure.
Which two statements are true about VM encryption when the KMS is not available?
(Choose two.)

  • A. VMs will shut down gracefully in the event of a KMS outage as a proactive measure to prevent data theft.
  • B. VMs which were running at the time of the KMS failure will continue to run.
  • C. If an ESXi host is rebooted,it will be unable to power on encrypted VMs until KMS connectivity is restored.
  • D. vCenter Server will continue to distribute encryption keys as long as it is not rebooted while the KMS is unreachable.
  • E. ESXi hosts within the same cluster will share keyswith one another while the KMS is unreachable.

Answer : B,C

Which are three supported storage requirements for vCenter Server HA? (Choose three.)

  • A. NFS
  • B. RDM
  • C. vSAN
  • D. VMFS
  • E. JBOD

Answer : A,C,D

Where would a vSphere administrator find general vCenter Server logs on a vCenter
Server Appliance?

  • A. /var/log/vmware/vpxd/
  • B. /var/log/messages
  • C. /etc/vmware-vpx/
  • D. /var/log/vmware/vsan-health/

Answer : C

Which setting will allow a virtual machine to have direct secure access to an RDM?

  • A. NIOC
  • B. NPV
  • C. NPIV
  • D. CPUID Mask

Answer : C

The administrator wants to power on VM-K2, which has a 2GHz CPU reservation. VM-M1,
VM-M2, and VM-K1 are all powered on. VM-K2 is not powered on.
The exhibit shows the parent and child resource reservations.

If Resource Pool RP-KID is configured with an expandable reservation, which statement is true?

  • A. VM-K2 will be unable to power on because there are insufficient resources.
  • B. VM-K2 will be able to power on since resource pool RP-KID has 2GHz available.
  • C. VM-K2 will be unable to power on because only 2GHz are reserved for RP-KID.
  • D. VM-K2 will receive resource priority and will be able to power on this scenario.

Answer : A

When installing vCenter Converter Standalone, why must an administrator perform a client- server installation instead of a local installation?

  • A. to manage conversiontasks remotely
  • B. to convert virtual machines as well as physical machines
  • C. to allow installation of the Converter agent on remote source machines
  • D. to hot clone physical or virtual machines

Answer : A

An administrator has decided to use Auto Deploy in the environment.
Which two considerations must be taken into account before configuring Auto Deploy?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Hosts in a cluster must be connected to a Distributed Switch.
  • B. Host profiles are not supported when using Auto Deploy.
  • C. DHCP must be configured to support PXE boot.
  • D. Storage DRS must be enabled.
  • E. A TFTP server must be setup and running.

Answer : C,E

Which two permissions are required to migrate a virtual machine with Storage vMotion?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Network > Move Network
  • B. VirtualMachine > Inventory > Move
  • C. Resource > Migrate powered on virtual machine
  • D. Datastore > Allocate Space

Answer : C,D

An administrator notices that a host is evacuating all virtual machines and entering maintenance mode even though the host appears to be up and running.
Which new feature in vSphere 6.5 would cause this?

  • A. Predictive DRS
  • B. EVC Mode
  • C. vCenter HA
  • D. Proactive HA

Answer : C

An administrator attempts to manually reclaim space on thin-provisioned VMFS6 volumes but finds that no additional space is being recovered.
Which could be causing this?

  • A. vSphere 6.5 does not support manual UNMAP.
  • B. The manual UNMAP operation has been moved to thevSphere web client.
  • C. The VASA version is use is incompatible.
  • D. UNMAP is automated for VMFS6.

Answer : D

Which is the purpose of VM Component Protection (VMCP)?

  • A. Reconnect virtual NICs that become disconnected
  • B. Respond when a datastore encounters a PDL or APD failure.
  • C. Restart applications when they are no longer running.
  • D. Respond when viruses are detected inside a virtual machine.

Answer : B

Which two statements are true about Permanent Device Loss (PDL)? (Choose two.)

  • A. All paths are shown asDeadfor the affected device.
  • B. The datastore cluster is incorrectly configured.
  • C. Thedatastore on the affected device shown a yellow warning sign.
  • D. The datastore on the affected device shows a red error sign.
  • E. The operational state of the affected device changes toLost Communication.

Answer : A,B

Examine the LUN properties that are shown in the exhibit.
Which action should be taken to utilize all active paths?

  • A. Change PSP to Most Recently Used
  • B. No actionrequired. All paths are already utilized.
  • C. Change PSP to Fixed.
  • D. Change PSP to Round Robin.

Answer : D

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