VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019 v1.0 (2V0-51.19)

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View Composer supports which database version?

  • A. Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • B. vPostgres
  • C. Oracle 11g
  • D. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1

Answer : A


What are two RDS Desktop pool settings? (Choose two.)

  • A. Allow users to choose protocol
  • B. Connection Server restrictions
  • C. Adobe Flash quality
  • D. Allow users to reset their machines

Answer : BC


Where does VMware Identity Manager administrator access the Join Domain command?

  • A. Identity & Access Management > Manage > Identity Providers
  • B. Identity & Access Management > Manage > Appliance Settings
  • C. Identity & Access Management > Setup > Connectors
  • D. Identity & Access Management > Setup > AirWatch

Answer : C


When installing and configuring User Environment Manager, which features are the components of the installer?

  • A. VMware User Environment Manager, FlexEngine, Application Migration, Self-Support, VMware User Environment Manager management console
  • B. VMware User Environment Manager DirectFlex, Application Profiler, Self-Support, VMware User Environment Manager management console
  • C. VMware User Environment Manager FlexEngine, Application Profiler, Silo-Support, VMware User Environment Manager management console
  • D. VMware User Environment Manager FlexEngine, Application Migration, Silo-Support, VMware User Environment Manager management console

Answer : A

Which installation type should be selected to generate a View Connection Server instance with a View LDAP configuration that is copied from an existing instance?

  • A. Enrollment Server installation
  • B. Security Server installation
  • C. Replica installation
  • D. Standard installation

Answer : C


What location will verify the successful installation of vRealize Operations for VMware Horizon?

  • A. View Administrator Console
  • B. Horizon Adapter Self Health Dashboard
  • C. VMware vSphere Client
  • D. vRealize Operation Manager log files on vCenter server

Answer : B

What is the recommended relationship between View Composer servers and vCenter servers?

  • A. Many View Composer servers to many vCenter servers
  • B. One View Composer server to one vCenter server
  • C. One View Composer server to many vCenter servers
  • D. Many View Composer servers to one vCenter server

Answer : B


Which three Microsoft Windows services can be disabled to improve virtual desktop performance? (Choose three.)

  • A. Windows Update
  • B. Windows Index
  • C. Superfetch
  • D. Workstation
  • E. User Profile Service

Answer : ABC

https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-6-view-performance-best-practices.pdf page 21

The VMware Horizon administrator is unable to configure View Storage Accelerator on a vSphere 6 desktop virtual machine.
What could be the reason?

  • A. You cannot use View Storage Accelerator in a vSphere 5.5 or later environments
  • B. The virtual machine is on a VSAN datastore
  • C. Global Policies has been edited and the Multimedia redirection (MMR) value has been set to Allow
  • D. The virtual machine is larger than 512GB

Answer : D

Within the VMware User Environment Manager management console, which three actions does the Config File Creation wizard allow a user to take? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create a custom config file
  • B. Use a Windows Common Setting
  • C. Create Predefined Settings
  • D. Configure an application for DirectFlex
  • E. Use an Application Template

Answer : ABE


An administrator deploys a linked clone pool and notices that many virtual machines are in an Error state. This cycle keeps repeating.
What can be done to correct this issue?

  • A. Use the new snapshot or template to recreate the pool
  • B. Restart the View Composer service
  • C. Disable provisioning on the pool
  • D. Restart the View Connection Server service

Answer : A


B72F4E348FBA.html -

Which two best practices must be followed when deploying Horizon View on VMware VSAN? (Choose two.)

  • A. Turn on VMware vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration
  • B. Increase the amount of smaller SAS disks used for the capacity tier
  • C. Enable Horizon View Storage Acceleration
  • D. Disable Horizon View Storage Acceleration
  • E. Increase the amount of smaller SAS disks used for the caching tier

Answer : CE

Which three Microsoft Windows desktop versions are supported by VMware User Environment Manager? (Choose three.)

  • A. Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • B. Microsoft Windows 8
  • C. Microsoft Windows XP
  • D. Microsoft Windows 10
  • E. Microsoft Windows 7

Answer : ADE


An application was installed into an AppStack using Microsoft Windows 8.1. The administrator knows that this is a very simple application, and that the AppStack is compatible with other versions of Windows.
How can the administrator make the AppStack available under Microsoft Windows 7?

  • A. Go to Volumes, AppStacks, select the AppStack and click Update. Provision the new AppStack to the operating system it should be available to.
  • B. Go to Volumes, AppStacks, Select the AppStack and click Assign. Then select the virtual machines it should be available to.
  • C. Go to Volumes, AppStacks, select the AppStack and click Edit. Then select the operating systems it should be available to.
  • D. Go to AppStacks, select the volume and click modify. Enter the operating system it should be available to and click save.

Answer : C

An ESXI host has instant clone virtual machines running on it. What tool should be used to place it into maintenance mode?

  • A. ViewDbChk
  • B. VMware vSphere Client
  • C. vdmadmin
  • D. IcMaint

Answer : D


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