DevNet Associate (DEVASC) v1.0 (200-901)

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What is the Git command to delete a local branch named ג€experimentג€ without a warning?

  • A. git branch ג€"rm experiment
  • B. git branch ג€"n experiment
  • C. git branch ג€"f experiment
  • D. git branch ג€"D experiment

Answer : D


Which two descriptions can be given to an application that is interacting with a webhook? (Choose two.)

  • A. receiver
  • B. transaction monitor
  • C. codec
  • D. processor
  • E. listener

Answer : AE

What is an advantage of using network programmability?

  • A. Manual configuration is faster.
  • B. No cloud abstraction occurs.
  • C. It removes CLI access for devices.
  • D. It provides for more scalable and replicable network provisioning.

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit.

Fill in the blank to complete the query parameter and value so that the result set is returned in reverse chronological order (most recent first) based on when messages were posted to those rooms.
HTTP GET /v1/rooms ________________

Answer : See explanation below.


In Python, which expression checks whether the script returns a success status code when the Requests library is used?

  • A. response.status_code ==
  • B. response.code ==
  • C. response.status_code == requests.ok
  • D. response.status_code !=

Answer : A


What is an example of a network interface hardware address?

  • A. workstation name
  • B. IP address
  • C. domain name
  • D. MAC address

Answer : D

Refer to the exhibit.

What is the action of the Bash script that is shown?

  • A. For all directories in the current folder, the script goes into the directory and makes a new directory.
  • B. The script waits until input is entered. If the directory exists, the script goes into it until there is no directory with the same name, then it creates a new directory.
  • C. The script waits until input is entered, then it goes into the directory entered and creates a new directory with the same name.
  • D. The script goes into the directory called ג€$ndirג€ and makes a new directory called ג€$ndirג€.

Answer : B

Which two items are Cisco DevNet resources? (Choose two.)

  • A. TAC Support
  • B. Software Research
  • C. API Documentation
  • D. Bitbucket
  • E. Sandbox

Answer : CE


Which platform has an API that can be used to obtain a list of vulnerable software on user devices?

  • A. Cisco Umbrella
  • B. Cisco Firepower
  • C. Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • D. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Answer : D

Which type of HTTP method is used by the Meraki and Webex Teams APIs to send webhook notifications?


Answer : A


Drag and drop the descriptions from the left onto the correct application deployment models on the right.
Select and Place:

Answer :

A developer is writing an application that uses a REST API and the application requires a valid response from the API. Which element of the response is used in the conditional check?

  • A. body
  • B. headers
  • C. link
  • D. URL
  • E. status code

Answer : E

An automation script fails to connect to an internal server exactly 1 out of 2 times it is executed. This behavior is seen from different clients. Which networking device must be at fault?

  • A. load balancer
  • B. laptop on which the script is running
  • C. switch
  • D. router

Answer : A

Which task is performed because the test-driven development approach is being used?

  • A. creating test scenarios based on continuous development
  • B. writing code without committing any coding violations
  • C. refactoring code that is covered by existing tests
  • D. testing existing software before developing new code

Answer : D


Which two statements describe the traits of an asynchronous API call? (Choose two.)

  • A. Code execution blocks or waits for the call to an API to return.
  • B. A callback function typically is used to process the response from an API call.
  • C. A call to an API does not block the code, but rather it allows application processing to continue.
  • D. The end user can experience latency or performance lag while waiting for the API call to return.
  • E. The order in which API calls return can be guaranteed.

Answer : BC


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