Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions v9.0 (1Y0-201)

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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator used the versioning feature of Provisioning Services to test changes made to a vDisk. After a successful test, the version is promoted. All users are using the latest production version. Over time, additional versions of the vDisk are created.
To conserve space, the administrator decides to merge all of the versions to a new base version but the Merge option appears grayed out.
Why does the Merge option appear grayed out?
A. Merging within the Provisioning Service console is only possible for an individual vDisk version.
B. The vDisk was NOT created with the latest version of the Provisioning Services target device software.
C. The administrator needs to promote the existing Maintenance Version to Test or
Production, after that the Merge option becomes available.
D. The last production version of the vDisk is locked and used by the Target Devices. After all locks are removed, the Merge option becomes available.

Answer : C Topic 3, Monitoring a Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solution

A Citrix Administrator has received several reports of network connectivity issues throughout the day and thinks these issues might be affecting the vDisk assigned to
Desktop OS machines.
What should the administrator monitor to determine if the network issues have affected disk streaming?

  • A. NetStat Utility
  • B. Error messages in Citrix Studio
  • C. The number of warning messages in Citrix Director
  • D. The number of retries performed by the Streaming service

Answer : D

Scenario: When a Citrix Administrator attempts to shadow a user connected to a Desktop
OS machine, the following error is displayed:
Failed to initiate Remote Assistance
What could be the cause of this issue?

  • A. Remote Assistance is NOT enabled on the host machine.
  • B. The administrator created a firewall exception for port 3398.
  • C. The administrator added Citrix Director to the Intranet Zone trusted sites.
  • D. The administrator does NOT have the proper scope for the user's Desktop OS machine.

Answer : A

Scenario: Users of the Finance group lost access to their local drive through their desktop- hosted applications. Due to this issue, those users missed a critical deadline. Now management has requested that a Citrix Administrator provide a report of recent changes to the environment.
Which tool could the administrator use to generate a report of recent changes to the environment?

  • A. Event logs
  • B. StoreFront
  • C. Citrix Studio
  • D. Citrix Director

Answer : C

Where in Citrix Director could a Citrix Administrator monitor slow performing applications?

  • A. Dashboard
  • B. Sessions tab
  • C. User session details
  • D. Logon performance tab

Answer : C

A Citrix Administrator discovers that several virtual desktops in Citrix Studio are unregistered.
Click the Exhibit button to view a screenshot of the XenCenter Console.

Based on the information in the screenshot, why are the virtual desktops unregistered?

  • A. XenServer is NOT a pool member.
  • B. XenServer is in maintenance mode.
  • C. The virtual machines are NOT running.
  • D. The virtual machines have been suspended.

Answer : C

Scenario: A line of business application has been deployed as a hosted server application in XenDesktop. The deadline for a critical project is quickly approaching. Users report that the application is slower than usual. The Server OS machines are non-persistent.
Where should a Citrix Administrator gather information to resolve the performance issue?

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. Citrix Director
  • C. Provisioning Services vDisk statistics
  • D. Performance Monitor on the Delivery Controller

Answer : B

Which tool could a Citrix Administrator use to generate a graphical performance report of memory for the last two quarters?

  • A. XenCenter
  • B. Citrix Studio
  • C. Citrix Director
  • D. XenServer tools
  • E. Provisioning Services Console

Answer : A

What should a Citrix Administrator do to restart a machine from Citrix Director after a user or machine name has been found?

  • A. From the dashboard, select the session and restart the machine.
  • B. On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Power Control'.
  • C. On the User Details or Machine Details pages, select 'Session Control'.
  • D. From the dashboard, filter all connections, click on 'Maintenance Mode' and select 'Turn off'.

Answer : B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator performed maintenance activities in a XenDesktop environment. The next day, a second Citrix Administrator discovers that server-hosted applications are missing from Citrix Receiver.
Where could the second administrator go to determine the cause of this issue?

  • A. Citrix Director
  • B. StoreFront store
  • C. Configuration Logging
  • D. Delivery Controller Windows Event logs

Answer : C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to set up an alert on a service that is important for
Desktop OS machine performance. The infrastructure includes 3000 Desktop OS machines and two Provisioning Services servers.
Which service on the Provisioning Services server should the administrator monitor?

  • A. TFTP
  • B. BootP
  • C. Stream
  • D. Two-Stage Boot

Answer : C

A Citrix Administrator returns from vacation to find that during peak logon times, users are experiencing extremely slow login times, with the typical login taking over 120 seconds.
How should the administrator generate the information needed to determine the changes that have led to this issue?

  • A. Launch the Create Custom Report wizard from Citrix Studio.
  • B. Run a custom report for the Delivery Group from Citrix Studio.
  • C. Go to the C:\XDLogs and print the log file on the Delivery Controller.
  • D. Create a custom view and print the results from the Delivery Controller.

Answer : A

A Citrix Administrator deployed a new version of Citrix Receiver to users.
Which two tools could the administrator use to determine if connected users are using the new version? (Choose two.)

  • A. Citrix Studio
  • B. Citrix Director
  • C. Desktop Log files
  • D. StoreFront Console

Answer : A,C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to audit logins from the NetScaler Gateway.
Company policy states that the logs need to be sent to a centralized server.
What should the administrator configure to audit ICA sessions on the NetScaler Gateway?

  • B. HDX Monitoring
  • C. Application Firewall
  • D. Configuration Logging
  • E. NetScaler Web Logging

Answer : A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop site for a Call Center consisting of
2000 Desktop OS machines. Many users are unable to log on to the Desktop OS machines. The administrator suspects there is an issue with the Desktop OS machines that is impacting the user's ability to log on.
Where should the administrator look to gather information about this issue?

  • A. HDX Insight in Citrix Director
  • B. Logging node of Citrix Studio
  • C. Citrix Director on the Failed Desktop OS machines node
  • D. The Provisioning Services Console on the Device Collection node

Answer : C

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