VMware Certified Associate - Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT) v1.0 (1V0-701)

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Which feature of VMware vSphere will enable migration of powered-on virtual machines to another host in an ESXI environment?

  • A. High Availability
  • B. vMotion
  • C. vSphere Replication
  • D. Fault Tolerance

Answer : B

Which component of the SDDC stack facilitates the use of traditional storage in a virtualized environment?

  • A. vSphere Core Storage
  • B. Virtual Volumes
  • C. Site Recovery Manager
  • D. VMware vSAN

Answer : B

Which VMware product provides centralized management of desktop environments, a single platform to deliver desktops and applications alike, and improves its return on investment over time?

  • A. VMware VSAN
  • B. VMware IT Business Management
  • C. VMware Cross Cloud Architecture
  • D. VMware Horizon

Answer : D

A customer requires a robust identity management solution to ensure that the right employees are using the right cloud-based applications, and to ensure that the licenses are utilized in correct way.
Which VMware solution will meet this customer requirement?

  • A. vRealize Operations Manager
  • B. Workspace One
  • C. NSX
  • D. vRealize Business

Answer : B

Which two statements about VMware Horizon View Composer are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. If instant clones are provisioned, VMware Horizon View Composer does not need to be installed.
  • B. VMware Horizon View Composer is a mandatory Horizon 7 component.
  • C. A vCenter Server instance can be associated with multiple VMware Horizon View Composer servers.
  • D. Although VMware Horizon View Composer can be installed on its own server host, a VMware Horizon View Composer service can operate with only one vCenter Server instance.

Answer : BD


Which feature of VMware vSphere enables configuration of startup and shutdown order for a multi-tiered application?

  • A. vApp
  • B. vSphere template
  • C. DRS Group
  • D. DRS Cluster

Answer : A

Which VMware product would allow administrators to manage enterprise desktops with increased reliability, security, end-user hardware independence, and convenience?

  • A. NSX
  • B. vRealize Operations
  • C. Horizon
  • D. vCenter

Answer : C

Which key component helps enable cross-cloud architecture along with VMware Cloud Foundation?

  • A. vRealize Suite
  • B. NSX
  • C. Site Recovery Manager
  • D. VMware Integrated Openstack

Answer : B

VMware vSuite Cloud Management Platform can solve which three demanding business use cases? (Choose three.)

  • A. Intelligent Operations Management
  • B. DevOps-Ready IT
  • C. IT Automating IT
  • D. Cost Management
  • E. Configuration Management

Answer : ABC

What are three valid vSAN editions? (Choose three.)

  • A. Enterprise
  • B. Enterprise Plus
  • C. Foundation
  • D. Advanced
  • E. Standard

Answer : ADE

Licensing Editions Letג€™s start with the Virtual SAN licensing editions. They are Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO).

A customer wants to build a testing environment where they can deploy and recycle servers rapidly.
Which solution should they choose?

  • A. Bare metal servers
  • B. VMware Workspace One
  • C. VMware Horizon View
  • D. VMware vSphere

Answer : D

In which plane of VMware NSX does actual traffic flow?

  • A. Data plane
  • B. Automation plane
  • C. Management plan
  • D. Control plane

Answer : A


Select the vSphere component that provides:
- Central point for configuration, provisioning, and managing virtualized IT environments
- Essential access control, performance monitoring, and alert management services

  • A. vSphere DRS
  • B. vSphere Update Manager
  • C. ESXi
  • D. VMware vCenter Server

Answer : D


What is the foundational building block for all VMware SDDC solutions?

  • A. VMware Cloud Foundation
  • B. VMware NSX
  • C. vRealize Suite
  • D. VMware vSphere

Answer : A

Which offering from VMware enables cross-cloud architecture?

  • A. VMware Cloud Foundation
  • B. VMware Horizon
  • C. VMware Integrated OpenStack
  • D. Workspace One

Answer : A

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