VMware Certified Associate 6 Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals Exam v6.0 (1V0-605)

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Which three products have been integrated into VMware Workspace Suite to power virtual workspaces and combine application and data management on devices? (Choose three.)

  • A. vRealize Automation
  • B. AirWatch Mobility
  • C. VMwute Workspace Portal
  • D. VMware Horizon (with View)
  • E. vCenter Server

Answer : A,B,D

A company is planning to use the Horizon 6 product suite to transform the end user computing environment in the organization.
Which two statements represent capabilities of the Horizon 6 family of products can help the company fully transform their environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Virtual SAN provides a centralized management console for administrators to manage end user document workspaces.
  • B. VMware ThinApp is a remote desktop solution that will allow you to move all desktops to central location.
  • C. VMware Mirage is a centralized desktop image management technology that supports layered image management.
  • D. VMware Horizon (with View) virtualizes user operating systems, applications and user data.

Answer : C,D


Which statement represents a significant advantage of using vRealize Operations for
Horizon 6?

  • A. The administrator's monitoring window flashes with a colored surround immediately an issue or problem occurs in their virtualized environment.
  • B. Performance issues and problems appear as color coded pop-ups on an administrator's management window.
  • C. Administrators can receive color coded emails indicating the severity of issues or problems in their virtualized data centre.
  • D. Smart alerts are generated when performance data of monitored objects deviates from acceptable norms, or when a problem occurs.

Answer : B

Which two application support issues can be eliminated by using VMware ThinApp application visualization? (Choose two.)

  • A. Users need to be given administrative credentials for their PCs in order to install some applications.
  • B. Applications can make registry or system file changes that conflict with other applications.
  • C. Users require multiple licenses for applications installed on different systems.
  • D. Applications require large amounts of redundant disk space when installed in end user PCs.

Answer : B,C

A business has a widely distributed sales force where many users do not live anywhere near a dedicated office. The business wants to Issue them a laptop and manage the, laptop remotely.
Which VMware solution meets this business need?

  • A. VMware AirWatch
  • B. VMware Workspace Portal
  • C. VMware ThinApp
  • D. VMware Mirage

Answer : C

An administrator needs to deliver secure virtual desktops with access to IT resources for offshore contract employees. Since the employees are far from the office, the administrator must ensure a seamless user experience, as the company will not deploy additional resources for these users.
Which solution offers the functionality required by the company?

  • A. VMware vRealize Automation
  • B. VMware Horizon Desktop as a Service
  • C. AirWatch Secure Content Locker
  • D. VMware Horizon (with View)

Answer : A

A consultant is designing a Horizon (with View) deployment and has been informed by the client that several departments allow their users lo work from home three days a week
Which product or component can help secure the users' access to their virtual desktops?

  • A. AirWatch Secure Content Locker
  • B. VMware Workspace Portal
  • C. View Security Server
  • D. NSX Manager

Answer : C

A Help Desk engineer has expressed concern about the security of user data in virtual desktop sessions.
How is user data potential in View session?

  • A. Horizon (with View) caches user data in local RAM on each ESXi host to avoid transmission across the network.
  • B. Horizon (with View) uses CHAP to protect user data.
  • C. Horizon (with View) encrypts user data at the Connection Server and decrypts it with a user-supplied smartcard.
  • D. Horizon (with View) encapsulates and encrypts sessions using SSL to protect user when using PCoIP.

Answer : A,D

http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-view-security- considerations.pdf

In which two ways can an administrator directly distribute VMware ThinApp packaged applications to users? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deploy the application OVF using the vSphere Web client.
  • B. Submit the file to the vSphere App Store for users to download
  • C. Stream the application from a file server.
  • D. Copy the application file locally and get the users to run it local

Answer : A,C

Which technology allows users to access VMware Workspace Portal using any desktop
PC, MAC, IOS, or Android device?

  • A. Adobe Flash
  • B. Microsoft Silverlight
  • C. HTML5
  • D. Java

Answer : A

http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-workspace-reviewers- guide.pdf

Which component of VMware Horizon Blast will provide a consistent experience (o end users regardless of the type of device or location of the device being used?

  • A. Blast 3D
  • B. Blast Live Communications
  • C. Horizon Clients with Blast
  • D. Blast Local Access

Answer : D


The security manager is concerned that users are storing sensitive corporate data in public data sharing services. The manager has these requirements:
-> Users must be able to share data
-> Data must be stored in the corporate data center
-> Administrators should have granular policy-based control of Sharing
Which VMware product meets these requirements?

  • A. Virtual SAN
  • B. VMware Mirage
  • C. Horizon Workspace Portal
  • D. Horizon (with View)

Answer : B

A growing company is experiencing scalability issues with delivering virtual desktops to its employees.
The company has these requirements
-> The solution must allow many virtual desktops to be easily provisioned and delivered.
-> The solution should allow virtual desktops to be delivered and requested via a Self
Which VMware product meets these requirements?

  • A. VMware vCenter Server
  • B. VMware vReallze Automation
  • C. VMware Horizon with Blast
  • D. VMware Mirage

Answer : B

Which VMware solution will allow an administrator to manage the migration and deployment of 100 or more desktops from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 with minimum downtime using a central management console?

  • A. VMware Thinapp
  • B. VMware Workspace Portal
  • C. VMware Mirage
  • D. View Administrator

Answer : D

Which two use cases can be met by implementing VMware ThinApp? (Choose two.)

  • A. Running an Internet Explorer 6 based application on a Windows version that no longer supports Internet Explorer 6.
  • B. Running a Linux application on a Windows 8 PC.
  • C. Running a Mac OS X application on a Windows 8 PC.
  • D. Running multiple versions of the same application side by side on the same PC.

Answer : B,C

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