Cloud Management and Automation Fundamentals Exam v7.0 (1V0-603)

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clientwantstheirconsultanttoassurethemthatvRealizeoperationscanprovidemonitoringthatwill easyanddynamicallyadapttotheirenvironment.WhatfeaturesinvRealizeOperationscanprovide fewermorespecificalertsofhealthdegradationsperformancebottlenecksandcapacityshortfalls?

  • A. Auto Reactive Alarms
  • B. Adaptive Alarms
  • C. Self-Learning Analytics
  • D. Dynamic Thresholds

Answer : B

Thephysicaldatacenteronwhichacompany’sprivatecloudrunsisnearingcapacity.Whichoption wouldallowthecompanytotemporarilymovesomeofit’sworkloadstoaleasedpubliccloud?

  • A. vRealizeOperations
  • B. SiteRecoveryManager
  • C. vFabricSuite
  • D. vCloud connector

Answer : C

Acompanyisdiscussingthemigrationof theircorporatedatato
providesomejustificationsformakingthemove.Whichtwoscenariosbestshowusecasesfora hybridcloud?( Choosetwo.)

  • A. You have a mixture of physical and virtual servers.
  • B. You want to occasionally move data between different corporate private clouds.
  • C. You want to periodically offload high demand development test cycles.
  • D. You are a small company and do not want to deal with your own datacenter and equipment.

Answer : B,C

A company has decided to move to a hybrid cloud environment.They are concerned that this may increase management complexity by requiring multipleinterfaces.Which product provides a single interface for all virtual machines within a hybrid cloud environment?

  • A. vCenter Server
  • B. vFabric Suite
  • C. vCloud Connector
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer : C

Amanagerisconcernedthatcreatinghundredsofidenticalvirtualmachinesisneedlesslytakingupt oomuchstorageapace.WhichvRealizeAutomationfeaturewillhelpavoidthisissue?

  • A. StorageDRS
  • B. Snapshots
  • C. Templates
  • D. LinkedClones

Answer : C

AnadministratorhasinstalledandconfiguredsiteRecoveryManager(SRM)toprotectaprivateclo udinfrastructure,butwantsassurancethattheplanputinplacewillactuallywork.Howcantheadmin istratorproperlytestthesiterecoverymanagersetup?

  • A. TellSRMtosimulatemovingyourworkloadsusingvcloudconnector.
  • B. TellSRMto initiateanHAfailovertest.
  • C. TellSRMto executeanon-disruptiverecoverytest.
  • D. TellSRMtovMotionprotectedVMsto therecoverysite.

Answer : C

An organization is evaluatingto a hybridcloudinfrastructure.Theyalready managean onsite vsphereenvironmentandwant to better understandthe benefitsof migratingdata to vcloud air.
What would be a compelling reason for the client to migrate to a hybrid cloud solution?

  • A. They will be able to use storage clusters and Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling.
  • B. They will be able to more easily optimize the provisioning and performance of their virtualized workloads.
  • C. They will be able to place their mission-critical virtual machines under Fault Tolerance rotection.
  • D. vRealize Automation will allow them to leverage vSphere Distributed Switches.

Answer : C

WhichthreeinfrastructureplatformtypescanvRealizeAutomationdeliverserviceacross?(Choos ethree.)

  • A. Virtual
  • B. Organization
  • C. Physical
  • D. Provider
  • E. Cloud

Answer : A,B,E

Anadministratormanagesacomplexenvironmentconsistingofseveralhundredvirtualmachinesr unningonvsphereESXi5.5host.Theenvironmentalsoincludes50physicalapplicationservers.W hichsolutionwouldallowtheadministratortomosteasilyvirtualizedthephysicalserverslocallywhil emovingexistingvirtualmachinesoff-siteto acloudserviceprovider?

  • A. vCloud Air
  • B. vRealize Automation
  • C. vCenter Server
  • D. vRealize Orchestrator

Answer : B

An administratoris deployinga newvAppwhichneedsspecificstoragecapabilities.In thepastdatastoreswereorganizedby servicelevelssuchasTier1
FCTier2SASetc.Thecompanysstorageinfrastructurehasgrownverylargeandmanuallyidentifyi ngthevariousstoragetypesandcapabilitieshasbecometediousanderrorprone.
Which technology helps eliminate a lot of the manual work involved in keeping storage information up to datewithina cloud-basedenvironment?

  • A. VASA
  • B. Resource Pools
  • C. Storage vMotion
  • D. Catalogs

Answer : C

As partof -
settingupacompanysdisasterrecoveryplanap0rojectmanagerhasidentifiedtheneedtosynchro nizestorageusedbythevirtualmachinestoaremotedisasterrecoverysite.Whichproductorcompo nentcanbeusedtoperformthistask?

  • A. vRealizeAutomation
  • B. vCloudConnector
  • C. DatastoreClusters
  • D. vSphereReplication

Answer : C

An administrator wants to know why using onlytraditional management tools isproblematicinacloud- basedenvironment.Whichoptionbestexplainswhytheadministratormustuseamanagementtool likevRealizeOptionsinthecompanyscloud- basedenvironment?

  • A. Virtual environments use resources differently than physical environments.
  • B. Management agents written for physical environments will notworkinvirtualmachines.
  • C. Traditionalnetworkmanagementsoftwarecannotcapturevirtualnetworkpacketsforanalysis.
  • D. Allmanagementfunctionsin thecloudmustrunonaVCenterasthisiswhereperformancedataiscollected.

Answer : A

Which three services can users request through the self-service catalog using vRealize
Automation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Media services
  • B. Personnel services
  • C. Custom services
  • D. Application services
  • E. Infrastructure services

Answer : A,D,E

A companyhaspurchasedseveral -
ESXihoststhatcontainmultipleharddisksandSSDdrives.Whichtechnologywillallowthecompan ytocombinetheharddisksandSSDdrivesintoasoftware-basedhigh-performancestoragepool?

  • A. StorageAPIs
  • B. VMFS
  • C. VirtualSAN
  • D. HighAvailability

Answer : B

A customerisconcernedaboutusingfixedalarmsettingstomonitorelasticcloudworkloads.They wantassurancethatvirtualworkloadswillbeproperlymonitoredinthecloudbasedontheirenviron mentsrealtimedata.WhichvRealizeOperationsalarmfeaturewillbestaddressthisconcern?

  • A. AutoReactiveAlarms
  • B. AdaptiveAlarms
  • C. Self-LearningAnalytics
  • D. Dynamic Thresholds

Answer : B

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