polycom cve core exam v5.0 (1K0-001)

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Which test equipment is used to verify ISDN Q.931 messages?

  • A. Bit Error Rate Test set
  • B. Break out Box
  • C. Distortion Analyzer
  • D. Protocol Analyzer

Answer : D

Which of the following functions can NOT be performed by a microphone mixer?

  • A. Provide phantom power to microphones.
  • B. Provide gain to convert mic-level signals to line-level signals.
  • C. Provide a means to adjust the relative gain of different microphones.
  • D. Provide a means to adjust the video display brightness.
  • E. Provide a means to adjust the room acoustics

Answer : D,E

Which of the following correctly describes reverberation and echo?

  • A. Echo is a coherent, distinct carry-on of sound.
  • B. Reverberation is irrelevant to conferencing audio.
  • C. Reverberation is long, distinct, acoustic reflections.
  • D. Reverberation is an incoherent, diffuse, carry-on of sound
  • E. Echo is short, diffuse, acoustic reflections that linger after the original sound has stopped.

Answer : A,D

When required, improperly matched impedance will cause problems with__________.

  • A. Audio signal levels
  • B. feedback frequency filtering
  • C. room acoustics
  • D. all of the above

Answer : A

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers group 802 manages

  • A. Network repeaters and Network line drivers hardware designs.
  • B. Network line padding specifications.
  • C. Local Area Network specifications
  • D. Medium Access Control Addressing
  • E. B and D
  • F. A and C
  • G. C and D

Answer : G

Multimedia Far End Remote Camera Control and Transport are defined within which ITU

  • A. H.323 Annex Q
  • B. H.263 Annex P
  • C. H.323 Annex A
  • D. H.263 Annex W
  • E. H.263 Annex E
  • F. H.323 Annex C

Answer : A

MCU operation of H.323 Videoconferencing over IP is defined as which two components?

  • A. Network Controller and Multipoint Controller
  • B. Multipoint Controller and Multipoint Processor
  • C. Multipoint Processor and Video Controller
  • D. Audio and Video Controller
  • E. All of the above

Answer : B

Which of the following correctly describes echo as it relates to acoustic echo cancellations?

  • A. The sound one hears when the far-end is talking and one tries to talk at the same time.
  • B. The sound of the room reverberation as picked up by the local microphones, amplified and returned to the far-end.
  • C. The result of sound bouncing off the walls in the room caused by the person speaking in that room being picked up by the microphones.
  • D. The sound of the far-end being returned to themselves, caused by the room microphones picking up the audio from the room loudspeakers.

Answer : D

Of the following, select three functions that the ISDN Functional Group NT-1 for Basic Rate
Interface provides.

  • A. May provide conversion between LEC and the PBX
  • B. May provide phantom power over the TX and RX loops of S/T reference
  • C. Provides conversion between the 2-wire U and 4-wire S/T references
  • D. Provides power to allow the U Reference to be longer from the Local Exchange
  • E. Allows the Local Exchange to Down speed the local loop
  • F. Allows the Local Exchange to access and perform maintenance to local loop

Answer : B,C,F

Network Operating Systems will typically introduce dynamic network functions and security by creating and controlling a _______hierarchy.

  • A. People to People Relationship
  • B. People to Software Police Relationship
  • C. Client to Client Relationship
  • D. Client to Network Switch Relationship
  • E. Client to Server Relationship
  • F. Client to Software Police Relationship

Answer : E

Which of the following accurately describes room gain as it applies to acoustic echo cancellation?

  • A. Measure of amplifier power driving the loudspeakers in a given conference room
  • B. Ratio of loudness of the participants voices versus the loudspeaker volume arriving at the microphone
  • C. Relative sensitivity of the microphones expressed in dB versus the same microphone in a "free field" environment
  • D. Relative perceived loudness of a person speaking in a given room versus the same person speaking in an anechoic chamber

Answer : B

Which of the following are Call Establishment packets? (Select three of the following options.)

  • A. Receiver Ready
  • B. Disconnect Request
  • C. Release Request
  • D. Setup
  • E. Connect Acknowledged
  • F. Receiver Not Ready
  • G. Alerting
  • H. Release Complete

Answer : D,E,G

Which of the following describes what function Multicast allows the H.323 Terminal to perform?

  • A. Make a Multipoint call
  • B. Make several simultaneous video calls from one Terminal
  • C. Engage in Multipoint data collaboration
  • D. Identify several H.323 Terminals as recipients of a broadcast video stream

Answer : D

G.723.1 uses which bit rates?

  • A. 5.3 and 6.3 kilobits per second
  • B. 5.3 and 6.3 kilobytes per second
  • C. 8 and 16 kilobits per second
  • D. 8 and 16 kilobytes per second
  • E. 12 and 24 kilobits per second

Answer : A

What is the audio data rate in bits per second that a G.723.1 and G.729 audio algorithms that use over a network connection?

  • A. greater than 64,000
  • B. greater than 16,000
  • C. less than 5,000
  • D. less than 10,000

Answer : D

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