SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12 v6.0 (050-733)

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You would like to run command2 only if command1did not complete successfully. Which command accomplishes this task?

  • A. command1;; command2
  • B. command1|| command2
  • C. command1»command2
  • D. command1&& command2

Answer : B

In a terminal window, which command displays the name of the directory you are currently in?

  • A. dir
  • B. pwd
  • C. where
  • D. current-dir

Answer : B

Which command shows you the default shell of a user?

  • A. w user
  • B. id user
  • C. who user
  • D. finger user

Answer : D

Within less, how do you search for a string downwards from where the cursor is positioned?

  • A. :string
  • B. ?string
  • C. /string
  • D. =string

Answer : C

You want to remove a repository called "new" from the repository list. Which command will accomplish this?

  • A. rpm -r new
  • B. remove new
  • C. rpm -zypper new
  • D. zypper remove new
  • E. zypper removerepo new

Answer : E

Which command installs most rpm packages?

  • A. rpm package_name.rpm
  • B. rpm - -package_name.rpm
  • C. rpm -i package_name.rpm
  • D. install package_name.rpm
  • E. install -i package_name.rpm

Answer : C

What are valid systemd unit types? (Choose three.)

  • A. Service
  • B. Targets
  • C. Device
  • D. Runlevel
  • E. Partition
  • F. Form
  • G. Pointer
  • H. Link
  • I. Share

Answer : A,B,C

You would liketo run command2 only if command1completed successfully. Which command accomplishes this task?

  • A. command1|| command2
  • B. command1;; command2
  • C. command1»command2
  • D. command1&& command2

Answer : D

Which RAID level is described by the following sentence?
This level improves the performance of your data access, however, it does not provide redundancy.

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID1
  • C. RAID 4
  • D. RAID 5
  • E. RAID 6

Answer : A

Using hwinfo, how can you probe just for BIOS information?

  • A. hwinfo - -bios
  • B. hwinfo - -dump bios
  • C. hwinfo.bios
  • D. hwinfo - -select bios

Answer : A

How do you start a YaST module (for instance, the sw_single module used to install software) directly from the command line? (Choose two.)

  • A. yastsw_single
  • B. yast2 sw_single
  • C. yast2-m sw_single
  • D. yast - -start sw_single
  • E. yast2 - -module sw_single

Answer : A,B

Which statement about symmetric encryption is correct?

  • A. The same key is used for encryption and decryption
  • B. Symmetric keys are generally longer than asymmetric keys.
  • C. Asymmetric encryption is generally faster than symmetric encryption.
  • D. A public key and a private key are needed for symmetric encryption/decryption.

Answer : A

You are viewing the manual page of crontab, but it does not contain the information you are looking for You suspect there is another crontab manual page. Which command could you use to find out if another crontab manual page exists? (Choose two.)

  • A. man a crontab
  • B. whatis crontab
  • C. man -k crontab
  • D. man - -next crontab
  • E. man - -showall crontab

Answer : B,C

What does the Activity Overview in GNOME show? (Choose three.)

  • A. Your calendar entries for today
  • B. The new emails in your inbox
  • C. The CPU usage
  • D. The memory usage
  • E. The usage of your network cards
  • F. Your favorite appli cati ons
  • G. Your virtual workspaces
  • H. A search tool
  • I. The new entries in the system's log files
  • J. Currently logged in users

Answer : F,G,H

In which file are global configurations for users who use bash as their login shell set?

  • A. /etc/bashrc
  • B. /etc/
  • C. /etc/bash.conf
  • D. /etc/bash.bashrc

Answer : D

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Total 73 questions