Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.5 v5.0 (010-150)

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A Linux computer has no access to the internet. Which command displays information about the network gateway for the system?

  • A. traceroute
  • B. ifconfig
  • C. gateway
  • D. route
  • E. ipconfig

Answer : D

Which of the following filesystems is most commonly used for Linux distributions?

  • A. HFS+
  • B. ext4
  • C. FAT32
  • D. NTFS

Answer : B

What is the command that will show system boot time messages?

  • A. dmesg
  • B. echo
  • C. lspci
  • D. display system boot
  • E. messages

Answer : A

Which of the following is a technology used to connect a hard drive directly to a computer's motherboard?

  • A. PCI
  • B. Ethernet
  • C. DSL
  • D. SATA
  • E. VGA

Answer : D

Which command shows, amongst other information, the IP address of the current DNS server for a Linux system?

  • A. cat /etc/net/dns.conf
  • B. ifconfig -v dns
  • C. show net dns
  • D. cat /etc/resolv.conf
  • E. cat /etc/net/nameserver.conf

Answer : D

In which directory are system log files kept?
A. /log/syslog/
B. /var/log/
C. /sys/log/
D. /var/log/sys/

Answer : B Topic 5, Security and File Permissions

Which of the following commands can be used to change both the owner AND group settings of a file?

  • A. chmod
  • B. chage
  • C. chuser
  • D. chown
  • E. chgrp

Answer : D

Which command displays the list of groups to which a user belongs?

  • A. whoami
  • B. lsgroup
  • C. who
  • D. id

Answer : D

What are the three sets of permissions for a file?

  • A. user, group, others
  • B. administrator, group, others
  • C. user, standard user, others
  • D. administrator, standard user, others

Answer : A

Which of the following is the home folder for the root user?

  • A. /user/root
  • B. /
  • C. /root
  • D. /home/root

Answer : C

When a new user is added, where does his user ID gets stored?

  • A. /etc/users
  • B. /etc/realm
  • C. /etc/pass
  • D. /etc/shpasswd
  • E. /etc/passwd

Answer : E

What is the command to change the password of a user?

  • A. wpasswd
  • B. gpasswd
  • C. epasswd
  • D. passwd
  • E. password

Answer : D

Which statement about users and user groups is correct?

  • A. A group can only have one main user.
  • B. There can be only one user group on a system.
  • C. User do not have to belong to a user group.
  • D. Every user belongs to a least one user group.

Answer : D

Which of the following will change the group that is associated with a file?

  • A. chmod
  • B. chmod -w
  • C. chown
  • D. ls -g

Answer : C

What command line will create the user falco with home directory assigned to the group users as primary group?

  • A. useradd -g users falco
  • B. useradd -f users falco
  • C. useradd -m -g users falco
  • D. add user falco@users
  • E. add -user falco -group users

Answer : C

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