Certified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio Management v1.0 (CIS-PPM)

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What role can configure the default columns in the project planning console? (Choose two.)

  • A. admin
  • B. it_project_manager
  • C. it_console_admin
  • D. it_pps_admin

Answer : D

Which table stores daily capacity of a user?

  • A. Resource_Aggregate_Daily.
  • B. Resource_Allocation_Daily.
  • C. User Profile.
  • D. Resource_Event.

Answer : A

Users with what role can be considered for resource planning?

  • A. it_user.
  • B. pps_resource.
  • C. it_project_user.
  • D. it_pps_user.

Answer : B

What features are not included in a teamspace application but can be added in teamspace settings? (Choose two.)

  • A. Workbench configuration.
  • B. Idea.
  • C. Project.
  • D. Demand Assessments.

Answer : AD

Is resource capacity derived from FTE or schedules?

  • A. Only FTE.
  • B. Both.
  • C. Only Schedules.
  • D. Neither.

Answer : C

How is the Resource Management application activated?

  • A. Installed with PPM Standard plugin
  • B. Installed as part of Release Management plugin
  • C. Installed as part of adding users
  • D. Installed automatically as part of new system

Answer : A

Can an it_project_manager convert a task to a milestone?

  • A. Yes, it must be manually done from the project record.
  • B. Yes, from the planning console right-click a task and select convert to milestone.
  • C. No, the task must be deleted and re-created.
  • D. No, this can only be done by an admin.

Answer : B

Which field on the Idea Module form displays the unique identifier for the module, that is used as a parameter in the Idea Portal URL to direct users?

  • A. Module ID
  • B. Category Limit
  • C. Module Name
  • D. Idea Table

Answer : A

Which users have access the project administration application? (Choose two.)

  • A. it_portfolio_manager
  • B. it_pps_admin
  • C. it_project_manager
  • D. admin

Answer : C

The Business Unit field on a Project or displays values from a specific table. What type of field is this?

  • A. Reference.
  • B. Conditions.
  • C. Journal.
  • D. List.

Answer : A

If an it_project_manager does not want to equally distribute hours across the resource plan time frame, what allocation spread should be used?

  • A. Front Load.
  • B. Back Load.
  • C. Any.
  • D. Even.

Answer : A

Using the Request type field on a resource plan, which options can be used to request a resource? (Choose three.)

  • A. Month
  • B. Hours
  • C. FTE
  • D. Person Days
  • E. Day

Answer : BCD

What are the possible breakdown types of a cost plan breakdown? (Choose four.)

  • A. Demand
  • B. Requirement
  • C. Project
  • D. Task
  • E. Portfolio
  • F. Program

Answer : BDEF

Where is planned cost calculated from when requesting resources from a group and when resource role is specified?

  • A. The task rate cards.
  • B. The distribution costs.
  • C. The hourly rate of the specified role.
  • D. The CI rate cards.

Answer : C

What is a Program?

  • A. A group of related projects and program activities.
  • B. A group of related projects, ideas, demands, and task activities.
  • C. A group of related projects, demands, and program activities.
  • D. A group of related projects.

Answer : C

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Total 169 questions