Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10.1.3 Essentials v6.1 (1z0-526)

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Select three items that may be displayed in dashboards.

  • A. documents
  • B. Alert from oracle BI delivers
  • C. web sites
  • D. Images, Charts, tables, text, folders
  • E. Saved analytics requests

Answer : B,D,E

You have imported the sales aggregate table that is aggregated by period with the lowest granularity of month. After saving the repository and then restarting the appropriate server, you can the queries in BI answers to see the total sales figure for each product line by month. Then you saw that the query was run against the sales aggregate table and not the sales details table. Then you ran the queries to see the total sales figure for each product line by day. What would you see in the log for the latest query?

  • A. The query uses the sales detail table
  • B. The query still uses the sales aggregate table
  • C. The “select” statement is identical to the one from the previous run
  • D. The query has not completed successfully

Answer : A

ABC would like to see salesperson revenue by regional revenue to calculate the regional revenue each salesperson generates. Which of the following will ABC use to calculate that?

  • A. Rank measure
  • B. Percentage measure
  • C. Share measure
  • D. Grand total measure

Answer : C

Your customer has indicated that the data displayed on a particular dashboard is not refreshed at a sufficient rate. You know that some(but not all) of the data in the underlying data warehouse is updated hourly the rest of the data is updated daily.

  • A. Turn off caching on the hourly updated physical tables.
  • B. Turn off caching on the hourly updated logical tables.
  • C. Reduce cache expiration time on all physical tables to reflect the data update frequency
  • D. Employ use of an event polling table to force a cache refresh of the hourly updated data
  • E. Restructure the logical business model such that physical sources with different refresh rates are not associated within a logical join
  • F. refer to NQQuery.log to determine the location of the cache-data files(s) and write a script to periodically remove these cache files

Answer : D

Which three statements are true about cache manager?

  • A. It can be used to view the contents of cache entries.
  • B. It is active in online and offline mode.
  • C. It can be used to purge entries by user.
  • D. It can be used to purge entries by physical table.
  • E. Can be used to specify maximum cache size.
  • F. Can be used to specify location of cache files.

Answer : A,C,D

For which of the following requirements might you use a dynamic repository variable?

  • A. You need to control access to a subject area.
  • B. You need to limit the record that a user sees depending on the user’s region.
  • C. You need to assign permission on web catalog objects.
  • D. You need to apply a filter on a report that always returns data for the current year.
  • E. You need to populate the title of a report with the ID of the user generation the report

Answer : D,E

For which of the following is NOT true of complex joins?

  • A. They are joins over non-foreign key and primary key columns
  • B. If defined in the physical layer, you can specify expressions and the specific columns on which the join is created
  • C. You can create complex joins in joins Manager > Action > New > Complex Join
  • D. You have to specify expressions and the specific columns when creating complex joins in the business model and mapping layer

Answer : D

The primary cluster Controller is ______________

  • A. the primary component of a cluster server
  • B. a device for preventing attempts to modify the repository simultaneously
  • C. a directory shared by all analytics server
  • D. a clustered analytics server to which the administration tool connects for online repository changes

Answer : A

Which of the following is an example of the session variable?

  • A. ETL Load Date
  • B. User organization
  • D. Top customer by revenue

Answer : B

Which of the following would NOT be the best candidate for business intelligence tools such as oracle BI Enterprise Edition?

  • A. Analyzing data that reside in many systems
  • B. Analyzing data that require accessing millions of records
  • C. Interactive and dynamic reporting
  • D. Merging two excel files for operational processing
  • E. Meeting the differing requirement for data access depending upon the users role and privileges

Answer : D

Aliases are used in the physical layer of the repository to _______.

  • A. remove complexity
  • B. avoid circular joins
  • C. Hide original objects
  • D. enforce naming conventions

Answer : B

When performing security setting modifications and migrations in catalog manager, the web catalog must be opened in _________ mode.

  • A. Online
  • B. Offline
  • C. Managed
  • D. Unmanaged

Answer : B

Which three of the following requirements would prompt you to implement query Limits?

  • A. you must prohibits a user from running a set of privileged ad hoc queries.
  • B. you must ensure that a certain query does not consume too much processing resources.
  • C. you must limit the number of rows returned in result set for a query
  • D. you must eliminate rows containing particular values from a query’s result set
  • E. you must eliminate all instances of with the occurrence of a particular value from a reset set

Answer : A,C,D

Which two statements about filters are TRUE?

  • A. filters are applied on a column-level basis.
  • B. table level filter prompts can be added to a request.
  • C. Saved requests may be used as filters.
  • D. The SQL within a specific request cannot be edited.

Answer : A,C

Which two of the following are ways to add a briefing book?

  • A. from the admin page under activities, select schedule briefing book
  • B. from the bottom of the dashboard page, click the add to briefing book button.
  • C. from oracle BI delivers, select New briefing book
  • D. Click the add to briefing book link that appears with an individual request on the dashboard.

Answer : B,D

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