JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.0 Essentials Exam v7.2 (1z0-522)

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Which of the following statements is TRUE about the AutoPopulate function?

  • A. The AutoPopulate function cannot be turned off.
  • B. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on per application.
  • C. The AutoPopulate function is a system wide function.
  • D. The AutoPopulate function can be turned off via a Form Exit.
  • E. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on via a Row Exit.

Answer : A

You were asked to create an allocation of all advertising expenses to all marketing departments based on each individual marketing department's sales revenue. Assuming that the advertising expense object accounts and sales revenue object accounts are within one specified range, how will you most efficiently accomplish this allocation?

  • A. Use a Model Journal Entry
  • B. Use the Variable Numerator Allocation
  • C. Use the Recurring Journal Entry
  • D. Use the Indexed Allocation
  • E. Use a Variable Model

Answer : B

Explanation: www.syntax.net/eng/courses_aug.../General_Accounting_Rel_9_0.pdf

Your client wants to forecast cash activities to improve their rate of return. AP Cash
Forecasting does NOT:

  • A. consolidate open vouchers from the A/P Ledger table
  • B. summarize information by business unit, company, due date, and currency
  • C. delete existing records in the Cash Summarization table with the cash type you specify in a processing option
  • D. update the Cash Summarization table with the new information
  • E. create an electronic table that will be sent to the banking institution

Answer : E

Your client is requesting that an error message be created when trying to void those
Vouchers with Purchase Orders. Select two programs that would be controlled by processing options to disallow void of vouchers created with Purchase Orders.

  • A. Supplier Payment Inquiry
  • B. Supplier Master Information
  • C. Supplier Ledger Inquiry
  • D. Speed Voucher Entry
  • E. Standard Voucher Entry

Answer : C,E

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Your client has asked that you set up the supplier payment terms. Assume they are using
Standard Voucher Entry. What happens to the payment terms field in the header if payment terms are specified in the grid?

  • A. A soft error occurs.
  • B. The system ignores the value entered in the payment terms field in the grid and continues to use the value in the header.
  • C. The system uses the payment terms found on the supplier master record.
  • D. The payment terms field in the header is disabled and the system uses the value entered in the grid.
  • E. Nothing, there are no payment terms field in the grid.

Answer : D

Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/.../jde_e1_web_user_interface.htm

You are going through the month end close process. When you are posting, you receive a
PACO message?
What condition would cause this message?

  • A. Entering a G/L date prior to the current period.
  • B. Entering a G/L date that is in the next period.
  • C. Entering a G/L date that is in a prior fiscal year.
  • D. Entering a G/L date that is at least two periods in the future.
  • E. Entering a G/L date that is not the last day of the month.

Answer : D

Which three statements are true about customizing the grid?

  • A. The color of columns can be customized.
  • B. The same column can be made to appear multiple times in a grid.
  • C. The font of columns can be customized.
  • D. The width of columns can be customized.
  • E. The sequence of columns can be customized.

Answer : A,D,E

Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17984.../ww_rep_prnt_tech.htm

You are m a System Integration meeting and the client is concerned about the different type of records that are kept In the Business Unit Master table (F0006). Which types of records are NOT kept in the Business Unit Master table?

  • A. Property Master table for Property Management
  • B. 3ob Master table for Job Cost
  • C. Property Master table for Energy Chemical systems
  • D. Master table for financial reporting
  • E. Asset Master table for Fixed Assets

Answer : E

Your client wants to create an efficient way of distributing costs to various accounts and minimize manual data entry. One way of accomplishing this is to use model journal entries.
Which statement best distinguishes a percent model journal entry from other model journal entries?

  • A. The document type should be percent for a percent model.
  • B. It is designated as a percent JE in the explanation field.
  • C. The document type is JE, but percent follows all the amounts.
  • D. You cannot create percent model journal entries.
  • E. The document type is JX.

Answer : C

Your client wishes to run Calculate Withholdings Report In preparation for the payment process. For the Calculate Withholding program to select a voucher, what must the voucher's pay status be?

  • A. A
  • B. %
  • C. W
  • D. H
  • E. #

Answer : B

Explanation: www.oracleimg.com/us/media1/057392.pdf

Your client wants to utilize the subledger field to track costs in their general ledger. In what way do transactions with subledgers differ from transactions without subledgers?

  • A. Subledger transactions post to different object accounts rather than the same accounts.
  • B. Subledger transactions create additional records in the Account Master table.
  • C. Transactions with subledgers create additional records in the Account. Balance table when the posting edit code is set to do so.
  • D. Subledger accounts are always a permanent part of your chart of accounts.
  • E. Transactions with subledger always create additional records in the Account Balance table.

Answer : E

Explanation: www.oracle.com/us/media1/057275.pdf

Your client would like to know if they should set up additional customer records or use Line of Business processing.
Why would you want to activate Line of Business processing?

  • A. To set up multiple sets SIC values for the customer.
  • B. To use a different default business unit for invoice entry.
  • C. To establish multiple Address Book records.
  • D. To establish a credit limit hierarchy by company.
  • E. To set up multiple sets of default information for the customer by company.

Answer : E

You were asked to map the different category codes in the Address Book, Business Unit
Master and Account Master. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

  • A. The first ten category codes in the Account Master table are shared between Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  • B. There are 30 three-position category codes in the Business Unit Master table.
  • C. There are 30 category codes in the Address Book, 50 codes in the Business. Unit Master and 43 category codes in the Account Master tables
  • D. All category codes validate against the F0008 table.
  • E. Ail category code fields must have numeric values.

Answer : C

Which two statements are TRUE about Interactive Versions?

  • A. An Interactive Version is always attached to an Interactive Application.
  • B. An Interactive Version can contain Data Selection and Data Sequence set up.
  • C. An Interactive Version is a version of an Interactive Application with Its own source code.
  • D. An Interactive Version is an object that needs to be checked in for further deployment.
  • E. An Interactive Version Is used to hold the Processing Options values for an Interactive Application.

Answer : A,D

Which three are elements of Asset Depreciation?

  • A. Liability on Balance Sheet
  • B. Salvage Value
  • C. Net Historical Value
  • D. Accumulated Depreciation
  • E. Cost Basis

Answer : B,D,E

Explanation: www.oracle.com/ocom/groups/public/@opnpublic/.../032770.pdf

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