Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist v7.0 (1z0-468)

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Which action do you take when deploying Oracle HTTP Server to ensure all client communications within OHS are confidential?

  • A. Deploy OHS in A DMZ.
  • B. Configure all OHS Listeners to use SSL.
  • C. Nothing; all client communications are confidential.
  • D. This configuration is not possible.
  • E. Use a network firewall.

Answer : B

Which two statements are true about the HotSpot Concurrent Garbage Collector? (Choose two.)

Answer : B

What three components are not part of EM and require separate installations? (Choose two.)

  • A. BTM Engine
  • B. RUEI Engine
  • C. JVM Diagnostics Engine
  • D. Application Discovery and Performance Management Engine
  • E. Ops Center

Answer : D,E

Which three packages are available in the JRockit VM? (Choose three.)

  • A.*
  • B. java.util.*
  • C. java.swing.*
  • D. java.sql.*
  • E. java.awt.*

Answer : A,B,E

Which component is optimized for the JRockit VM?

  • A. swing-based desktop applications
  • B. browser-based applets
  • C. embedded devices
  • D. server-side applications
  • E. mobile phones

Answer : D

The Oracle JRockit JDK includes the Oracle JRockit Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is developed uniquely for server-side applications and optimized for Intel architectures, ensuring reliability, scalability, and manageability for Java applications. s:

Consider the following code:

If the initial stock amount was 15, and 5 different clients (in different JVMs) attempted to execute the same code simultaneously, what would be the resulting level of stock?

  • A. 20, because Coherence does implicit locking
  • B. 15, because a concurrency control exception will be thrown
  • C. 16, because of the lack of concurrency control
  • D. undefined, because of the lack of concurrency control

Answer : C

What three actions can you perform while using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (Studio and/or Deployer)? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create deployment plans.
  • B. Create appliances and assemblies.
  • C. Build and package.
  • D. Transfer and deploy via Deployer.
  • E. Back up and restore.

Answer : A,B,D

What could cause an AddTargetUser operation to fall with a 401 or a 403 error?

  • A. Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer application is down.
  • B. The user whose credentials were used to connect to Virtual Assembly Deployer has not been granted the Cloud Admin role.
  • C. A connection between Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer and oracle VM Manager resource pool has not been configured.
  • D. The Oracle VM Manager Admin user, whose credentials were used in the createTarget operation, has not been granted the Application Admin role.

Answer : B

A customer is witnessing a lot of contention while accessing and updating a cached item.
Which feature alleviates the connection by shortening the time that the object is locked?

  • A. Near Cache
  • B. Entry Processors
  • C. Transaction Framework
  • D. off-heap storage

Answer : C

What is the difference between Entry Processors and Aggregators?

  • A. Entry Processors require a key or a set of keys, whereas Aggregators require filters.
  • B. Entry Processors can skip the network by executing against near caches directly, whereas Aggregators must execute on storage members.
  • C. Entry Processors are better suited to Map-Reduce operations than Aggregators.
  • D. Aggregators are optimized for read-only access, whereas Entry Processors can modify cacheentries.

Answer : D

The performance of your query is very slow.
Which two actions would you take to diagnose potential bottlenecks? (Choose two.)

  • A. Check that indexes are registered against the fields being queried.
  • B. Monitor the task execution time.
  • C. Use the QueryRecorder to see the query Trace and Explain plan.
  • D. Check that indexes are cached against the fields being queried.
  • E. Monitor the task performance time.

Answer : B,D

What agent is used to collect the WLS server metrics that are available on the WLS All
Metrics page?

  • A. ADP Agent
  • B. JVM Diagnostics Agent
  • C. BTM Agent
  • D. EM Agent
  • E. JVMD Agent

Answer : B

When an object placed into a cache implements the Java Runnable interface, Coherence will _______________.

  • A. immediately schedule it to be an on the service thread of the cache in which it was placed
  • B. do nothing; Coherence does not differentiate between types of value objects
  • C. ultimately attempt to run the object on a free worker thread associated with the service of the cache in which the object was placed
  • D. hand the object over to the Invocation service to invoke the run method

Answer : A

Which four components are included in WLS Management Pack? (Choose four.)

  • A. Real User Monitoring
  • B. JVM Diagnostics
  • C. Business Transaction Management
  • D. Lifecycle Management
  • E. Configuration Management
  • F. Ops Center

Answer : B,C,D,E

Which configuration file must a user edit to configure Oracle HTTP Server?

  • A. httpd.conf
  • B. obj.conf
  • C.
  • D. magnus.conf
  • E. oraclehttp.conf

Answer : A

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