Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials v6.0 (1z0-462)

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Which three characterscan be used ina template name?

  • A. Underscore (_)
  • B. hyphen (-)
  • C. hash (#)
  • D. any numeric value
  • E. percent (%)
  • F. colon (:)

Answer : B,C,F

Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and oneflex definition asset type. Which statement is true?

  • A. For every flex definition, you must create a corresponding start menu.
  • B. It is possible to assign a specific flex definition asset type to a specific flex asset type within the flex family creation wizard forms.
  • C. A flex definition asset can be assigned to a particular flex asset type within the flex definition asset creation form.
  • D. By default, any flex definition can be assigned to a flex asset within a specific flex family at the time of creation.

Answer : D

Which statement is NOT true about a collection?

  • A. collection is an ordered list of assets of one type.
  • B. collection uses a query asset to obtain a list of possible assets.
  • C. By default, a collection can have up to three query assets.
  • D. The assets in a collection cannot be ranked.

Answer : C

Which four are fundamental termsin WebCenter Sites thatare represented in the
Contributor UI?

  • A. asset
  • B. page
  • C. templates
  • D. roles
  • E. clickstream
  • F. search engine optimization

Answer : A,C,E,F

Which two items does the searchengineintegrationframework work in conjunction with?

  • A. Queue Management
  • B. Mirror Publishing
  • C. Event Management
  • D. WSDT
  • E. Cache Management

Answer : B,E

What are the basic required components to make the Contribution User Interface usable?

  • A. users (including their ACLs and roles) and the data model
  • B. users (including their ACLs and roles) and auxiliary user interfaces
  • C. a data model, auxiliary user interfaces, and a JSP page template
  • D. users, a data model, and a workflow

Answer : B

Which activity is NOT part of a WebCenter Sitessecurity audit?

  • A. reviewing passwords, by changing users with default passwords
  • B. hardening of servlets, by configuring web servers to allow access only to the parts of the servlet that you need provide pages
  • C. reviewing page caching when it is operating as intended, by ensuring that content is flushed when assets are published
  • D. hardening of non-delivery pages, by disabling outside access to all non-delivery pages such as support tools and UI pages
  • E. protection against remote calls, by configuring web server rules

Answer : C

Before an asset canbepublished, it must be approved. Which three arevalid ways to approveanasset?

  • A. manually approving the asset with a SQL script
  • B. using the "Approve Multiple Assets" option for the Publish destination
  • C. manually approving by clicking the Approve icon on the asset toolbar
  • D. when the asset is in workflow, where the final step is approval
  • E. configuring the publish destination for Auto-Approve

Answer : B,C,E

Which three are featuresthat are usedin defining a flexdefinition?

  • A. A list of parent definitions
  • B. A list of attributes
  • C. A list of templates
  • D. A list of named associations
  • E. A list of filters
  • F. A list of start menus

Answer : B,D,E

When you want to cache aCSEIement explicitly, you need to:

  • A. create an external dependency for the element
  • B. create a SiteEntry for the element
  • C. add the <ics :enablecache/> tag to the element
  • D. add the <ics :explicitcache/> tag to the element

Answer : B


Which three are justificationsfor using an LDAP serverwith WebCenter Sites?

  • A. centralizing user credentials
  • B. separation of storage for identity and content
  • C. leveraging existing identity management solutions
  • D. improved asset management
  • E. enhanced ACL configuration

Answer : A,C,E

Which two accurately describethe capabilities that a SatelliteServer provides in a solution?

  • A. deliver of mobile content via satellite feeds
  • B. ability to quickly and economically scale a solution
  • C. provision of an additional layer of caching, supplementing the layer of caching inWebCenter Sites
  • D. addition of another layer of security in the architecture

Answer : B,C

In the ContributorUI, what must be doneifyouwantyour author to change the slotpresentation?

  • A. The usage property in the template needs to be set to "Element is used as layout.”
  • B. The template needs to be coded with ICS tags.
  • C. The usage property in the template needs to be set to "Element defines a whole HTML page and can be called externally.
  • D. The template needs to be called with the render:layout tag.
  • E. The Use Slots check box should be selected to enable the slot.

Answer : C

You have installed the Gadget server and are trying to register new gadgets for your site.
When using the Admin UI, you do not see the asset type FW_CSGadget listed in the search list, although this asset type is correctly enabled for your site. You can see Find
CS-Based Gadget in the Start Menu for this asset type and it has been assigned Any
Role. Other asset types for the site can be searched but not FW_CSGadget.
What could be the reason?

  • A. By default, the Admin UI does not allow you to find non-structural assets.
  • B. The gadget has not been properly registered.
  • C. The default language of the gadget is mismatched.
  • D. When registering the gadget, Show Gadget was not selected.
  • E. The XML registration of the gadget is corrupted.

Answer : B

In the following calltemplate tag forassettype C, what does variant stand for?

  • A. different layout templates for the asset type C that can be used in this slot
  • B. different subtypes that can be handled by the template HelloDetail
  • C. different slots used for web mode and form mode for HelloSlot
  • D. custom template property that can be controlled from web mode

Answer : B

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