Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 Implementation Essentials v6.0 (1z0-433)

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How many archive copies of a file can be created?

  • A. 4
  • B. 3
  • C. 2
  • D. 1

Answer : A

You use a mounted Oracle HSM file system as user Home Directories. Of which use case is this an example?

  • A. offline
  • B. vaulted
  • C. active data
  • D. inactive data

Answer : A

When configuring a disk system for Oracle HSM, what type of RAID is ideal for storing metadata because it offers critical protection of metadata, higher throughput, and lower latency that most other RAID configurations?

  • A. 4+1 RAID 5
  • B. 3+1 RAID 5
  • C. striped-mirror, RAID 10
  • D. striped-mirror, RAID 5

Answer : C

Explanation: The characteristics of striped-mirror, RAID 10 arrays are ideal for storing
Oracle HSM metadata. RAID 10 storage hardware is highly redundant, so critical metadata is protected. Throughput is higher and latency is lower than in most other RAID configurations.

What is being done with this command:sammkfs –S qfsl?

  • A. The qfsl target file is being readied for archive.
  • B. The qfsl file is being set as a mount point.
  • C. The qfsl is set to initialize the file system
  • D. The qfsl redacts the file system while initializing it.

Answer : B

Which option does not represent a key use of Oracle HSM?

  • A. database primary storage
  • B. video surveillance
  • C. preservation/higher education
  • D. HPC/big data
  • E. medical imaging

Answer : E

How do you create a mount point using the CLI?

  • A. In the/etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/mcffile, use thesammkfscommand.
  • B. In the /etc/vfstabfile, usemkdirto create a mount point for each file system.
  • C. In the /etc/configfile, usemountto create a mount point for each file system.
  • D. In the/etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/mcffile, usemkdirto create a mount point for each file system.

Answer : A

What does a generic Oracle HSM tiered storage system not look like?

  • A. remote NFS server
  • B. remote CIFS server
  • C. disk-attached storage or FC SAN
  • D. SCSI-attached tape storage

Answer : D

What are the recommended Quality of Service settings when a customer implements a disk archive tiered storage solution?

  • A. both metadata and disk cache with sequential access and write I/O bias
  • B. both metadata and disk cache with sequential access and mixed I/O write bias
  • C. metadata with sequential access and write I/O bias
  • D. metadata with random access and mixed I/O bias

Answer : D

To create a solution for a generic tiered storage archive use case, with what other Oracle product must you configure Oracle Content Management software for managing content storage?

  • A. Oracle HSM
  • B. Flash Systems FS1
  • C. ZFS Storage Appliance
  • D. third-party content management software under special license

Answer : A

When setting up a new file system, in what size multiples must the block size be?

  • A. 32 KB
  • B. 16 KB
  • C. 4 KB
  • D. 512 MB
  • E. 8 KB

Answer : D

Why would you enter the Solaris configuration command cfgadm withal(attachment-points list) ando- show_SCSI_LUN options?

  • A. to obtain the WWN of the tape drives in the library archive
  • B. to configure the HBAs that Oracle HSM will use
  • C. to verify that the host can see the WWN of the devices on the SAN
  • D. to obtain the target ID for the devices

Answer : A

What must you do to optimize file systems for tape storage retrieval speed, access, and manageability for very large files?

  • A. Recycle archived files more often.
  • B. Invoke thesam-nrecyclertool as an alternative to the normal recycling process.
  • C. Invoke the segment command so that only accessed segments are staged.
  • D. Insert directives into the/etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/stager.cmdfile.

Answer : C

When configuring a library for Oracle HSM, what are two key considerations?

  • A. Drives listed in the mcf file must be in the same order as seen by the library controller.
  • B. For production systems, configure a minimum of two tape drives.
  • C. Drives must be mapped to Solaris Device Names.
  • D. Libraries must be partitioned for optimum performance.

Answer : B,C

For installation, from which two sources can the latest Oracle HSM software be obtained?

  • A. Hardware Technical Resource Center
  • B.
  • C.
  • D. CD-ROM only
  • E.

Answer : A,B

Which statement is true about Oracle HSM and remote archiving?

  • A. Remote archiving is file-based replication.
  • B. Remote archiving is designed for tape media only.
  • C. The secondary system has pointersto archive copies and/or files contained in the primary archive copy containers and is aware of their locations.
  • D. TAR-compatible archive containers can be created on either disk or tape media; files created in one geography can be archived to a different location.

Answer : A

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