Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials v7.0 (1z0-400)

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What two bits of information may a SIP message contain?

  • A. RAS signaling address
  • B. Indication of transport method
  • C. A fragmentation field that is used when SIP messages are forked and grow too large to fit in a standard IP packet.
  • D. An options field, which is used to carry any routing records used to route a call through multiple proxies.
  • E. A start-line which contains the type of message, a URI, and the SIP version.

Answer : B,E

Which two configuration objects are NOT required to enable SIP signaling to traverse the
Session Border Controller?

  • A. steering-pool
  • B. media-manager
  • C. realm-config
  • D. network-interface
  • E. sip-interface

Answer : A,D

When configuring the Net-Net 4500, __________ SIP interface(s) is/are allowed per realm, and __________ SIP port (s) is/are allowed for a SIP interface.

  • A. Multiple; multiple
  • B. One; 1024
  • C. Multiple; 999
  • D. One; multiple
  • E. One; one

Answer : D

What establishes, modifies and removes CAM entries for packet forwarding?

  • A. Middle box Control Daemon (MBCD)
  • B. Acme Control Protocol (ACP)
  • C. Session Initiation Protocol Daemon (SIPD)
  • D. Acme Packet Session Descriptor (APSD)
  • E. Content Addressable Memory Daemon (CAMD)

Answer : C

To replace the Session Border Controller's running configuration with a previous configuration, perform the following:

  • A. Use the exec last-known-good-config command.
  • B. Use the restore-backup-config command.
  • C. Use the restore-backup-config command, followed by save and activate.
  • D. Use the activate-config command.
  • E. Use display-backups, identify the configuration name and associated number, then issue the run-backup <number> command.

Answer : C

When working in the Session Border Controller's OS environment, which is FALSE?

  • A. Every IP address referenced in a SIP configuration object must be defined as an IP address in the corresponding network-interface object
  • B. IP addresses defined in steering pools do not need to be defined as part of the network- interface configuration object.
  • C. An IP address to enable telnet to a network-interface must be defined appropriately in the corresponding network-interface object.
  • D. The local-address of an h323-stack does not need to be defined in the corresponding network-interface object.
  • E. The local-address of an MGCP gateway IP does not need to be defined in the corresponding network-interface object.

Answer : A


Which two are TRUE regarding the Net-Net 3820 and Net-Net 4500 Fan Module component?

  • A. User-serviceable
  • B. Self-cleaning
  • C. Hot-swappable
  • D. Redundant
  • E. Liquid cooled

Answer : B,E

Which two statements about realms are TRUE?

  • A. You must have a minimum of three realms in any configuration, one of which must be designated as the home realm.
  • B. All endpoints within a realm must reside within the same subnet as the Net-Net 4500.
  • C. Although you can use both TCP and UDP concurrently as the transport protocol, you can only have one SIP-interface per realm.
  • D. You can associate multiple realms with a single network interface.
  • E. You can associate multiple network interfaces with a single realm.

Answer : A,E

According to the Acme Packet Best Current Practice (BCP), when configuring High
Availability on a Session Border Controller pair, what two critical steps must be completed?

  • A. Configure the target names of the two systems.
  • B. Synchronize the configurations and system states between the two systems via the sync-config and sync-state commands, followed by the save-configuration and activate- configuration commands.
  • C. Devise a virtual MAC scheme for the redundant cluster.
  • D. Connect the HA-serial 1 and HA-serial 2 RS-232 interfaces together to provide state replication and heartbeat polling between the two systems.
  • E. Configure the Border Element Redundancy Protocol (BERP) between the two peers by specifying a BERP peer address, a BERP timeout, and a BERP failover threshold.

Answer : B,D

Which header fields will a User Agent Client (UAC) use to communicate the SIP extensions, or options, it expects the corresponding User Agent Server (UAS) to support?

  • A. Require:
  • B. Supported:
  • C. Subject:
  • D. Capability:
  • E. Features:

Answer : B

Which statement is FALSE about the sub-port-id field within a network-interface configuration?

  • A. The value assigned to a sub-port-id field within a network-interface configuration element is globally unique within a Net-Net 4500's running configuration.
  • B. The sub-port-id field has a range of 0-4095.
  • C. The sub-port-id represents a VLAN tag value.
  • D. The sub-port-id allows for multiple network-interface configuration elements to be bound to a single physical interface.
  • E. Along with a network-interface configuration element's "name" field, comprises the primary key for the element.

Answer : D

How many VLANs per physical interface are supported on a Session Border Controller?

  • A. Either 3,820 or 4,500, depending on your model
  • B. 6000
  • C. 4500
  • D. 4095
  • E. 1024

Answer : E

The Net-Net 4500 will release media between non-NATed SIP endpoints that are located in the same realm when the __________ parameter is set to ___________.

  • A. msm-network; disabled
  • B. mm-in-realm; disabled
  • C. mm-in-network; enabled
  • D. mm-in-realm; enabled
  • E. mm-in-network; disabled

Answer : D

Which two parameters are NOT phy-interface parameters?

  • A. sub-port-id
  • B. hostname
  • C. name
  • D. operation-type
  • E. speed

Answer : B,E

You must decide whether to deploy the policy based realm bridging with header manipulation rules (PBRB-HMR) model in your SIP peering environment.
What are two deciding factors that tip your decision for or against HMR in contrast to a SIP-
NAT Bridge (SNB) architecture?

  • A. PBRB-HMR has lower performance overhead than SIP-NAT Bridge.
  • B. PBRB-HMR is much easier to configure, even though it has similar performance to the SNB model.
  • C. PBRB-HMR is recommended for both peering and access architectures.
  • D. SNB is the simplest model to troubleshoot.
  • E. PBRB-HMR provides better topology hiding, at the expense of performance.

Answer : B,E


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