VMware Professional Workspace ONE Exam v1.0 (2V0-61.20)

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Which feature of Workspace ONE UEM can be configured to allow reports to run on a schedule and have them delivered to a subset of administrators?

  • A. SQL Server Reporting Services
  • B. Timed Report Execution
  • C. Report Subscriptions
  • D. Windows Scheduled Tasks

Answer : C


What does COPE stand for in Android Enterprise?

  • A. corporate owned, privacy exception
  • B. corporate owned, personally enabled
  • C. co-owned, personally enabled
  • D. co-owned privacy exception

Answer : B


When troubleshooting group syncs through the AirWatch Cloud Connector, which log file should be reviewed?

  • A. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\CloudConnector.log
  • B. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\CloudConnector_MMDDYY.log
  • C. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\ACC.log
  • D. c:\<InstallDir>\Logs\IDMConnector.log

Answer : A

An administrator wants to create a new Workspace ONE Access Policy that is specific only to a newly created IP subnet.
Which three Workspace ONE Access Policy settings would the administrator set? (Choose three.)

  • A. network range
  • B. authentication method
  • C. subnet range
  • D. device type
  • E. attribute type
  • F. assignment method

Answer : ABF

Which domain attribute must be included to meet the SAML assertion requirement for Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning of users in the Workspace ONE Access service?

  • A. distinguishedName
  • B. userName
  • C. firstName
  • D. lastName

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is setting up the organization group (OG) hierarchy using this information:
-> company has two departments to enroll devices into
-> company has one Active Directory to integrate with
-> company has only one Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account to deploy Purchased apps
What is VMware"™s recommended best practice for which OG should be set to Customer type?

  • A. Global
  • B. Company
  • C. Department 2
  • D. Department 1

Answer : B

An administrator has been tasked with automating an action for the internal IT team via available APIs.
Where can the administrator find a repository of all API commands with syntax and example?

  • A. Navigate to <APIServerURL>/api/help
  • B. Navigate to the Intelligent HUB and find the latest API guide
  • C. Navigate to VMware Docs and find the latest API guide
  • D. Navigate to <APIServerURL>/apiv2/commands

Answer : B


Which two are needed from the directory when configuring user and group settings for Directory Service integration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Base DN
  • B. Group & Function Class
  • C. Functional Level
  • D. User & Group Object Class
  • E. AD Server IP

Answer : AD


Which would an administrator use to configure the remote wiping of privileged corporate content and set notification thresholds when a minimum number of devices are wiped within a certain amount of time?

  • A. Compromised Protection Settings
  • B. Notification for Device Blocked
  • C. Managed Device Wipe Protection
  • D. Notifications for Device Enroll/Unenroll

Answer : C


Which two preconfigured automation templates categories are available in Workspace ONE 20.01? (Choose two.)

  • A. Workspace ONE UEM
  • B. Bitnami
  • C. Pivotal
  • D. Workspace ONE Access
  • E. Carbon Black

Answer : AE


A Workspace ONE UEM SaaS environment is no longer synchronizing new users with Active Directory. All configuration settings are correct and the users and groups are mapped properly in the console.
Which integration server should be checked for connectivity issues?

  • A. Secure Email Gateway
  • B. Unified Access Gateway
  • C. Device Services Server
  • D. AirWatch Cloud Connector

Answer : B

A Workspace ONE administrator is configuring email for an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365). The organization has an extreme security posture and wants to require all email attachments be encrypted.
Which is needed to meet the organization"™s requirement?

  • A. Boxer with DLP enabled
  • B. PowerShell integration with default blacklist
  • C. Native Mail configuration with device pin based encryption
  • D. SEGv2 with content transforms

Answer : D


What is the purpose of the Workspace ONE UEM Security Pin?

  • A. Serves as a second layer of security for administrators while preventing inadvertent commands.
  • B. Provides multi-factor authentication for users during device enrollment.
  • C. Provides a second factor of authentication for administrators during console login.
  • D. Serves as a second layer of security for end users while preventing inadvertent commands.

Answer : D


Which three are features of the Email Notification Service? (Choose three.)

  • A. Secure access to internal content repositories.
  • B. Trigger a background sync on Workspace ONE Boxer.
  • C. Update the badge count for an unread email.
  • D. Provide email notification for Exchange mail.
  • E. Support most existing corporate file servers.

Answer : CDE


Which component is required to communicate with AirWatch Cloud Connector?

  • A. AirWatch REST API services
  • B. VMware Workspace ONE Device services
  • C. VMware Workspace ONE Console services
  • D. AirWatch Cloud Messaging service

Answer : D


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