Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials v1.0 (1z0-993)

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Given the entitlement rules below, if a high-severity service request (SR) is created on Thursday at 2 PM, which two options are true?
-> Condition Column Severity = High
-> Calendar = 9AM to 5 PM, Monday "" Friday, US EST
-> Resolution Metric = 2880
-> Resolution Warning Threshold 120
-> First Response Metric = 360
-> First Response Warning Threshold

  • A. Resolution is due on Saturday, 2 PM EST.
  • B. If no action is taken on the SR, First Response warning will occur on Friday, 9 AM EST.
  • C. First Response is due on Friday, 12 noon EST.
  • D. If the SR is not resolved, Resolution warning will occur on Monday, 12 noon EST.

Answer : BC

Your customer has asked to investigate a possible bug in their Engagement Cloud Knowledge Base. Users are authoring and publishing articles but these articles are not visible to other users even though the visibility for every article is set to all users.
What could be causing this behavior?

  • A. Authors need to make their articles available in order to set them as favorites, so other users can be notified as the articles are updated.
  • B. Articles are available to users only after the application updates the knowledge base search index. This happens at regular intervals and there might be some elapsed time before the search index is updated.
  • C. There is a configuration failure in the publishing task. A user provisioned as "Knowledge Manager" must ensure that the "automatic refresh for articles" option is set to "Yes" from the "Manage Administrator Profile Values" task.
  • D. Users that want to see immediate updates to articles must have the article in their favorites, so that it is identified as a document of interest and the user will be informed that there has been an update published.

Answer : B

Your customer sells many kinds of specialized electronics equipment. When creating a service request (SR), an agent searches the product categories and chooses the appropriate type of equipment for that SR.
Identify three advantages of selecting the category correctly.

  • A. The hierarchical structure of the categories helps to improve the service request classification.
  • B. Categories determine the steps an agent must follow to close the service request.
  • C. Categories facilitate the assignment of an agent to the service request.
  • D. Categories improve the filtering of Knowledge articles that might contain a potential solution to the problem.
  • E. Filter the selection of the product related to the service request, when filtering by a particular category.

Answer : ACD

Your Engagement Cloud site has had the knowledge function enabled. Your internal users want to author articles. Unfortunately, they cannot find the option to create new articles.
What option could cause this problem?

  • A. The User Group selected for authoring articles has been set to "˜External".
  • B. The Base Locale for the articles has not been enabled in the correct language.
  • C. Users have not been given the "Knowledge Analyst" role.
  • D. The "Show article snippet in search and recommend" option has not been selected in the task "Manage Administrator Profile Values".

Answer : C

You have been asked to manage the availability of Knowledge articles. The requirement is that agents, internal users, and external users should all have a way of accessing the articles.
Which three options achieve your customer"™s requirement?

  • A. Make them available to external users by giving them access to the internal "My Knowledge" page.
  • B. Make them available externally to customers via My Digital Customer Service (DCS).
  • C. Make them available to employees and agents via My Knowledge.
  • D. Make them available internally to agents as part of the Service Request Knowledge Panel.
  • E. Make them available for users with the "Knowledge Analyst" and "Knowledge Manager" roles only.

Answer : BCE

You have been asked about some of the features of CTI notifications. Users want to be efficient in their time use, using alternate browser pages to carry out other activities when they are not receiving calls. However, the priority remains answering their client"™s calls, so they are forced to remain on the Engagement Cloud
Page to avoid missing them.
Perform an analysis on the available features of Engagement Cloud and select the best viable answer to your customer"™s issue.

  • A. Engagement Cloud supports push notifications sent to mobile phones, so users can be aware via phone when a client is calling.
  • B. A toast notification option is present, which consists of desktop notifications popping up regarding incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • C. A floating toolbar notification center can be configured, that is present all the time in the agent"™s screen to inform him/her of incoming calls, whether they are currently on the Engagement Cloud browser page or not.
  • D. There is not current feature that may help users be aware of the presence of an incoming call if they are not currently in the Engagement Cloud browser page.

Answer : C

Your customer wants to have a vertical Media Toolbar instead of the Horizontal one.
Which statement is true?

  • A. The only Vertical Toolbar that you can enable is the Notifications Toolbar.
  • B. The Horizontal Toolbar is always required, while the Vertical Toolbar and notifications are optional.
  • C. The Vertical Toolbar is always required, while the Horizontal Toolbar and notifications are optional.
  • D. You must set the Vertical Toolbar as the Default, and deactivate all Horizon Toolbars.

Answer : D

Your customer has the following requirement: when filtering service requests an agent wants to see by default all those service requests that are "New", whose channel type is "Web", and are assigned to them.
Which five activities should be completed by an agent on the SR list page in order to create an appropriate personalized service request search filter?

  • A. In Advanced Search, confirm Record Set = Assigned to Me.
  • B. Change the section identified with Status = New
  • C. In Advanced Search, save and select the "Set as Default" box.
  • D. In Advanced Search, select Action > Update.
  • E. Click the Show Advanced Search icon.
  • F. In Advanced Search, Add Channel Type = Web.

Answer : ABCEF

Which three subobject functions are included in the REST API for Service Requests (SRs)?

  • A. Update SR reference
  • B. Update resource manager
  • C. Delete activity
  • D. Update resource member
  • E. Delete message

Answer : ACD

Which three steps are required to configure the system to send an email notification when a milestone has reached warning status?

  • A. Add an extension column to the milestone object to hold the warning threshold value.
  • B. Configure an analytics report showing milestones in warning status.
  • C. Specify the warning threshold for the milestone in the standard coverages.
  • D. Create standard text to be posted to the message thread.
  • E. Configure the email template to be used for notification.
  • F. Configure an object workflow action to send the email when the milestone status changes to warning.

Answer : BCE

Milestones are a key component of Service Entitlements. Identify three correct options regarding milestones.

  • A. Milestones are customizable by an administrator to include any number of organization-specific milestone types.
  • B. Milestones are actions on a service request (SR) that must be completed by a specific time.
  • C. Milestones can be one of four default types: "˜First Response"™, "˜Second Response"™, "˜Final Action"™, and "˜Resolution"™.
  • D. Milestones can be configured to start, pause, or complete based on a complex expression with AND, OR, and parentheses.
  • E. Milestones are commitments to handle SRs within certain timelines.

Answer : ACD

Your client has noticed that inbound emails from customers are not creating or updating service requests.
Which step should they perform to automate it?

  • A. Adjust the inbound message filters.
  • C. Adjust permissions on all customer"™s profiles.

Answer : B

You created two assignment rules for service requests using the Use Score option. For some service requests both rules return a result with the same total points.
What will be the expected result in the assignment of a queue for these service requests?

  • A. An error will occur; no queue is assigned to the service request.
  • B. The queue defined in the first evaluated rule is always assigned to the service request.
  • C. The queue defined by default is the one assigned to the service request.
  • D. The service request assignment will be unpredictable.

Answer : B

What three things should you perform to show product images in the Product Picker component in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. Add images as the product image will not be pulled from Engagement Cloud.
  • B. Add the Product object to your DCS application.
  • C. Add product ID(s) to the database component.
  • D. Configure products groups and product items in Engagement Cloud.

Answer : BCD

Your customer sells a wide variety of Mobile phones. To classify service requests efficiently you plan to create a new primary category called Mobile Phones.
Which four steps are required to define this new category?

  • A. Select Create Category > Create Top-Level Category.
  • B. Check the Active flag.
  • C. Select the task Manage Service Request Categories.
  • D. Select Status = "Active".
  • E. Select Service Catalog in Functional Areas.
  • F. Select Create Category > Create Child Category.
  • G. Complete Category Name.

Answer : ACDF

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