Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam v6.0 (1z0-884)

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If the cluster administrator wants to restart a process, they have to be sure it is NOT one of the cluster daemons.
Which two daemons listed below can you send a kill -HUP signal to without affecting Sun
Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.)

  • A. rgmd
  • B. rpc.pmfd
  • C. inetd
  • D. syslogd
  • E. rpc.fed

Answer : C,D

When configuring the RAC framework Resource Group for an Oracle RAC database instance, what do the parameters of Maximum_primaries=, Desired_primaries= refer to?

  • A. A RAC Framework Resource Group is only for HA Oracle.
  • B. These are NOT valid options for a RAC Framework Resource Group.
  • C. The desired number of nodes allowed to run, and the maximum number of nodes allowed in the cluster.
  • D. The desired number of instances you would like to run, and the maximum number of instances allowed to run.

Answer : D

How can you name Solaris Volume Manager disksets that include disks from shared storage?

  • A. You can name them anything you want, often related to what application you may be using them for.
  • B. The name of the diskset must be the same as the name of the cluster.
  • C. The Solaris Volume Manager software automatically chooses a name for the diskset, such as ds101 or ds102. You must keep this name.
  • D. A diskset that is physically attached to nodes named vincent and theo must be named ds_vincent_theo, and there can be only one such diskset.

Answer : A

In Sun Cluster 3.2, what command is used to view the status of IPMP group members on all nodes?

  • A. scstat -IPMP
  • B. IPMP status -v
  • C. clnode status -m
  • D. clrg public -v all

Answer : C

Which two statements identify the tasks a node can perform, when that node has imported a Veritas disk group? (Choose two.)

  • A. The node will increase the size of the private region on the disks within the disk group.
  • B. The node physically reads and writes data to the drives within the disk group.
  • C. The node waits until all mirrored data is in sync before writting data to the disk group.
  • D. The node can voluntarily give up ownership of the disk group by deporting the disk group.

Answer : B,D

Which two options in /etc/vfstab are valid for the global file system? (Choose two.)

  • A. Mount at boot is set to yes.
  • B. Mount options must be set to false.
  • C. The mount point must have the word global.
  • D. The word global is one of the mount options.

Answer : A,D

While setting up logical network interfaces within IPMP groups, what is the maximum number of virtual network interfaces for each physical adapter?

  • A. You may have only two virtual interfaces for each physical adapter.
  • B. You may have an unlimited number of virtual interfaces for each physical adapter.
  • C. You can have a maximum of 8192 virtual interfaces for each physical adapter.
  • D. You can have as many virtual interfaces as you have physical nodes in the cluster.

Answer : C

Before you can configure your cluster, what must you do on each node to prepare for the global devices device files?

  • A. You do not do anything.
  • B. You must have unused space on the SAN.
  • C. Global devices come from your root partition.
  • D. You must have an unused partition on your boot device.

Answer : D

What are the requirements if you want to use only IPV6 test address for your public network adapters, and no IPV4 test address?

  • A. You cannot use IPV6 for the IPMP interfaces.
  • B. You can use IPV6, but you must have at least one IPV4 test address.
  • C. You must not have IPV6 configured on any servers outside the cluster.
  • D. You must have at least one server outside the cluster configured using IPV6.

Answer : D

With Sun Cluster 3.2 it is possible to specify typical or custom installation.
Which two items must you provide to scinstall when perfoming a typical configuration?
(Choose two.)

  • A. cluster name
  • B. /globaldevices size
  • C. cluster transport adapters
  • D. quorum disk name
  • E. cluster interconnect network address and netmask
  • F. number of cluster interconnects to be used and switch configuration

Answer : A,C

You are required to integrate an Oracle database into the cluster framework using the HA-
Oracle agent. You have configured a logical host and failover file system for the database on shared storage with a mount point of/u01 and need to integrate the database into the cluster framework.
You enter the following command on node1:
/usr/cluster/bin/clrs create -g ora-rg -t SUNW.oracle_server -p ORACLE_SID=SID1
-p ORACLE_HOME=/u01 /oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
-p Alert_log_file=/u01/oracle/admin/SID1/bdump/alert_SID1.log
-p parameter_file=/u01/oracle/admin/SID1/pfile/initSID1.ora -p connect_string=sc_fm/sc_fm ora-server-res and get the following output:
Mar 13 21:04:25 node2 SC[SUNWscor.oracle_server.validate]:ora-rg:ora-server- res:Validation failed. ORACLE binaries not found
What is required to successfully register the agent?

  • A. The message indicates that the dba has NOT yet created the Oracle database.
  • B. The Oracle binaries cannot be installed on a failover file system and should be reinstalled on local storage on each cluster node.
  • C. The ora-server-res resource should be made dependent on the failover file system with the -p Resource_dependencies property.
  • D. The Oracle listener resource type should be registered first so that the cluster framework can connect to the database with the connect_string sc_fm/sc_fm to verify the database is running.

Answer : C

When you design the network redundancy for a cluster node, you have to understand the key requirements of IPMP. Which statement is incorrect?

  • A. Every adapter must have a unique local MAC address.
  • B. A network adapter can be a member of only one group.
  • C. Solaris 9 requires test addresses for every IPMP group with more than one adapter.
  • D. Solaris 10 must have test addresses configured in an IPMP group with more than one adapter.

Answer : D

Sun Cluster 3.2 can take advantage of the new ZFS file system available with Solaris 10.
Which two new features are available with ZFS and Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.)

  • A. ZFS has a built-in volume manager.
  • B. ZFS can be used as a server replication method.
  • C. The disks are used as a storage pool.
  • D. ZFS can be used as a highly available global file system.

Answer : A,C

A customer has a two-node cluster with one quorum server. They have shut down node1 for maintenance. Later in the day they bring down node2 and the quorum server.
The customer has now decided to bring the cluster back up. Which answer best describes the proper technique?

  • A. Clear the quorum server keys, then boot node2.
  • B. Clear the quorum server keys, then boot node1.
  • C. Boot the quorum server first and then node2.
  • D. Boot the quorum server first and then node1.

Answer : C

Which two name service lookup entries are modified with an entry of cluster in
/etc/nsswitch.conf for Sun Cluster 3.2? (Choose two.)

  • A. hosts
  • B. group
  • C. passwd
  • D. ethers
  • E. netmasks

Answer : A,E

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