Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator Certified Expert Exam v6.0 (1z0-880)

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A network administrator correctly configures a DHCP server that is serving JumpStart and non-JumpStart clients. One of the DHCP clients asks for an IP address. It does NOT ask for any other parameters such as subnet mask, router, and encapsulated vendor options.
A variable must be modified in the /etc/default/dhcpagent file on the client to configure the
DHCP client's dhcpagent to request additional networking information from the DHCP server.
Which variable must be modified?


Answer : D

Click the Task button.
The NAT function of the Solaris IP Filter software can provide various functions.
Match the ipnat configuration keyword with its function.
Note: Not all ipnat keywords are used.

Answer :

Your routing table has become corrupted. You decide to empty the routing table before you recreate it. Which command deletes all non-local entries from the routing table?

  • A. route delete all
  • B. rmroute all
  • C. route delete default
  • D. pkill -HUP in.routed
  • E. route flush

Answer : E

A DNS server is correctly configured to resolve queries. On a system on the network, you run the command, ping, and immediately receive the error message: ping: unknown host
What are two possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. The DNS server is not a secondary server for
  • B. The host does not reply to ping requests.
  • C. The file, /etc/resolv.conf, has NOT been configured on the system.
  • D. The nscd daemon is NOT running on the system.
  • E. The file, /etc/dns.conf, has NOT been configured on the system.
  • F. The file, /etc/nsswitch.conf, does NOT reference DNS.

Answer : C,F

Which two are functions of the Type field of an Ethernet frame? (Choose two.)

  • A. It defines the protocol that processes the encapsulated data.
  • B. It helps the receiving interface to determine the starting bit of an Ethernet frame.
  • C. It describes the data encapsulated in the payload section of an Ethernet frame.
  • D. It identifies the location of the target system on the local link.
  • E. It is used for error detection.

Answer : A,C

Given this Solaris IP Filter rule enabled on a host:
pass out quick all
block in all
pass in from to any
block out on hme0
Which two statements describe rule processing behavior for this configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. All outbound packets leaving hme0 are blocked.
  • B. Outbound packets are applied to a total of two rules.
  • C. All outbound packets are permitted.
  • D. All inbound packets from host are permitted.

Answer : C,D

The network in your company is divided into different subnets. All Solaris 10 OS servers on your network have Solaris IP Filter firewall enabled with a default policy rule that blocks all incoming connections.
One subnet, with address space, has a server named sys-x with the IP address Due to changes in your network, the sys-x server must accept connections to its X:0 to X:9 terminal ports only from the subnet.
Which line must be added in the /etc/ipf/ipf.conf firewall configuration file in order to implement these changes?

  • A. pass in quick proto tcp from to any
  • B. pass in quick proto tcp from to any port 5999 >< 6010
  • C. pass in quick proto tcp from to any port 5999 >< 6010
  • D. pass in quick proto tcp from to any port 5999 <> 6010
  • E. pass in quick proto rpc from to any port 5999 <> 6010

Answer : C

host name IP address MAC address
myhost 8:0:20:50:10:20
server1 8:0:20:75:6e:8f
The workstation myhost reboots. It needs to mount a file system from server1 on the local subnet.
Which address is returned by server1 in the ARP reply?

  • A.
  • B. 8:0:20:ff:ff:ff
  • C. 8:0:20:50:10:20
  • D. 8:0:20:75:6e:8f
  • E.

Answer : D

A DHCP server's IP address is
This DHCP server supports clients in two different class C networks. A DHCP client in one of the networks has an IP address of A DHCP client in the other network has an IP address of
Which two files must exist on the DHCP server to support these clients? (Choose two.)

  • A. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1_dhcptab
  • B. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1_192_168_30_0
  • C. /etc/inet/dhcpsvc.conf
  • D. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1_192_168_1_0
  • E. /var/dhcp/SUNWfiles1_192_168_2_0

Answer : B,E

You want to log the TCP packets your web server is receiving, without blocking any traffic.
Which Solaris IP Filter rule should you use to achieve this?

  • A. pass in proto tcp from any to 0/32 port = 80
  • B. Solaris IP Filter cannot log without filtering
  • C. pass in log-only proto tcp from any to 0/32 port = 80
  • D. ignore in log tcp from any to 0/32 port = 80
  • E. pass in log proto tcp from any to 0/32 port = 80

Answer : E

Which is an example of a Network Interface layer protocol?

  • A. Uniform Demultiplexing Protocol
  • B. IEEE 802.11 - Wireless Network Standard
  • C. Transmission Control Protocol
  • D. EIA/TIA 568 - Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • E. Internet Control Message Protocol

Answer : B

You configure a second network connection on a server and attempt to configure the server to route packets between the two interfaces.
The snoop command reveals that packets are arriving on both interfaces, but the server is refusing to forward packets between interfaces as required.
What two commands can be used to verify that the Solaris system is configured to forward
IP packets between these two interfaces? (Choose two.)

  • A. routeadm
  • B. netstat -r
  • C. ndd -get /dev/ip \\?
  • D. ndd -get /dev/ip ip_forwarding
  • E. ndd -get /dev/udp ip-forward

Answer : A,D

Which two are characteristics of the RDISC protocol on a Solaris 10 OS system? (Choose two.)

  • A. It provides routing information between switches.
  • B. It is independent of the routing protocol.
  • C. The in.rdisc automatically starts at system boot.
  • D. It uses multicast.

Answer : B,D

Click the Exhibit button.
Due to changes to the network you are managing, ClientA must access ClientB. The system HOST-GW is multi-homed and has routing and IP forwarding enabled on all of its interfaces. ClientA has a static default route configured to ClientB has a static default route configured to ext-gw (
How can you add a static route to ClientA to make it reach ClientB?

  • A. route add int-gw
  • B. route change ext-gw
  • C. routeadm add host ext-gw
  • D. routeadm add int-gw
  • E. route add host int-gw

Answer : E

Which three layers of the OSI network model are included in the Application layer of the
TCP/IP network model? (Choose three.)

  • A. Presentation
  • B. Transport
  • C. Data Link
  • D. Network
  • E. Session
  • F. Application

Answer : A,E,F

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