Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials v7.0 (1z0-443)

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A client wants to create individual user accounts where users must set a new password the first time they access the LearnCenter and every three months after that.
Which two options must set to achieve the clients desired result, in addition to the required fields of Username, Email, Password, and Confirm Password?

  • A. Force User to Change Password on First Login
  • B. Future Expiration Set to Every 90 Days
  • C. Use a System Generated Password
  • D. Insert Existing User from Another LearnCenter

Answer : A,B

What data is not featured under the Users tab within the Dynamic Groups functionality?

  • A. Users to Approve
  • B. Excluded Users
  • C. Users
  • D. Other groups

Answer : A

You have imported a SCORM 1.2 Class that contains multiple courses in your
LearnCenter. You want to use the Class within a Learning Plan to provide access to all courses within the Class and would also like to report on the completion of each individual course.
Which two statements are true to meet this requirement?

  • A. All courses must be inserted into the LearnCenter, which auto-activates the Class.
  • B. All courses within the Class must be inserted into the LearnCenter.
  • C. The Class must be inserted into the LearnCenter.
  • D. The Class must be inserted into the LearnCenter, whichauto-activated all courses.

Answer : B,C

An organization wants to offer an on-screen survey immediately after an online (WBT) course is completed. How can they achieve this?

  • A. Email the assessment instance when the course is completed.
  • B. Add survey questions inside a LearnCenter course.
  • C. Create or import the course and map an assessment instance to that course with the post-test option selected.
  • D. Use the built in SurveyMonkey integration to push the survey after the course has been completed.

Answer : D

You are creating a new page within your LearnCenter and start by setting up the left navigation menu. The left navigation must include an area with links that already exists on the home page as well as an instruction area that also exists on the homepage but requires changes to the content.
What are the three steps you must perform to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a new area and select Copy of an Existing Free-Form Area and find the area that includes the links.
  • B. On the new page, enable Show Left Nav Bar.
  • C. Create a new area and copy and paste the content from the area on the home page that includes the links.
  • D. Create a new area and select Copy of an Existing Free-Form Area and find the area that includes the instructions.
  • E. Create a new area and copy, paste, and edit the content from the area on the home page that includes the instructions.

Answer : B,C,D

What two configuration practices should be used to ensure that questions are well organized and can be used for random question selection?

  • A. Never use resources.
  • B. Always re-create answers.
  • C. Use well-defined naming convention for question names.
  • D. Categorize questions and answers.

Answer : C,D

Which statement about Sub LearnCenters is false?

  • A. Users with full Co-Owner permissions in the Root LearnCenter can access any Sub LearnCenter with those same permissions.
  • B. Additional Sub LearnCenters must be purchased from Oracle.
  • C. All Sub LearnCenters share the same Resource Manager.
  • D. Sub LearnCenters can have Sub LearnCenters.
  • E. Each Sub LearnCenter can have a unique site design.

Answer : E

Which action is not possible when creating an Enrollment for an ILT Session?

  • A. updating the Event Description
  • B. including the Enrollment in the LearnCenter search
  • C. adding multiple Enrollment Administrators
  • D. changing a user’s Prestatus from Nominated to Approved
  • E. mapping the Enrollment to multiple Categories

Answer : C

You are setting up a new menu for your site and must create hyperlinks to other pages within your current LearnCenter.
Which two options can you use to create those links?

  • A. LearnCenter Page Link Dynamic Object
  • B. Your LearnCenter Link Dynamic Object
  • C. Create a hyperlink and use the learncenter.asp?sessionid=!ldcsessionid!&DCT=1&id=!ldclcid!&page=X URL.
  • D. Create a hyperlink and use the learncenter.asp?sessionid=!ldcsessionid!&DCT=1&id=current&page=X URL.

Answer : B,D

Your client is using the LearnCenter Course Editor to build a course that consists of a series of large, complex process flowchart diagrams.
What two settings would you advise them to disable to ensure that there is enough room on the screen for the users to see each diagram without having to scroll?

  • A. Display Feedback Form
  • B. Show Information Bar
  • C. Display to Public
  • D. Show Header
  • E. Always Show Next Button
  • F. Display Completion Certificate

Answer : B,E

New Hires have not been completing their Learning Plans on time. They have 60 days from the date the Plan is assigned to complete all items. Reminder emails are needed for the learner and his Supervisor.
Which option addresses this need?

  • A. Notices/Notifications: Learning Plan Before Due Date Supervisor Reminder and Learning Plan After Due Date Supervisor Reminder
  • B. Messages: Mapped Items Due Soon and Learning Plan Completion. Copy the Supervisor on both emails.
  • C. Notices/Notifications: Learning Plan Learning Item 10 Days Prior To Due Date Reminder and Learning Plan Learning Item 1 Day Past Due Reminder. Copy the Supervisor on both emails.
  • D. Messages: Learning Plan Before Due Date Reminder andLearning Plan Before Due Date Supervisor Reminder

Answer : C

A client wants to allow users to browse a Learning Plan Dynamic Object catalog of
Learning Plans and then select the ones in which they want to participate. However, they also want to require approval by the users Supervisor.
Which two Learning Plan settings must be activated for this to be possible?

  • A. Requires approval
  • B. Requires Supervisor to register in the LearnCenter
  • C. Allow users to add themselves to this Learning Plan
  • D. Include in LearnCenter Search
  • E. Enforce Sequencing

Answer : A,E

From the question elements below, identify the question name.

  • A. Exam Questions > CPR
  • B. Multiple choice – single select
  • C. How many breaths should be given between chest compressions?
  • D. CPR_Question_01

Answer : D

Categories are usually mapped to an object when creating the object. Identify the object that does not provide the option to map Categories when creating that object.

  • A. Course
  • B. Enrollment
  • C. Group
  • D. Learning Plan

Answer : C

Which four methods can be used to add users to an Enrollment?

  • A. User self-enrolls by using the Enrollment Dynamic Object.
  • B. The Supervisor maps the user to the Enrollmentby using the My Team Dynamic Object.
  • C. The Administrator adds the user at the time the Enrollment is created.
  • D. The User is a member of a Dynamic Group to which the Enrollment is mapped.
  • E. The User is added to the Enrollment if waitlisted and a seat becomes available.

Answer : B,C,D,E

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