Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials v7.0 (1z0-439)

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Identify two mandatory Data Elements on a Shell Attribute Form. (Choose two.)

  • A. Project Manager
  • B. Administrator (based on uuu administrator)
  • C. Shell Name (based on uuu shell name)
  • D. Shell Name (based on SYS shell name)
  • E. Administrator (based on SYS administrator)

Answer : D,E

Which two statements are true about Base Currency? (Choose two.)

  • A. It is the default currency used on a Shell.
  • B. It is the currency used as the standard currency for a Company.
  • C. It is the currency used on a particular transaction within a Shell.
  • D. Itis the currency used in the Company Cost Sheet.

Answer : A,B

At which level are Programs created?

  • A. Shell
  • B. Project
  • C. Company
  • D. Site

Answer : A

Which two statements are true about DataDefinitions? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Definitions are completed before the design of the Business Process.
  • B. Basic Data Definitions can be system defined and/or user defined.
  • C. A hyperlink placed on a form is a Data Definitions input type.
  • D. All DataDefinitions must be completely defined and locked before deployment.

Answer : A,B

You are importing a Business Process setup into a Shell template. You receive an error message. Identify two reasons that might have led to thistransaction failure (Choose two.)

  • A. The security settings in the Company Workspace prohibit import/copy functions.
  • B. You cannot import the Business Process into a Shell.
  • C. The Business Process setup that you are importing is not active.
  • D. The Shells are not of the same type.

Answer : A,D

Which statement is true about Member Company?

  • A. It is the company that is a subset of the owner company.
  • B. It is the company that is hosting the project.
  • C. It is the company that bought Unifier.
  • D. It is the company that is invited to work within a Unifier project or Shell.

Answer : D

What is a resolving Condition?

  • A. a problem-solution statement within uDesigner
  • B. a path that is taken if a condition does not trigger
  • C. a picker that auto-populates data within a workflow
  • D. a solution that is created within linked fields in Forms

Answer : B

A warning as a result of an error check on a Business Process _______.

  • A. prevents that setup from becoming active
  • B. allows that setup to be active
  • C. prevents that setup from being saved
  • D. sends an email notification to the defined users or Groups

Answer : A

You have completed and tested designs in the staging environment. Your project team feels that the design is ready to be brought into the production environment. Identify the first step in this process.

  • A. Create the Design Bundle in staging Environment.
  • B. Export the design to a local directory.
  • C. Delete staging data in production environment.
  • D. Delete user data in staging environment.

Answer : B

Your users indicate that they need to have a process that routes received documents for internal review, approval, and distribution to the project team. Identifythe Document Type
Business Process that would meet this requirement.

  • A. Transmittal
  • B. Submittal
  • C. RFI
  • D. Project Request

Answer : B

You are working in a Single Shell Instance. You notice that the shell type is Region. You want to copy/paste shell templates from this shell type to a Division shell type, but cannot complete this action. Why?

  • A. You have exceededyour license limit.
  • B. You must export the Shell template and then import it.
  • C. You cannot copy/paste shell templates across different shell types.
  • D. You did not complete the copy steps correctly.

Answer : D

A Shell Instance is ______.

  • A. a Group for managing user access and permissions
  • B. a single occurrence of a Shell type
  • C. a template for creating similarShells
  • D. a mechanism for creating standard reports

Answer : A

Identify two locations in Unifier where the Document Manager exists (Choose two.)

  • A. Document level
  • B. Project level
  • C. Shell level
  • D. User level
  • E. Company level

Answer : B,C

Identify one function granted to On Hold users.

  • A. They can be added to workflows.
  • B. They can log into Unifier.
  • C. They can initiate Business Processes.
  • D. They can create Business Processes.

Answer : A

Generic Cost Code Shells _______.

  • A. define the Shell hierarchy
  • B. define the Cost Breakdown Structure
  • C. support Cost Manager functionality
  • D. support configurable modules

Answer : D

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Total 83 questions