Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials v6.1 (1z0-436)

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How can action buttons be hidden in Commerce?

  • A. by using Commerce hiding rules
  • B. by using Configuration hiding rules
  • C. by using profiles and steps in Commerce
  • D. by putting the action button bar on a hidden tab in Commerce

Answer : B

What are three testing strategies for Oracle SPQ Cloud BigMachines?

  • A. Test casesshould be directly linked to business requirements.
  • B. Avoid using a test case tracking tool because it is time consuming to track all of the testing teams efforts.
  • C. Perform isolated tests as well as intra-system and cross-system integration tests.
  • D. Create specific test data for accounts, opportunities, and contracts in Saleforce and use that data to perform end-to-end tests for BigMachines quotes.

Answer : A,C,D

Which two attribute types support the Auto Update feature?

  • A. Text
  • B. Menu
  • C. Text Area
  • D. Boolean

Answer : A,D

Which two options can quotes be forwarded to by using forwarding rules?

  • A. users
  • B. user groups
  • C. any email address registered in the CPQ Cloud BigMachines system
  • D. any of the users that are part of the Approval group

Answer : B,D

How can the pricing function be compartmentalized to ensure long-term easeof maintenance?

  • A. by creating and utilizing only library functions in addition to the pricing function logic
  • B. by creating and utilizing formulas and library functions in addition to the pricing function logic
  • C. by using data tables to store sections of the pricing logic
  • D. by using Configuration to implement a bulk of the pricing logic and doing simpler things such as discounting in Commerce

Answer : C

What happens if an Array control attribute is not added to the layout of a configurator?

  • A. The configuration rules will fail to fire.
  • B. The Array will always show 200rows.
  • C. The system will automatically assign an Array control attribute.
  • D. The entire Array set will be hidden.

Answer : C

When designing an integration with an ERP system, you need to communicate with a third partyintegration tool (such as a middleware or a hub). Which two statements are true about a middleware in this scenario?

  • A. The third party tool cannot be configured to modify the XML for better communication.
  • B. The third party tool can transform incomingXML as well as outgoing XML when it comes to communicating with applications.
  • C. A request from BigMachines can reach the ERP system even if there is an error in processing the request with the third party tool.
  • D. A third party tool calls BigMachines to get valid authentication.
  • E. BigMachines needs to pass any necessary authentication to the third party tool.

Answer : B,E

Which modules support BMQL statements?

  • A. Formula Administration and Commerce
  • B. only Formula Administration
  • C. Commerce and Configuration
  • D. Formula Administration and Configuration

Answer : C

In which two locations are the keywords for mobile approval or rejection of quotes defined when setting up approvals?

  • A. Submit sub-action - Approve
  • B. Submit sub-action – Reject
  • C. Submit sub-action – Submit for Approval
  • D. Mobile Approval Email Notification

Answer : A,C

How do you restrict a user from a manually adding or removing rows in an Array set?

  • A. by using CSS to hide icons
  • B. by hiding the control attribute
  • C. by hiding the control attributeand mark it as forced set
  • D. by selecting the Disable user override property on the configurable Array set editor page

Answer : B

Identify two ways in which you can display a message to a user while using table-based lookups for an attribute.

  • A. defining an advanced BML (BigMachines Language) function for thatattribute
  • B. setting the message type as Static Entry when selecting an attribute to populate
  • C. setting the message type as Table Column when selecting an attribute to populate
  • D. defining a static text message for that attribute

Answer : A,C


How would you align attribute labels on a configuration screen so that they are evenly distributed vertically?
A. by adding HTML attributes and using</br>

B. by using CSS -
C. by adding real-only text area attributes on the layout with the requireddimensions
D. by adding spacers in the Configuration Layout and defining spacer height

Answer: A -

You want to perform a migration from a development site to a QA site. What is the Oracle recommended way to accomplish this?

  • A. Open Migration Center in the development site, log in to the QA site through the migration center section, select the components that are to be migrated, and start the migration
  • B. Open Migration Center in theQA site, log in to the development site through the migration center section, select the components that are to be migrated, and start the migration
  • C. Use a DB Link, log in to the development site through the migration center section, select the components to migrate that are to be migrated, and start the migration
  • D. Download the components that are to be migrated from the development site and upload them in the QA site.

Answer : A

An admin tries to change the document views on an attribute from a participant profile under transition rules. But the attribute is not listed in the list of attributes that are available for editing.
What are the two causes for this behavior?

  • A. The attribute is not added to the layout.
  • B. The attribute is being referenced in an active Hidingrule.
  • C. The attribute is hidden on the attribute details page.
  • D. The attribute is a system attribute.

Answer : A,B

After saving content to the Content library, you check the Content library Tree and find that the new content is missing. What would be your immediate action?

  • A. Close, refresh dynamic sources, and re-open the Dynamic Data window.
  • B. Close and re-open the Content Library Tree.
  • C. DeployCommerce.
  • D. Deploy Config and Commerce.

Answer : B

Whichtwo statements are false regarding Arrays?

  • A. You can add HTML type attributes to the Arrays.
  • B. You can add Single select type attributes to the Arrays.
  • C. Arrays support ajax based rules.
  • D. You can re-order the attributes to adjust the layout.

Answer : C,D

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