Database Performance and Tuning Essentials 2015 v7.0 (1z0-417)

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A customer asked you about Database Time (DB Time). Which are two correct statements you would include in your description of it?

  • A. It is the total time spent in database calls by all sessions in the database.
  • B. It is the total time spent in database calls by foreground sessions in the database.
  • C. It is the total time spent in database calls by background sessions in the database.
  • D. It includes non-idle wait time.
  • E. It is the overall response time.
  • F. It includes login, idle, background, and Zombie session wait time.

Answer : B,C

Which two would automatically create an entry inV$SQL_MONITOR?

  • A. a parallelized SQL statement
  • B. any SQL statement run
  • C. any DML statement
  • D. a statement that consumes at least 1 second of CPU or I/O time.
  • E. a statement that consumes at least 5 second of CPU or I/O time.
  • F. any DDL statement

Answer : C,F


Which four use cases could Database Replay be used to test for database performance changes?

  • A. a change in operating system versions
  • B. compare Flashback workload
  • C. check a workload from a single instance on an Oracle RAC database
  • D. check a workload after database parameters have been changed
  • E. check a workload from one database release on another database released
  • F. upgrade an application

Answer : B,C,D,E

A customer has database performance issues within their Oracle Real Application Cluster.
What is the next step?

  • A. Run the V$RAC script to dump all the RAC statistics and look for what has the highest metric accumulation.
  • B. Use the application load testing utility to overload a copy of their application in development to flush out theissue.
  • C. Turnoff RAC interconnects to isolate any network issues impacting database performance problems.
  • D. Use a third-party RAC tool to identify the bad SQL and then rewrite it.
  • E. Utilize the Oracle Database Performance Method to help identify and correct issue.

Answer : E

Which issue can be avoided by configuring the PCTFREE parameter?

  • A. row chaining and setting it has been superseded by Automatic Segment Space Management
  • B. table fragmentation, and has been superseded by Automatic Storage Management
  • C. column fragmentation
  • D. sort operations on disk
  • E. keeping a reserve area for backup

Answer : A

Which are three use cases in which SQL Performance Analyzer can be used?

  • A. find and flashback explain plan anomalies
  • B. simulate Exadata on existing hardware
  • C. forecast impact of a system change on aSQL workload
  • D. compare performance of SQL statements before and after a change
  • E. debug SQL code syntax before and after a change
  • F. JSQL Heap Memory overflow testing

Answer : B,C,E

DBAs are spending an enormous amount of time trying to identify and fix SQL statements they are suspect have regressed as a result of system changes not documented by the
Operations Team. What would you implement to resolve this problem?

  • A. Complete Oracle Enterprise Manager suite
  • B. SQL Performance Analyzer which helps predict and prevent SQL execution performance problems causedby environment changes
  • C. SQL Plan Manager which uses system histograms to extrapolate future SQL execution performance
  • D. Oracle Database Backup & Recovery
  • E. Oracle SQL Developer, which helps develop and test the SQL prior to putting it into production

Answer : B

You need to load SQL statements from a time period of optimal performance to compare against a time period that performance was reported as poor. Which functionality would you use to accomplish that task?

  • A. Optimizer Statistics Comparator
  • B. Dynamic Baseline Advisor
  • C. Automatic Workload Repository Baselines
  • D. SQL Tuning Sets
  • E. Database Replay

Answer : D

For which use case would you utilize SQL Performance Analyzer and optimizer pending statistics functionality?

  • A. to test performance after an upgrade to an Oracle Real Application Cluster
  • B. to test performance of an Operating System patch
  • C. to test effect of new Optimizer statistics
  • D. to test performance after a database upgrade
  • E. to test performance just after a database reboot

Answer : A

To isolate performance problem in an Oracle real Application Cluster, for which two abilities would you implement Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases?

  • A. Cluster-wide performance analysis and reports with ADDM on issues that affect an entire databaseas wellas its individual instances.
  • B. Database-wide analysis of global resources by ADDM for high-load SQL, global cache interconnect traffic,and skew in instance response times.
  • C. ADDM X$ and V$ performance analysis and reports that compare the overall RAC Database to the sum ofits individual database instances.
  • D. ADDM recommendations inclusive of SAN and NFS mounted storage to pinpoint issues within the storagecache.
  • E. ADDM's ability to review SNMP trap error messages and automatically open trouble tickets.

Answer : C,D

Which option would you use to validate performance when migrating an Oracle Database from HPUX Itanium to Oracle Linux 6 architecture?

  • A. Oracle Diagnostic Pack for Database
  • B. Real Application Testing
  • C. Oracle Migration Pack for Databases
  • D. Oracle Migration Performance Advisor
  • E. SQL Performance Testing Suite

Answer : C

Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports for CPU and I/O exceptions, the time model displays SQL execution elapsed time as a major component of DB Time. Which two are next steps to diagnose the problem further?

  • A. Review Operating System processes for any zombies.
  • B. Review SQL statistics from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR).
  • C. Run a STATSPACK report.
  • D. Review Automatic Database Diagnostic (ADDM) recommendations.
  • E. Review all system configuration parameters.

Answer : C,D

When managing multiple database instances on a single server, which initialization parameter limits the number of CPU's that an instance can use simultaneously?

  • A. CPU_NUM
  • B. NUM_CPU
  • C. MAX_CPU

Answer : E


Which statement is true about implementation of an Oracle Database Performance and
Tuning solution?

  • A. It is available for Oracle Database Standard and Enterprise Editions.
  • B. It is applicable for Oracle Database 12c and later versions.
  • C. It builds on capabilities built into Oracle databases.
  • D. It is recommended for Production environments, but not for Development or QA.
  • E. It is delivered with Oracle Engineered Systems.

Answer : E

Which one is a type of user session and client request supported by Database Replay?

  • A. XA transactions
  • B. Oracle Call Interface (OCI) based object navigations
  • C. SQL-based object access
  • D. Flashback queries
  • E. Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP)

Answer : C


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