PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Resources Essentials v5.0 (1z0-416)

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Your client has several positions that have high turnover. In hiring employees, it is spending a lot of time entering repetitive information during the hiring process. It wants to use Template-Based Hire Process to speed up the data entry for these positions.
The Template-Based Hire Process streamlines repetitive data entry on the _____ page.

  • A. Job Data
  • B. Personal Data
  • C. Bank Accounts
  • D. Emergency Contact
  • E. Employee Tax Data

Answer : A

You are helping an organization design its Human Resources table structure. This organization has two divisions in the human resources department. You need specific information on tax reporting. Which question is appropriate to help you design the human resources table structure regarding tax reporting and legal entities?

  • A. Ask where most employees work.
  • B. Ask how many different locations are in the U.S. and Canada.
  • C. Ask how many establishments the organization plans to set up.
  • D. Ask how the organization reports rollups on the Financial General Ledger.
  • E. Ask how many legal entities the organization reports to the various government agencies.

Answer : E

Using components of pay is a PeopleSoft Human Resources function that enables organizations to define single or multiple rates of pay, represented by Comp Rate
(compensation rate) codes to identify what make up a workers compensation package.
The Comp Rate Code table page provides organizations with three capabilities: _____,
_____ and _____. (Choose three.)

  • A. create base pay and non-base pay Rate Codes
  • B. create minimum, midpoint, and maximum rates for each Rate Code
  • C. define step increment advancement by hours and months for each Rate Code
  • D. identify Rate Code types, such as a flat rate, an hourly rate, a percentage, or a point system
  • E. categorize Rate Code by class to simplify searching throughout the system for specific Rate Codes

Answer : A,D,E

Your client has a contractor, who is already set up in PeopleSoft as a Contingent Worker. It wants to hire the contractor as an employee.
Which statement is true concerning its Job Data setup?

  • A. A new Employee Record Number is created for the Employment Instance.
  • B. The Employment Instance is added to the same Employee Record Number.
  • C. The Contingent Work Instance has to be deleted before adding the Employment Instance.
  • D. The Contingent Work Instance has to be terminated before adding the Employment Instance.

Answer : A

You decided to use department security tree to control data access. You set up department trees and assigned access to the departments on the Security by Department Tree
Permission list page. The permission list is linked to the operator by _____.

  • A. entering Primary Permission list defaults
  • B. assigning the permission list to the HR Administrator role
  • C. assigning the permission list to the operator's Primary permission list
  • D. assigning the permission list to the operator's Row security permission list
  • E. adding the permission list to a security role and then assigning the role to the operator's Row security permission list
  • F. assigning the permission list to a security role and executing the refresh row security operator page (SJT_CLASS_ALL)

Answer : D

The PeopleSoft HRMS system allows customers to restrict the number of rows displayed in a scroll area on a page. There are several ways to restrict the number of rows in a scroll area including providing a parameter on the Installation page.
On which page on the Installation table, can you enter a parameter that limits the number of rows in a scroll area?

  • A. Products
  • B. HRMS Options
  • C. Product Specific
  • D. Country Specific
  • E. Last ID Assigned
  • F. Alternate Character
  • G. Third Party / System

Answer : G

With respect to Table Set Controls, identify four true statements about SetID, TableSet
Sharing, and Business Units. (Choose four.)

  • A. SetIDs are used to differentiate rows of data in a table.
  • B. Using just SetIDs is sufficient to grant row-level security.
  • C. SetID, TableSet, and TableSet Sharing are often used synonymously.
  • D. By using record groups, you are limited to one SetID per Business Unit.
  • E. When accessing a control table keyed by SetID, you can limit your view of the table.
  • F. Sets of data can be shared across multiple Business Units through TableSet Sharing.

Answer : A,C,E,F

Your client is using PeopleSoft HCM 9.0. It wants to pay some of its existing Persons of
Interest (POIs). Which page in PeopleSoft do they use to set up their POIs for payment?

  • A. Job Data
  • B. Other Payee
  • C. Modify a Person
  • D. Add a POI Relationship
  • E. Maintain a Person's POI Reltn

Answer : B

Your client has set up two companies, ABC in Country A and DEF in Country D.
Your client has also set up several business units based on company and service lines. To reduce the data redundancy, your client has implemented one shared SetID across business units so that the majority of table values can be shared across the organization.
However, your client has two separate salary administration plans that are specific to employees in each country. You have created two SetIDs, DEF01 and ABC01, to be used as high-level key for the new Salary Plans that you are going to create.
What should you do next before you can set up the Salary Administration Plans for this client?

  • A. Go to the Company table, change ABC's SetID to ABC01 and DEF's SetID to DEF01.
  • B. Go to Business Units Options Defaults table, change the SetID to DEF01 for Business Units in Country D and to ABC01 for Business Units in Country A.
  • C. Go to TableSet Control table, change the SetID for Record Group HR_05 Plan Salaries to DEF01 for Business Units in Country D and to ABC01 for Business Units in Country A.
  • D. Go to Org Defaults by Permission Lst table, bring up the primary permission list and associate the Business Units in Country D with SetID DEF01 and Business Units in Country A with SetID ABC01.

Answer : C

After inputting a department in Job Data, which four additional fields could be populated based on the defaults defined on the Department table? (Choose four.)

  • A. Location
  • B. Company
  • C. Paygroup
  • D. Tax Location
  • E. Business Unit
  • F. Supervisor ID
  • G. Establishment ID

Answer : A,B,D,F

Identify two true statements regarding the Manage Hire page. (Choose two.)

  • A. The Manage Hire page shows completed template hires.
  • B. The Manage Hire page is used by the HR administrator role.
  • C. The Manage Hire page is administered by Technical Support.
  • D. The Manage Hire page shows applicants submitted from the recruiting process.

Answer : B,D

You created a Person but did not create a Job record or POI type record for the Person.
You are unable to access the data because _____.

  • A. you did not update the department tree
  • B. you do not have Row security permission
  • C. you did not run the Refresh SJT_Class_All process
  • D. you do not have data permission access to unknown POI
  • E. you did not assign data access through security by department
  • F. you did not update the department tree and run the SJT process

Answer : D

Which is the highest level key for the Location table?

  • A. SetID
  • B. Location
  • C. Company
  • D. Business Unit
  • E. Establishment
  • F. Regulatory Region

Answer : A

PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 has several pages where you can access the Add a Person component. Identify four components that have an option to Add a Person. (Choose four.)

  • A. Job Data
  • B. Other Payee
  • C. Add a Person
  • D. Manage Hires
  • E. Modify a Person
  • F. Add Employment Instance

Answer : B,C,D,E

When implementing PeopleSoft Human Resources, which three must you do before creating employee-level data? (Choose three.)

  • A. You must evaluate the user's security requirements.
  • B. You must establish system setup tables and default values.
  • C. You must evaluate your companys system and table requirements.
  • D. You must establish a remote node definition for Application Messaging.
  • E. You must establish the path where Application Engine logs will be stored.
  • F. You must evaluate the Employee ID length in the customers legacy system.
  • G. You must evaluate table structure and data dependencies within PeopleSoft HCM.

Answer : B,C,G

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